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Debunking Design Myths: Yes You Can.

Debunking Design Myths: Yes You Can.

House Beautiful

You can paint wood.
Even antiques.

If the wood is beautiful and you adore it in the room, fine.
But if you don’t love it, paint it.
Life is too short to worry about stuff like that.
Yes, you CAN paint any wood. If you want to, you CAN. Ah, so freeing!

Debunking Design Myths: Yes You Can.

House Beautiful

You do not have to have a living room sofa.

Many years ago my mom wanted to use four club chairs in her living room instead of a sofa and an interior designer friend pooh poohed the idea. We still chuckle over that piece of advice.

Who says a living room must have a sofa?
If you’d rather use chairs, you CAN!

Debunking Design Myths: Yes You Can.House Beautiful

You CAN use REAL rugs, real art and furniture in a bathroom if you want to.

I’ve used real rugs, real art and real furniture in my kitchens and bathrooms and GASP! they all survived to tell the tale. I love the warmth and personality regular furnishings add to these spaces.

Nothing says I’M BORING, SAFE AND PREDICTABLE like thinking the only options for decorating your bathroom are a matching bath rug and toilet cover. And if you really go all crazy and add the padded toilet seat to the set and you are under 89 years old, please, I beg of you, DON’T. Just don’t. That is all.

Don’t shoot the messenger, these are tips (and photos) from House Beautiful, but yes…. I agree with them!

Find the rest of the tips at House Beautiful! There are some good ones!

Inspiring Finds: A Cabinet & Laundry Room & Mother’s Day

Inspiring Finds: A Cabinet & Laundry Room & Mother's Day

I found some very inspiring things in blogland this week!

You know, I do love a good before & after! And in spite of the reality of how busy life is for so many of us, it is fun to see the inspiring projects people come up with and share with the world! Blog land is amazing when you need a little creative energy. When you find yourself a little lacking in the creative motivation, blog land always right there to get your ideas flowing.

I really love the beautiful bird and branch cabinet above. It has so much personality! Miss Mustard Seed is so talented and her posts crack me up, she is a furniture whisperer. Go read her blog. You’ll enjoy it.

Inspiring Finds: A Cabinet & Laundry Room & Mother's Day

And, this laundry room is awesome. Amanda used a roll of wallpaper she found at a garage sale and added a ton of pizazz to an accent wall in her laundry space. Isn’t it adorable?

Reluctant Entertainer shares a lovely idea for Mother’s Day — a really meaningful gift for any mom.

Simple Bites had a great article about how to prepare your own Mother’s Day in advance so there won’t be any disappointments. Ha. Love it.

Of course, I have to be at church at 7:30AM on Mother’s Day to set up (actually every Sunday, not just Mother’s Day) so there will be no lounging around in bed being served breakfast for me. Oh well.

But Mother’s Day doesn’t have to begin in the morning. Or even ON the official Mother’s Day! I’m not a real stickler for stuff like that. I’m just honored to BE my kids mom, whether or not I am served breakfast in bed. Maybe I’ll ask for dinner in bed instead. Whether you are a mom or not, pamper yourself a little this weekend! You deserve it!

How about you?

What are your plans for this weekend?

I have a little surprise for you today from one of my blog sponsors!

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Alrighty! Let’s link up our inspiration from this week! Thanks for linking back from your post to this post, and for always linking directly to an “inspired by” post and not a general blog homepage. That makes it fun for every one!

{find more inspiring finds from this week here!}

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