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Inspired By: Funky Junk
& Other Beautiful Things

Inspired By: Funky Junk <br>& Other Beautiful Things

Funky Junk Interiors

This week I’m inspired by women who bravely create a home that is beautiful to them.

I do not care if someone’s home is in style, out of style, magazine or photo worthy, old or new, farmhouse or English cottage, colorful or neutral or somewhere in the middle.

I love the idea of the beautiful life and spirit behind the decorating even more than I care about the design perfection of the room. It is fun to be inspired by photos and ideas, but in the end, most of us have to work around our own limitations and budgets and priorities in life. What we come up with might not be everyone’s IDEAL style, but who cares? Honestly, our homes might not even be our own version of IDEAL, but they are what we have and we need to find contentment with that.

Who thinks so highly of themselves and their taste that they feel they can judge what is beautiful or not beautiful for someone else? Let me tell you something. Come a little closer. Do not listen to that kind of talk.

Your home is a place where you need to feel at peace. You need to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in your home. You deserve to look at your home and see the beauty of living in it, not be worried that other people might be judging you for not knowing that such and such a fabric went out 20 years ago or this wood or that wood is not in, or this idea or that idea is so passe. Who makes those rules? And WHO CARES what those people think any way?

I was reading a series of wonderful, heart and soul filled articles this week by a sweet lady, Donna at Funky Junk Interiors. She shared about a mysterious illness that she has quietly and bravely dealt with for the past year or so. She shared the story of how she began to create beauty out of “junk” for her home. And let me tell you, she has such a creative eye for beauty where I just might see a pile of old wood!

Inspired By: Funky Junk <br>& Other Beautiful ThingsFunky Junk Interiors

But what really caught my attention is that she found her style basically out of necessity. She had little to no funds and an illness that kept her housebound. As a healing process, she began creating beauty out of what she had. She brought beauty to her surroundings out of what others might view as “junk.” She has created a style all her own.

When I read about someone online judging or mocking people’s style or furniture or fabric choices, I just want to cringe. Are we not all allowed to find our own beauty in what we see and what we have? We don’t always know each other’s stories. We don’t know the struggles some go through, the things we must work around or deal with, or priorities and limitations we might have in life. We do not all have to have the exact same taste or the same process or way of creating beauty. Most of us have to live with imperfections and less than ideal circumstances.

Our home should be beautiful because of what it represents, not because of what we have or know about design.

Inspired By: Funky Junk <br>& Other Beautiful ThingsFunky Junk Interiors {shed before}

When I see what beauty this woman created out of her circumstances, I am in awe. Now, I must say that she truly does have a beautiful style that many people LOVE and admire, including me (I am the queen of loving sooo many different styles!)! But whether any one loves her style or not is beside the point. Whether the world looks at her room and gives her a thousand “thumbs up” isn’t what counts. What matters is that she finds happiness and peace in finding beauty where she is, right now, with what she has. I love her courage to be herself.

We all deserve to have courage and confidence to find our own style.

Please visit Donna at Funky Junk Interiors and tell her I sent you! You’ll be inspired. Her heartfelt series begins here.

What inspired YOU this week?

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