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4 Ways to Get that Easy Breezy
Casual Look at Home!

4 Ways to Get that Easy Breezy <br>Casual Look at Home!


1. Simple is best.

Good-bye heavy complicated curtains! For a casual home, simple is best.  These light and airy curtains could be made out of anything (including sheets!) and hung from hooks mounted from the ceiling or wall. They frame and soften the window as well as the bed itself, while the simple classic blinds take care of privacy concerns.

4 Ways to Get that Easy Breezy <br>Casual Look at Home!


2. Blend old and new.

Most of us have electronic gadgets like TV’s and DVD players. We used to need extremely large heavy armoires to conceal the technology we had in our homes (yeah, many of us still have those large armoires filled with equally large TV’s that won’t die). Now as we are gradually evolving into sleeker flat screen TVs, we have more options for where to put them! Today’s technology can look right at home in a casual, carefree environment — just mix it with vintage and traditional pieces.

4 Ways to Get that Easy Breezy <br>Casual Look at Home!


3. You can’t go wrong with classics.

Primary colors like red, white and blue make decorating easy and definitely give you the “I’m on a summer vacation” feeling! If you want a simple no fail combo that is always in style, this is the way to go! Mixing stripes and solids brings a simple casual cottage flair to this classic scheme!

4 Ways to Get that Easy Breezy <br>Casual Look at Home!


4. Add some humor!

A surefire way to make sure you home is not too stodgy and stuffy is to mix in some humor! Vintage pieces can often bring in just the right amount of comic relief and provide the lighthearted “conversation piece” that is perfect for an easy breezy summer beach house!

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Simple Pleasures:
10 Little Ideas for Summer Bliss

Simple Pleasures: <br>10 Little Ideas for Summer Bliss

Traditional Home

I always enjoy making lists. I am not always the best at following through with things but if I have a list, at least I can clearly see where to start and how to finish.

I don’t know about you, but at our house summer flies by way too quickly. I might dream about those “lazy summer days” but in reality, life still happens and it usually feels busy.

By making a list of things my heart really longs for in the summer time, I can at least make sure I hit the highlights so my lasting memory of summer days will be pretty much what I hoped for!

To read my 10 little ideas for summer bliss, please visit (in)courage! While you are there, be sure to share with me YOUR summer list!