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Little Snapshots of Progress

by | May 6, 2010 | Decorating Inspiration, Details, Domesticity | 24 comments

Little Snapshots of Progress

Snapshots from this week…

My beautiful Gussy bags are happily off the floor of the closet and now proudly displayed on my beloved Vintage Key Plates (which are available in my shop).

Little Snapshots of Progress

I started herbs from seeds with my son a couple of weeks ago and promised him THIS year they wouldn’t die.

And they actually started to grow! Happy dance for us!

While they were on the floor by the sliding door this afternoon getting some sun, Winston decided they’d made a good salad. YUM.

Little Snapshots of Progress

I finally took a few moments to hang my HomeGoods bulletin board above my desk. The walls are still swine colored, but I’ve decided this room will remain SWINE until I can finish painting the rest of the main floor and the upstairs hallway. Now I just need some new push pins for the board and I’ll be on my way to an inspirational wall above my desk.

The inspirational signs are from DaySpring.

Little Snapshots of Progress

I hung my HomeGoods lanterns today in my entry, but don’t yet have the right sized battery operated candles so they are just dangling there — empty.

And, I have my black birdie plates sitting around somewhere that need to be hung on that wall as well.

When I have time to get to that. I guess I should also point out that my railing is still not done, the black edges still need to be finished on the handrail! Just sayin’…things take time around my place!

That antique grain sack pillow is from 3 Fine Grains.

The wall color is Martha Stewart Tobacco Leaf.

Little Snapshots of Progress

I decluttered my pantry earlier this week and found petrified peeps and hearts still in Easter eggs. Leftover from from 2009.

But in spite of discovering year old peeps, the operative word is I DECLUTTERED (well, kind of) my pantry! Three cheers for me!

Most of my days are full and busy, but not photo worthy. They are not measured by my decorating or homemaking achievements. I am going about my life being mama, wife, housekeeper, organizer, business owner, chauffeur, financial planner, writer, cook, baker, party planner, hostess, teacher, friend, volunteer, confidante, child hugger and boo boo kisser. Oftentimes all in one day. That is my real life. My days rarely end in an amazing before AND AFTER photo shoot (ha, clearly! OK, don’t laugh too hard).

Are you with me? Hugs for everyone. Carry on with your day.

My friend Emily over at Remodeling This Life shared a similar perspective earlier this week. If you don’t know Emily, go visit her! Stat! I love her post on the evolution of her kitchen and the one called “remembering to join in”!

Let’s embrace our real life!


  1. paige

    LOVE your gussy bags, especially that green one.
    hmmm….might just head right on over there.

    LOVE the blue lamp, LOVE

    always delighted to drop by here:)

  2. Emily

    I love small touches like these that make home cozy and unique but can be done while living real life. Thanks so much for linking to me, Melissa. What a nice surprise to get to the end of this post and see that. xoxo.

    I love love that bench that the grain sack pillow is sitting on.

    Thanks for sharing your real life, slow progress on small things that make house home and for being so real.
    .-= Emily@remodelingthislife´s last blog ..Remembering To Join In =-.

  3. Imperfect

    I love the entry way – especially the lanterns. And I very much appreciate glimpses of your real-life every day. I think I tend to forget that some of my favorite bloggers are normal women with dogs that eat the herbs. :)
    .-= Imperfect´s last blog ..A Safe Place – The Glorious End =-.

  4. Becky K.

    This post makes me want to “have coffee” with you, Melissa.
    So much to relate to.
    You definitely have your priorities in order.
    And…can I say that I love that turquoise lamp?
    Everything you shared is looking so good!
    Love it.
    Love Winston too!

    Becky K.
    .-= Becky K.´s last blog ..A Lady Called Sue…and an Amazing God! =-.

  5. Marcy

    I love the snapshots of daily life. Like you, my days of made up of small steps of progression with lots of other “to do’s” thrown in.

    And I have a soft spot for Westies, so Winston can do no wrong – even if he might have eaten all of the herbs!
    .-= Marcy´s last blog ..If I were… =-.

  6. Mary Joy

    I love that you share your REAL life with us. So very true that days are incredibly busy and not filled with great before and after pics. I love how you put that!!! :)

    I also love your honesty about your pantry…I can so relate!!! LOL

    Today I am off to my first MOPS meeting…my in-laws are riding with us so my hubby is cleaning out the van, the trash from this week’s McD’s visits, pop bottles etc…while I am off to finish up last night’s dishes…LOL How’s that for real honesty?
    .-= Mary Joy @ Snapshots from my Heart & Home´s last blog .."Snapshots Prayer Party"–celebrating the Linky way =-.

  7. cathy

    I loved the push pins in your store. They would look great on your new board.
    .-= cathy´s last blog .. =-.

  8. Laura

    Your site is soooo perfect! It completely lives up to its name. I’ve been browsing all over the site for a weeks now and I always come away with dozens of ideas. And I love that you even give us the name of the wall colors when it’s not actually part of a post; because that is something I always notice and wonder about! Thank you, thank you for that, too!

  9. Amanda Eck the Eck life

    Oh Melissa! I can so relate. I think my days are full of more befores pictures than I care to admit. I’m a great starter and a poor finisher. But taking time to tend to our families will reward us a thoudand times over. No before and after could ever beat that. Keep up the good work! You are An awesome mom and woman of god!
    And you didn’t know westies have a weak spot for herbs? My McKenzie loves lemon balm and pineapple sage. I have to plant it in the front yard so it has time to grow!

  10. Linda

    The petrified peeps made my day! I’m cleaning for major company with only twenty-four hours left (6.5 hrs. at work). It’s good to know I’m not the only one with “stuff.” Not only did it make me smile, I know I will find the energy for that final push. Thank you soooo much.

  11. Hip Hip Gin Gin

    I’m so with you, and I love seeing snapshots of real life!
    May I recommend some pushpins for your adorable new bulletin board,, they have the cutest patterned thumbtacks. Although I suppose those aren’t strictly pushpins are they? Well, they are adorable have a peek =)
    Also Winston is too cute even just judging from the top of his little head. I have a little Cairn Terrier who loves carrots more than life, so I can totally relate to the doggy salad phenomenon. Oh and my mom’s German Shepherd eats green peppers straight off the plant in her garden, hilarious.
    .-= Hip Hip Gin Gin´s last blog ..‘Tis Better to Give =-.

  12. Julia

    I am so with you and your home looks lovely!


  13. Marla

    Good Morning Melissa!

    Love, love, love, that you too are a genuine woman ‘in the process of becoming’ the woman so idyllically (think we’ll ever ‘make it’?) described in Proverbs 31.
    Authenticity is a worthy trait and we all (Ladies, please chime in here if you agree) value that in you.
    Melissa, you are a veritable treasured gem!
    Thank you for encouraging us in so many ways. You are more precious than you know.
    And, be encouraged…God’s plan for our lives is to l-o-o-k for Him in the everydayness of life, and even then, to still seek Him. You are right on track…just keep on lifting Him up.
    You are loved Sister! {Hugs}

    • Melissa

      Thank you Marla. YOU encouraged me so much today! I was just feeling kind of nervous that I posted stuff that wasn’t all that great. But you made me feel OK about being real again! Bless you dear!!! xo

  14. Laura

    I loved what you said at the end of this post.

    This mirrors exactly how I have been feeling.

    I am growing a little weary of the befores and afters that I periodically try to show.

    This inspiration may be my next post.


    White Spray Paint

    • Melissa

      Thanks Laura. I love a before & after! But I know what you mean, sometimes it just grows a little weary trying to keep up with life that way.

  15. Crystal

    “Most of my days are full and busy, but not photo worthy. ” I love this! But I have to admit…I’d LOVE to see those photos! Photos of:

    “being mama, wife, housekeeper, organizer, business owner, chauffeur, financial planner, writer, cook, baker, party planner, hostess, teacher, friend, volunteer, confidante, child hugger and boo boo kisser.”

    They wouldn’t exactly be fit for a Better Homes glossy spread, but your readers (esp me!) would love those photos of real life! Love and joy would just shine from the computer!
    xo Crystal

  16. Fiona Sanders

    Melissa, Just had a very huge day and seeing your post was encouraging. There was a couple of things I desperately wanted to get to today, but going and being part of something important for a couple of my kids, was more important. Just made me feel glad that I’m not the only one. The house will still be there……

    And be glad Winston was enjoying the herbs! My dad put out beer in tuna cans to catch and kill the slugs, only to discover 20 minutes later our doggie was…… well…..drunk.

    Love and hugs,

  17. Shannon

    Where did you get the blue lamp? Love it and have been looking for one (actually two) that don’t cost an arm and a leg. LOve reading your blog!

    • Melissa

      Oh I forgot to mention that in the post … It is from HomeGoods! They have great affordable lamps!

  18. Darcy


  19. Jeannine B.

    Thanks for the reminder about “keeping it real”! I am happy to know that we all have unfinished projects and live in the real world!


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