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Sunshine Inside and Out

Sunshine Inside and Out

Sunshine Inside.

Sunshine Inside and Out

Sunshine Outside.

That is what summer is all about.

I’m enjoying a few days at our family’s beach house!

And there is nothing more beautiful than sunshine inside and out on the Oregon Coast. GLORIOUS I tell you!

I’ve been really really enjoying your links each week! I hope you all enjoy visiting each other too!

What inspired YOU this week?

Sunshine Inside and Out

A sweet centerpiece
for a summer dinner party!

A sweet centerpiece <br>for a summer dinner party!

Welcome my friend, Sandy Coughlin!

Gardening seems to be more fun in the early summer, I think because it’s fresher and more exciting and the weather is cooler. Later in the summer we have to deal with the weeds, the heat, and it just seems like more work. We love to entertain outside as often as we can and now is a great time to get started!

A sweet centerpiece <br>for a summer dinner party!

If we know we’re entertaining, we try to get the whole family involved.

– Make a list the day before of the chores you want your kids to do
– Give them a time frame for when the chores need to be completed
– Be willing to show them how the job is to be done, especially if it’s a new job they’ve never done before
– Keep in mind that the job may not be done perfectly, and be willing to live with it
– Make it fun for the family, talk about the rewards of working together as a family
– After the dinner party is over, or the next day, reflect on what happened during the party and the benefits of everyone pitching in

One example is letting them make the centerpiece!

A sweet centerpiece <br>for a summer dinner party!

Let them fill a low-line vase with water.

A sweet centerpiece <br>for a summer dinner party!

Snip off the flowers the same length (we have a ton of daisies blooming right now!)

A sweet centerpiece <br>for a summer dinner party!

And make their very own arrangement for the dinner table, one that they’ll be very proud of!

It’s a gift that we give our kids when we teach them about hospitality and the details of making it work.

I’d say it takes passion and purpose.

With summer entertaining and work in the yard, it takes a family to get it done and ready!

Note from Melissa: Don’t you love that sweet centerpiece idea? Did you know Sandy has an amazing new book coming out? So excited! This post features an example of the type of simple, wonderful ideas and inspiration you will find in her soon to be released book! I’m so proud of her and how she inspires women to open their homes to entertain. I had the honor of endorsing the book, (squeeee!!) so I’m feeling kind of famous myself! My name on a real live book?! Imagine that! If you’d like to preorder your copy, here is a link! It goes to my store.A sweet centerpiece <br>for a summer dinner party!

Reluctant Entertainer, The: Every Woman’s Guide to Simple and Gracious HospitalityA sweet centerpiece <br>for a summer dinner party!

Do you plan to entertain outside this summer?
How do you involve your kids in entertaining?

ps. I forgot to put an end date on the amazing pillow giveaway so if you haven’t entered yet, you still have another day! I’ll close it Wednesday night!