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Love: Striped Rugs in White Kitchens

Love: Striped Rugs in White Kitchens

Love: Striped Rugs in White Kitchens

Images: This Old House

Love: Striped Rugs in White Kitchens

I saw these three white kitchens with striped rugs at This Old House.

Of course, my heart skipped a beat.

Two of my favorite things: white kitchens & stripes.


When it rains, it pours…so many projects!
Happy Fourth!

When it rains, it many projects! <br>Happy Fourth!

Porch in progress

At my house, when it rains it pours.

And I’m not talking about all the depressing RAIN we are having in July (although I do live in Seattle and it is in fact raining). I’m talking about all the projects I’ve got going!

The other day I was feeling overwhelmed about my to do list (and not the fun type of to do list, the dreaded to do list that is piling up with things you want to put off). So, I decided I needed a little mini-break to work on something more fun, like house projects! To me doing projects is kind of like going to the spa, it lifts my spirits and makes me feel that all is right in the world! And when it rains house projects for me, it pours! I get a little crazy.

When it rains, it many projects! <br>Happy Fourth!

I made more progress on my porch by getting some plants, hanging the curtains I have had for a year now, and adding more more accessories, then I worked on a cabinet that I started way back here in another project frenzy, and I got started with a mirror I’ve wanted to work on for about 10 years. Yeah, I get around. Don’t judge. I’m slow and like to work on lots of things at once. I know I’m a little nuts. I think I have decorating ADD. I may be inching along, but at least I see progress in lots of places, little by little! And that makes me happy.

When it rains, it many projects! <br>Happy Fourth!

This is an awful picture but this is the mirror I am experimenting on (this is WAY early in the project, just my first swipes of color). It is kind of a gray/taupe neutral that is really pretty, so I am pleased with it! It was the first color I tried. I think it is going to get a few layers of paint and some sanding. I can’t believe it I have wanted to paint this for about ten years and am finally doing it! It was an awful dark dark brownish stain that has always bugged me. Why oh why did it take me 10 years to get around to this?

When it rains, it many projects! <br>Happy Fourth!

More progress on the cabinet!

I’ll update on all the projects later (sorry for all the teasers), but for now I wanted to share projects from blogland friends in my Inspiring Finds tumblr! I haven’t linked to my tumblr for awhile. Lots of cute 4th of July projects, recipes and other cool decorating finds too! Including an AMAZING CHICKEN COUP that I want to LIVE IN myself. Move over chickens. Yes, it is that amazing.

And don’t forget to browse all the wonderful link ups from the Inspired By post yesterday!

Last but not least, announcing the winner of the wonderful Lacefield Designs Pillow Giveaway from OBX Trading Group! Drumroll please….the winner of her choice of a Lacefield Designs Pillow is…

When it rains, it many projects! <br>Happy Fourth!

Barb, I hope you can make up your mind! Ha, you are going to have a big decision ahead! Congratulations!!


Be safe! What are your plans for the fourth?
We are watching fireworks two nights in a row!