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Design Rebel.

by | May 13, 2010 | Bathrooms, Decorating Inspiration

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Design Rebel.
Coastal Living (photo: Erica George & Tria Gloven)
via Coastal Living’s Daily Catch blog

Design Rebel.
Coastal Living (photo: Erica George & Tria Gloven)

I was looking through my saved bathroom idea photos and it became clear to me, I must really love white bathrooms and white walls. And because I must also like to make my life more complicated than necessary, I have painted my powder room walls a dark greenish brown. The opposite of many of the inspiration photos I have saved. That is how I roll. If I would just copy ideas directly from photos, my life would be easier. Instead I find inspiration photos and then just do everything the opposite and completely backwards. Because I am a design rebel.

So, do you find inspiration photos and copy the ideas?
Or, do you get inspired but then head off in your own direction?

Anyway, I do like my new powder room wall color and I AM IN LOVE with my vanity now that I have painted it. Love. I have been smooshing paint in the cabinet and making it look all old and decrepit instead of all new housey. Love. Have I mentioned that I am so NOT a new house person? I am going to have to beat my house up a few times before it truly feels like home.

{My camera battery died and I can’t find my charger, so no new photos yet, but I have been painting and painting and painting and painting. It feels great to see that horrid swine color disappear little by little!}

I almost forgot about Inspired By Friday!

This week has just flown by! I have a bunch of fun stuff for next week, I can’t wait to show you.

What inspired you this week?

Let’s share our links and BE INSPIRED!! Please link directly to an Inspired By post…no home pages please! And be a pal, link back to The Inspired Room!


  1. Liz

    Love those bathrooms! My bathroom needs help! I love the idea of a big basket instead of a laundry basket. I need to find one.
    Thanks so much for hosting another fun party!
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Oatmeal Scotchies =-.

  2. Jan

    Thank you so much for hosting! I look forward to seeing everyone’s projects!
    .-= Jan´s last blog ..A Memory Box to Remember =-.

  3. The Little Brown House

    I am in the process of redoing my bathroom and am being very drawn to white. And no, I don’t grab pictures of styles I like and save them, but that is something I want to start doing. I usually just bookmark a page, but I have a bazillion bookmarks now!

    Thanks for hosting!
    .-= The Little Brown House´s last blog ..Frugal Friday – ORB Candlestand =-.

  4. Jess

    Lol! I love that your a rebel! (And I love the color you picked for the powder room!) Thanks for hosting!
    .-= Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish´s last blog ..Fear and Loathing in my Living Room =-.

  5. Natasha

    I have to agree with you and say that I love white walls on bathrooms normally, but we have just re-painted our bathroom gray and I LOVE it. It has a pinky kind of hue to it and does wonders for my complexion when I look in the mirror!

    Best wishes and thanks for having me,
    .-= Natasha´s last blog ..Quinoa, Quilts and Daniel Craig! =-.

  6. Rachel - Following in My Shoes

    I LOVE white in a room; I can’t wait to redo our Master Room/Bathroom — there will be LOTS of white.

    (your powder room color is very similar to the color I have used in my upstairs hallway — love it!)
    .-= Rachel – Following in My Shoes´s last blog ..Dear Face … =-.

  7. Leanne

    Thanks for hosting again. I love those bathrooms too, but mine look nothing like them. I always go off in a different direction, but get inspired by something in the room.
    .-= Leanne´s last blog ..Bird on Pot Pedestal =-.

  8. Karen B

    I’m not posting an “Inspired By” post this time. I’ve got way too much going on at the moment. But, I thought it was funny that I added that bathroom photo on my blog this morning and was debating between the two. And yeah, none of my bathrooms looks like that. :-)
    .-= Karen B´s last blog ..Getting Ready =-.

  9. Shelly

    Thank you for posting those pictures! These are exactly what we’re thinking of for our bathroom remodel. Love them, and so glad you approve. :)
    .-= Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side´s last blog ..Uphold the Law? How Controversial! =-.

  10. Tiffany

    I am no rebel. I stick to my inspiration for the most part :). And I really like those bathrooms, but I grew up with all white walls….and I am trying to escape…lol!
    .-= Tiffany´s last blog ..It’s Been A Long Day =-.

  11. Claudia

    My pocket book would say that I spend entirly too much money on inspirational magazines and books…. AND I watch too much HGTV — you would think I would have enough of inspiration working every day with people. However sometimes I think I ponder new ideas even in my sleep. I simply love it.

    I dont think i have ever copied something exactly…but I certainly use others ideas and blend numerous ones plus mine together. Its all so fun!

    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Spring – a perfect time for change =-.

  12. Marianne

    Oh I recognise that. I usually start with the idea to just copy the photograph. But then I can’t find the right supplies, or they don’t work in our house or they are too expensive and then I just start to wing it. And the end result doesn’t look anything like the original. But I guess that’s how inspiration works.
    Looking forward to seeing you non-swine-colored walls.
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Twigs on my Mind ~I know I shouldn’t have thrown the leftovers out =-.

  13. Stacy

    Thanks for all the great ideas. I tried to copy your button code to add to my blog. For some reason it would not let me copy it. Thanks.

  14. Kifus

    To be a design rebel is just as it really should be. One has to be comfortable and happy in our own homes! If it works for you and your family then it’s the perfect design!

    Thanks for having us Melissa. Fridays would be so boring without your parties!
    .-= Kifus´s last blog ..Restored Chateau – La Bastide =-.

  15. Abbie

    I LOVE those bathrooms photos! I really am going to try to go in that direction with my bathrooms – hopefully this summer – but they already have white/off white wainscoting on the lower part of the wall to remind me! However, I have done the opposite of what someone (a designer) suggested when painting a room!
    .-= Abbie´s last blog ..All I want for Mother’s Day … =-.

  16. teresa

    Love the pruse….I might try that one.
    Thanks for tons of great links.
    Happy Day
    .-= teresa´s last blog ..Mirror Dresser- for $35 =-.

  17. Hip Hip Gin Gin

    I’m so glad someone besides me thinks new houses are just not all that. Everyone wants a brand new home, I think they are just sort of too new. That is probably why we live in a place built in 1844, lol. I will say this for new houses, you can beat them up a little and give them some lived in charm, but you still have the benefit of insulated walls and properly sealed windows and floors. Some days no amount of charm makes up for the drafts and the splinter in your foot.
    .-= Hip Hip Gin Gin´s last blog ..Tulle Time =-.

  18. tammy

    Today’s post hit very close to home! I too have a million and a half white bathroom photos in my inspiration file and just last night I decided that I think I will paint my masterbath a dark gray with just a hint of brown. The tiles are white along with the yucky laminate builder cabinets (a project for another day…) So I guess I would say I am “inspired” by photos. Can’t wait to see your finished bathroom!

    Best wishes,

  19. Megan

    So I have to say that I am a MAJOR lover of white walls too… but like you, I have been painting my bathrooms and bedrooms and kitchen…. and so on, some other color. I have decided I love white walls when they have some character or texture, such as the bead board. I, too, own a new home, and there just isn’t any natural beauty to the walls, and since they painted the whole interior of my home a yellow-white, painting anything white wouldn’t look as pretty as it could. Lets just say I have some specific instructions for our next home….don’t ever go with a yellow-white.

  20. Gina

    I do a little bit of both, I get inspired and copy things exactly or branch off with my own take on what I see. Thankfully there’s lots of great inspiration out there!

    Can’t wait to see your new paint-I bet it looks amazing!
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..Dizzying Perspective =-.

  21. Sherry

    Melissa, I am not a new home person either, though I do live in one. I am always trying to give this builder basic home some character.

    Please drop by my blog for a visit. I have a surprise waiting for you.
    .-= Sherry @ No Minimalist Here´s last blog ..An Award and Giveaway #2! =-.

  22. sandyc

    I’ve saved tons of pix and continue to do so – just not so great at organizing or remembering where I saved what. I’ve occasionally purchased a particular piece because it’s perfect, but more often I’m inspired and find a way to do my own thing. In fact, I found your blog because I was looking for ideas to style a console table and a great one came up. After I studied it and saved it, I perused the rest of your site and got hooked, and I continue to be inspired. .



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