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We interrupt this Monday for yellow stripes

Waking up on a Monday morning wouldn’t be so bad if… there were yellow stripes involved to wake you up.

With a room this bold and bright, you might even put on your sunglasses as you wake up in the morning!

We interrupt this Monday for yellow stripes

Ahhhh, the view from laying on the bed is fabulous!

The perfect place to daydream.

We interrupt this Monday for yellow stripes

Love how the daybed is framed by the curtains to make it a cozy spot, but the window plus the stripes keeps it bright and light in there.

We interrupt this Monday for yellow stripes

And the curtain trim? Adorable.

This room would be fabulous even if you chose a different color or shade of yellow.

But a yellow room sure would wake you up in the morning, wouldn’t it?

Carry on with your Monday.

HGTV 2008 dream home


  1. Jess

    Thanks for that bright pop of sunshine! That would wake you up for sure!

  2. Marlynn

    wow, now that’s a room of sunshine! love the chandelier.

  3. nanci

    My most favorite thing is how the daybed is tucked into that alcove…I love it when beds are like that surrounded by a curtain…so cozy!!

  4. paige whitley

    I have a super sweet color of yellow in my bedroom. It’s called “butter” and it looks just like that, the pale subtle yellow. We painted it that color 4 years ago and still remark how much we like the color.

  5. Lisa

    Love the yellow stripes. This room reminds me of Layla’s striped room with the daybed at the Lettered Cottage. I want to curl up and finish reading my book in this sunshiny room!

  6. Carol

    I LOVE yellow! Most of the walls in our home are yellow and it feels cheery even on a rainy day!!
    Carol in GA

  7. Glenda Childers

    My favorite yellow paint is STRAW from Benjamin Moore. A boring title for paint, but an amazing buttery color. Thanks for sharing these photos.

    BTW, I made it to Home Goods during my visit to Chicago. Of course, I had to shop small, to fit it in my suitcase.

    Happy Monday.



  8. Katie


  9. Julie

    Love the idea of the bed tucked in the alcove + the stripes. Very clever idea!

  10. Sandy

    What an inviting little nook! I love the quiet elegance. Thx for sharing.

  11. Amy aka Momma

    Ahh…we meet again. I found your blog a while back, loved it, commented, then somehow wandered off and didn’t “follow” you!! I’m glad I somehow found my way back. Your blog contains some of the best inspiration photos! thank you. I would love for you to join in on my giveaway. Be sure to check it out soon, it’s ending this week!

    • Melissa

      Glad you found your way back! I hate when that happens! :-)

  12. Mary Joy

    Oh wow! What a beautiful room!!!!! I love the yellow stripes…and not the usual “up and down” stripes! LOL

    How fun and cheery! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face on this humid Monday morning!

  13. Ella

    This might be my favorite post ever.. yellow AND stripes!? Delightful!! And the daybed in the alcove is just too cozy. Love it.
    My bedroom is painted a warm gold/yellow which I LOVED on the chip but I worried about once it started going up on the walls… but I’ve never looked back! It’s perfect in the winter to keep me cheery and wonderful in the mornings. Everyone should have a yellow bedroom. ;)

  14. Vee

    Now I do love yellow, but my favorite part of this room is the yellow ceiling.

  15. Lynne

    Your Northwest roots are evident as you provide “Sunshine” on our gloomy August day! Happy Monday!

    • Melissa

      Ah, yes, that is why I am craving yellow. :-)

  16. Erin

    I LOVE that room. I drooled over the HGTV dream home back in 2008 and have had pictures of all of the rooms saved on my computer ever since, so I immediately knew where your pictures were from!
    Some day I will paint yellow stripes in my house…some day. It would really cheer up the scenery here in the Northwest :)

  17. Stephanie

    Loving the yellow on a Monday, it would certainly help wake me up in the morning :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Puna

    I think it’s wonderful, and cheery.

  19. Karen

    Pictures of that room brightened my Monday—imagine how happy one would be waking up in that room every day!

  20. Barbara

    The stripes and embroidered pillows in the room are gorgeous! I assume the pillows were the inspiration pieces.

    We painted our walls in the previous two houses a color called Sweet Butter. It was such a light soft warm yellow that it always felt like the room was bathed in early morning sunshine. The color isn’t available anymore, but I still have the original paint strip and will be recreating it for our laundry room in the basement when we finish it. With no windows in the room I hope it gives it a lovely sunshine feeling.

  21. Arlene

    Always love yellow and white…fabulous!

  22. Fiona Sanders

    The curtains around the bed make it just SOOOO PERFECT!!!! I love it! I want curtains around my bed!! I’m actually not a huge fan of yellow, but balanced with the white I actually like this.

  23. Tatiana

    I love how the stripes are just in the sleeping quarters. It makes it totally it’s own retreat. What a great room to relax in and to go to if you need a little cheering up. My favorite part of this room are the yellow decorative pillows. Those are to die for!

  24. Tiffany

    drool. I love yellow. I love that room! I could wake up really chipper in a room like that!

  25. Jennifer

    I’m in love. Waking up everyday in a room like this would put any girl in a good mood. I can’t seem to convince my hubby of that fact though. I love how they put the pics in the stripes. I may have to try that, although it won’t be in yellow (again the hubby).

  26. Nikki

    Oh how I wish I was bold enough to do this in my own home!

  27. Paula Prass

    Be still my creative heart. Yellow + Stripes. Made my day.

  28. Sharon

    Love everything about this room!!!

  29. Tara

    pure joy. this room brings me pure joy today…well, the room plus the fact that my rowdy boys are back from a week in GA with my parents.

  30. Shelia

    What a nice interruption! Love the pretty yellow strips! I could stay awhile in that wonderful room.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  31. Staci

    This reminds me of Layla’s reading room on Lettered Cottage. Just the stripes & set up. I lOVE the yellow, so bright and fun!

    • Melissa

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this room inspired her, it is the 2008 HGTV dream house!

  32. Luxurious Life

    We all need a little sunshine in our day!!!

  33. Jocelyn Stott

    I am all about this look! It gives so much character to the space!!

  34. Mona Kay at Home

    Wow, I love the yellow & white!! I have a yellow room I was planning on painting, but now I’m inspired to re-decorate around it!!

  35. Amy

    Oh I love, love, love that idea! Even though yellow is the “hardest color on your eyes”, I still love it. It’s so sunny and cheerful!

  36. NanaDoll

    sometimes i get a little envious looking at these lovely rooms–all my rooms are small, the ceilings are normal height, the windows are small, the house gets no direct sunlight, there is no foyer, there is only one bathroom…sigh…i would really love to implement some of these ideas, but honestly don’t know where to start in my little bungalow…

    • Melissa

      Oh, Stripes are the PERFECT thing to do in a small room with normal windows! My girls had the tiniest bedrooms ever when they were young. Very low ceilings too. We painted stripes in each of their rooms and they felt so much bigger and it gave them so much personality!!! Most of us don’t have the perfect rooms, but you just need to find a little piece of inspiration to implement, like stripes!


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