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Little Snapshots of Progress

Little Snapshots of Progress

Snapshots from this week…

My beautiful Gussy bags are happily off the floor of the closet and now proudly displayed on my beloved Vintage Key Plates (which are available in my shop).

Little Snapshots of Progress

I started herbs from seeds with my son a couple of weeks ago and promised him THIS year they wouldn’t die.

And they actually started to grow! Happy dance for us!

While they were on the floor by the sliding door this afternoon getting some sun, Winston decided they’d made a good salad. YUM.

Little Snapshots of Progress

I finally took a few moments to hang my HomeGoods bulletin board above my desk. The walls are still swine colored, but I’ve decided this room will remain SWINE until I can finish painting the rest of the main floor and the upstairs hallway. Now I just need some new push pins for the board and I’ll be on my way to an inspirational wall above my desk.

The inspirational signs are from DaySpring.

Little Snapshots of Progress

I hung my HomeGoods lanterns today in my entry, but don’t yet have the right sized battery operated candles so they are just dangling there — empty.

And, I have my black birdie plates sitting around somewhere that need to be hung on that wall as well.

When I have time to get to that. I guess I should also point out that my railing is still not done, the black edges still need to be finished on the handrail! Just sayin’…things take time around my place!

That antique grain sack pillow is from 3 Fine Grains.

The wall color is Martha Stewart Tobacco Leaf.

Little Snapshots of Progress

I decluttered my pantry earlier this week and found petrified peeps and hearts still in Easter eggs. Leftover from from 2009.

But in spite of discovering year old peeps, the operative word is I DECLUTTERED (well, kind of) my pantry! Three cheers for me!

Most of my days are full and busy, but not photo worthy. They are not measured by my decorating or homemaking achievements. I am going about my life being mama, wife, housekeeper, organizer, business owner, chauffeur, financial planner, writer, cook, baker, party planner, hostess, teacher, friend, volunteer, confidante, child hugger and boo boo kisser. Oftentimes all in one day. That is my real life. My days rarely end in an amazing before AND AFTER photo shoot (ha, clearly! OK, don’t laugh too hard).

Are you with me? Hugs for everyone. Carry on with your day.

My friend Emily over at Remodeling This Life shared a similar perspective earlier this week. If you don’t know Emily, go visit her! Stat! I love her post on the evolution of her kitchen and the one called “remembering to join in”!

Let’s embrace our real life!

The Warmth & Charm of Wallpaper

The Warmth & Charm of Wallpaper

I know some of you are still very very scared of wallpaper. Especially those of you who remember your mom’s yellow and orange wallpapered kitchen or your grandma’s flowered wallpapered living room. Wallpaper definitely went through an awkwardly ugly phase. Not to mention how awful old wallpaper is to remove.

This photo is probably all it will take to remind you of how much you hate wallpaper.

The Warmth & Charm of Wallpaper

But give wallpaper another chance! It doesn’t have to be that awful.

How about papering just a small entry? A powder room? Or just an accent wall? Don’t be afraid. Wallpaper is back in vogue in spite of those painful memories and there is nothing like it to warm up a space and give it instant pizazz!

The Warmth & Charm of Wallpaper

I put some beautiful wallpaper in my shop (above), and I am thinking about using it for my powder room or bedroom. Someday. When I have time to think about projects like wallpapering. For now I have people over with half-painted rooms and I have to be content with that. But I do love rooms with wallpaper!

The Warmth & Charm of Wallpaper

Don’t you love that entry? So pretty.

So are you brave enough to try wallpaper to are you gonna “just say no”?

images: Country Homes