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Conversation Pieces
{Vintage Key Plates!}

Conversation Pieces <br>{Vintage Key Plates!}

Vintage Key Plate – A conversation starter

Did you see adorable key plates taken out of old houses? I used to sell these in my shop, but really you can find them at old hardware parts stores. Here is how I used mine!

I love finding small ways to bring in that old house detail, so these are right up my alley.

Conversation Pieces <br>{Vintage Key Plates!}

Basic builder towel rods
are not conversation starters.

We have these towel circle things in all of our bathrooms. Nothing really wrong with them and they certainly are not ugly, but they are just not special in any way. They are normal and expected.  Builders by them by the dozens and put them in every new house.

Well, I don’t know about you, but that thought makes me cringe a little. Do I really want the same circle towel holder as every one of my neighbors? No. Where is the fun in that?

Will anyone ever leave my powder room talking about my typical builder grade circle towel holder? No, I am pretty sure it will never be talked about. Not much you could say.

Conversation Pieces <br>{Vintage Key Plates!}

I’m working on a little powder room makeover and I wanted something UNIQUE but affordable to replace that towel holder. This door key plate was exactly what I was hoping for.

I feel like life is too short to be normal and expected! It is fun to find ways in your home to show a little more personality. You can really make a statement when you use conversation pieces.

People always leave my powder room talking about the cute things to look at in there. Maybe I am one of the few people who decorate their powder room with accessories and lamps? I think a powder room should be fun. It is so tiny but you can pack it with personality.

Conversation Pieces <br>{Vintage Key Plates!}

Remember, details do matter.

These would be adorable for hanging scarves in the winter, jewelry, keys or even potholders in the kitchen. They would be precious in a little girls’ room, a bedroom, the laundry room, the front entry and I bet you could even use them with a door knob on a door. Really, there is no end to where you could use these!

You could mount them on a board, hang them on the side of your kitchen cabinet or put them directly on a wall with one or more used as artwork. Or, just set them on a shelf as an accessory.

Conversation Pieces <br>{Vintage Key Plates!}

Conversation Pieces <br>{Vintage Key Plates!}

I cannot wait to paint my powder room and use this as my towel hook! Isn’t the skeleton key just adorable? I just love it. The color I chose for the walls is another Martha Stewart color, I’m pretty sure it is called snailshell. I haven’t yet seen it on the wall so I’ll keep you posted how that goes.

Do you have conversation pieces in your home?

Have a great day! PS. I drove down to Portland for the day yesterday and I did mini-drive by for you! I’ll upload the photos and share later!

Spring is here! Create a welcoming front porch!

Spring is here! Create a welcoming front porch!

Now that spring is here, it is time for us to poke our heads out the front door and begin to look at the outside of our house again. It is the perfect time to start thinking about first impressions and how we would spiff up our front door and the surrounding porch area to give us a little more curb appeal. As the weather cooperates, we can spring into action!

Adding Curb Appeal

Look around!

Do you still have your crunchy winter Christmas wreath on the front door? Oh dear, my dear dear friend, it is time to toss that former beauty out. Don’t just keep walking by it thinking you’ll deal with it later. It is time. Now. Go ahead, I’ll wait. It would be better to have a nekked front door than that pitiful dead holiday wreath, just sayin’ — save yourself some embarrassment and take it down. Now. Please.

Spring is here! Create a welcoming front porch!

Once the weather warms up enough, you might want to paint the front door, the surrounding frame & threshold and even the porch itself. Now would be a fun time to start looking for porch and front door paint color inspiration! I love this green trim with the wood door! I might have to steal this idea. I was going to paint my front door, but now I’m thinking about the trim instead. Sometimes thinking a little bit more creatively or outside the box makes things more interesting. Hmmm.

Take a look at your house numbers, hardware, mailbox — could they use a fresh coat of paint? I know my numbers are not visible enough and no one can ever find our house number. Good time to fix that problem! And it is always fun to start out the season with a new clean mat.

One of the biggest design mistakes I see with porch lights is that they are too small, lacking in personality or have become outdated! If the size and style still work, you could cover or remove the glass and spray paint them with some outdoor paint.  But if they are not making the statement you want, take a look at a hardware store. I find a lot of great looking fixtures at affordable prices at places like Lowe’s or Home Depot. You’ll be amazed what a difference a new light fixture can make!

Think Spring!

Once the basics are addressed, you can have fun with seasonal decor. Put something unexpected, creative, fresh and alive on your front porch. Maybe think of something more unusual than a wreath — think about how to make a unique statement. Even using a fun ribbon and a pop of yellow on a simple green wreath can be a fun way to make it more spring-like!

Spring is here! Create a welcoming front porch!

Add greenery to bring your entry to life!

Fill some pots and urns with spring plants or evergreens! Fresh and healthy plants are therapeutic to come home to after a long day of work or running errands. If you don’t have a green thumb, I know how you feel. But give a few container pots a try this year even if you think you’ll kill everything in it. I know I find that I really enjoy digging in the dirt and planting pretty garden areas, once I get going! Even if everything dies, at least I had fun and it looked pretty for a short time. Containers are the best because they give such an instant face lift and aren’t as overwhelming as an entire flower bed!

Spring is here! Create a welcoming front porch!

Add some “outdoor room” furniture to make your entry way special and inviting.

Try a simple bench near your entry, or if you have a covered porch, you can use real indoor furniture like a table, an old charming desk, or a shelving unit where you could put plants and accessories. Yes, you can use real furniture. I’m telling you, there are no furniture police. No one is going to write you up for abusing furniture, so live dangerously!

Here is some outdoor porch accessories and ideas to help inspire you, and here is a how to do a fun porch makeover too!

And if you are lucky enough to have a front gate I am totally jealous, I mean, happy for you. Make it even more special with a big star or a unique accessory that really invites you in and welcomes you home!

A simple outdoor makeover can be fairly easy and inexpensive. Make it fun and you’ll be glad you did all season long.

Spring is FINALLY here and I am ready to get outside and do some spring clean up! Are you?

All photos from my infamous Drive Bys. I’m totally due for another one.

What are you looking forward to this spring?