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Pretty little things
for your walls and furniture

Pretty little things <br> for your walls and furniture


Greetings blog friends!

I’m still hanging out at the hospital taking care of my momma (definitely my highest priority right now!), but I finally am able to pop in during a little care giving break to tell you about an idea I found that I really like and I think you will too!

I love the look of a handpainted mural or piece of furniture. My husband spent many painstaking months hand painting a Hobbit mural on my son’s wall before he was born and it looked amazing! I was so sad to have to leave that artwork behind when we moved. I’m sure he’ll never paint another mural, it was quite a job!

Pretty little things <br> for your walls and furniture

Too bad we don’t all have artists in residence or that much time on our hands to create something really personal! When I saw these beautiful decals (Muralettes) based on original artwork, I was excited to show them to you. I think they are a great alternative to the real deal.  They give you that handpainted look without your own talent or time involved.

These little works of art were created by real life decorative painters so you can even see brush strokes, isn’t that so cool and amazing?! Love. I can envision so many ways to use these!

Pretty little things <br> for your walls and furniture

With these pretty decals, you can instantly change the look and feel of any room. And you know I’m all about fast and easy decorating and moving on with life! I especially love easy decorating when you can still maintain the quality look at a fraction of the price.

These little lovelies can be applied however you want to configure them, so how you want to use them is completely customizable! Having artwork like this actually painted on your walls would cost a fortune so it is awesome to be able to get the look for less.

I also loved that these would also be absolutely ADORABLE applied on furniture to customize a featured piece! They would be fun on or around doors or could jazz up boring closet doors or built in cabinets too! Easy peasy but very fun, don’t you think?

Pretty little things <br> for your walls and furniture

These three individual sets of decals (Fishies, Posies and Birds & Branches) have been added to my Open Sky shop! Good news, for the next week you can get $19 off any of the sets with this coupon code: INSPIREDMURALETTE! Have fun with these! I would LOVE to see photos of how you use them!

Thanks for all your well wishes for my mom. She is on the mend (she had a severe bout of pneumonia) but it is going to be a day by day process, so I appreciate your prayers as she recovers so we can get her back home! It is never fun to see someone you love suffering so it has been a stressful week to say the least!

Personalized Art from Photographs

Personalized Art from Photographs

I love creating a home that is personal and meaningful to me and my family, especially when it comes to the artwork we display in our home. The other day I had a blank wall to fill and I really wanted it to be filled with reminders of our summer vacations at the beach. I looked through my options and realized I didn’t seem to have the kind of art I was hoping for.

Personalized Art from Photographs

Come see what I did to make my own art! I shared my little project over at “It’s a Blog Party!, and I’m pretty pleased with myself and how it turned out. Head on over to see it!

I’m so sorry there was no “Inspired By” post on Friday. My mom had to be rushed to the hospital and is very sick. In my rush to go be with her I forgot to hit publish. My scheduled post just sat there for a couple of days. I’m sorry I messed that up.  So, if you happen to pop by and want to link up (assuming this linky will still work), feel free! Otherwise, we’ll be back on schedule for next week! Thanks for your patience and prayers for my mom!