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Get Ready:: Our 3rd Annual Fall Nesting Party!

by | Aug 16, 2010 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Get Ready:: Our 3rd Annual Fall Nesting Party!
YOU my lovelies, are invited to my thirdannualFallNestingParty! Yes, I said that really fast and loud and it all ran together because I was so excited about it! Woot! This year we are going to come together on Wednesday September 8th to share posts that will inspire us all for fall!

You might not be quite ready yet, but I’m letting you know now so you can get ready. This party will DEFINITELY get us all in the mood! I’m giving you an extra week this year to gear up (I sometimes jump the gun and start fall a little early because I love it so much). That way you can finish enjoying summer, get the kids back to school if yours haven’t started yet, and then of course get your posts ready for September 8th!

If you are new here, you might wonder what this “Fall Nesting Party” is all about!

I love fall.

That is what this is all about.

I’ve done this party in early September for the past two years to inspire us as we move from summer to fall! I feel like Fall is too short and I don’t want to fly right past it to the holidays. Keep in mind you don’t have to have your home already decorated for fall to participate. You can share links to any first hints of fall around your home, to your fall home from last year, to inspirational ideas, or tips that get us thinking about the most wonderful season of all, FALL. Well, at least it is MY favorite season of all and it is my blog Ha. Oh the POWER!! Actually, we celebrate all seasons so I try to be fair.

This year I’m doing something a little bit more extravagant than just a one day Fall Nesting party or Fall Nesting WeekI am also going to celebrate Autumn the entire month of October! Yes, I am a little nuts about Fall. One of the things that is really important to me is that I fully embrace the season I am in. The decorating details, the ambience, the scents, the rituals and the holidays.

So stay tuned for our kick off Fall Nesting event on September 8th, and then gear up for soaking in Autumn goodness the entire month of October! More on that later.

Get Ready:: Our 3rd Annual Fall Nesting Party!

For now, mark your calendars to join me September 8th with your fall nesting inspiration posts and we’ll have year three of our Fall Nesting Party! Party will begin at 7PM PST Tuesday night, so that there is EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to be FIRST! :-)

I’ll bring the cider.
What are you going to bring?


  1. laney

    …i am bringing the sound of crunchy leaves and the smell of real wood fires…and memories of two little boys jumping in piles of those leaves…and toasting marshmallows in those fires…

  2. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    Admittedly, Autumn isn’t my favorite season (because I’m so sad that summer is over); but I’m hoping that you and your readers will inspire me to get out of my “I miss summer” blues!

  3. Lakshmi

    In India, at least the part I live in, we don’t experience Fall with its distinct hues and colors as Europe or North America. But, I’m hoping to enjoy the colors through all of your posts.

  4. Tara

    and yet another reason why we could seriously be friends.

    I {heart} FALL, too!!!!

    Like….wanna decorate this week love FALL. :)

    can’t wait….just wrote your linky party on my calendar…never done that before..but I just don’t wanna miss this party!

  5. Becky K.

    Melissa! I so wish I would be able to participate…but I will be away from my computer that week. I LOVE Fall too. So much! I’ll be checking in when I can, though.


    Becky K.

  6. Billie Jane Foulk

    That sounds like soooo much fun! I, too, love, love, love fall. I love the colors and the crisp air. I love the falling leaves…I’ll stop now and save it for the post :) thanks for this opportunity to link up to share what us in the loop people know to be the (shhhhhh!) BEST season.

  7. Krista

    Yippee! Fall is on the way! I love it as well! We’ve been decorating our shop for our sale this weekend and it’s all fall! Boy, can’t wait to do that in our house. I will bring the fall farm junk and scarecrows! What a fun party!

  8. Franki Parde

    Autumn is awesome! franki

  9. Amy

    Oh how fun! Don’t know what I’ll bring yet, but I will definitely be here!

  10. Julia

    Even though I’m always sad to see summer end, I’m always excited to decorate for fall. I love all the warm and cozy colors and textures. Even if I can’t get my act together soon enough to join the party, I’ll enjoy seeing what everyone else is doing! :-)

  11. Erin

    I’m definitely going to start brainstorming something awesome to bring to the party!

    I LOVE fall!!! It’s my favorite time of year!

  12. sheri

    girl…i have already started. I am SO very over 100+ degree heat.

  13. Kat

    In Texas we don’t have Fall. We have Hot and Less Hot. I’ll live vicariously through everyone else. :-)

    • Kelly

      Oh, my gosh, Kat – so true! And rainy and less rainy. Humid and less humid.

  14. Irene

    I love Fall too!

    As a matter of fact, to celebrate the coming of Fall, we are going peach and apple picking in 2 weeks. Yay!

  15. Kasey

    Oh I think I have met my match. You might just love Fall just as much as I do! Living in Northwest Florida [or as I like to call ‘Lower Alabama’], we get just as much heat and humidity as south Florida [it is depressingly hot… so to say the least, ever since living down here Summer has been my least favorite], however our Autumn is Gorgeous. Since we live in the Northern part we experience the leaves changing color, the humidity goes away and the air get’s cooler/cold and dryer. –So with that said I am soooo so ready for Summer to leave because I am looking forward to actually going outside and being able to stay outside for more than 5mins. without feeling like im choking on the humidity. –The kid’s also started School August 5 [I know!]. So I am so in that “Fall’ mode.

  16. Richella

    I’ll bring the pumpkin bread!

    I am so happy for autumn to be around the corner. I’m not much of a summer person, but fall is my favorite season. I’m so happy to see this announcement!!

  17. teresa

    Somthing fun to look forward to….I love fall….just hope it’s still not 100 here come Sept 8th =)
    Happy Day

  18. Tammara

    I love this! I will do my very best to bring my Fall best to this event – so exciting! And I’m so happy to find someone else who is already itching to enjoy the fall, in August! – Every time i pass through my garage I longingly eyeball my bins of fall decor and things just waiting for the day to pull it out and start decorating and get ready to hunker down with blankets, hot tea and celebrate the blessed season that fall is.

  19. OwningSingle

    A girl after my own heart. I LOVE FALL!! I will definitely be there for the nesting party! Yay!

  20. FairfieldHouse

    Autumn is my favorite season as well — the vibrant colors, the brisk air, the harvest; sweater, blue jeans and sneaker wearing weather…

    I am looking forward to your thirdannualFallNestingParty! I will bring all the energy of a Northeastern autumn day and a wagon full of pumpkins, guards and squash!

  21. Sandy

    Bring on Fall and cooler temperatures. I am fried!

  22. Amy

    Looking forward to this!!

  23. Fiona Sanders

    I do enjoy fall! It’s winter that I haven’t made peace with yet….but I am trying.

    Here we are full on preserving in September! And collecting apples for cider. All you have to do is step outside and you can smell the sweet smell of the apples, and grapes on the vine. I do love it so.

    But I am planning on participating in this! It should be fun! And I do enjoy nesting. :o)

  24. Jessica Washburn

    Pumpkin bread. Save me from this heat!! I want it to feel like fall!

  25. Andrea

    how fun! I’ll be there all bedecked in my autumn finery!!!

  26. Missy June

    I’m participating for the first time this year and I’m bringing the glorious colors of the Smoky Mountains!

  27. Amanda Eck-TheEckLife

    yay!!!! I always look forward to this! cant believe its already been 3 yrs. I remember the 1st one- I found it later in the season-but I looked at every post soaking up all the fun ideas. I LOVE fall- unfortunately here in Houston we dont get to “feel” fall until November- but the inside of my house says differently. BUT this year I have decided to scale down the decor-I have so much fall decor my house was beginning to look like an isle out of a Michaels store instead of a home. So instead of 10 tubs of fall decor-I may just only bring out 2 or 3.

  28. Kelli

    How fun! I have no idea what I’m gonna share, but would love to participate!

  29. Megan

    So excited! I’m right along with you in loving fall… I just replaced my empty summer scent air freshner with my favorite pumpkin one! It’s already beginning to smell and feel like fall in our home!

  30. Karen


    I KNEW I liked you! I too love FALL! Being a little “green” about all of the linking stuff…what do I do? I get my post ready and then how do I link it to you?

    Can’t wait…I’ll get started thinking of what I want to share.


  31. Karen


    One other thing—for some reason my most recent posting doesn’t appear below—I visited the site that provides this service but couldn’t get an answer other than the link takes too long to connect?


  32. Shannon

    Pumpkin Spice coffee with cream!

  33. Christy

    Oh, the words Fall Nesting bring so much joy to my soul!!!! Thank you for this post today!! I am almost six months pregnant and just miserable in all this heat — the thought of fall is just heavenly! It’s nice to know someone else is dreaming of it too!

  34. Ramona

    Happy Monday Melissa ~

    My autumn~loving heart can be heard singing all over the Northwest this fine morn. Your Fall Nesting party is one of my favorite fall activities…I will be there with pumpkins on my toes!

    Have a wonderful week.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  35. Brooke

    Me too! Me too!! Me too!!! Ever since I was a little girl, fall has been my favorite season. My internal calendar has always considered September to be the beginning of the year. I always loved school, so much so that I made a major career shift in my late 40s just so that I could work in a school. And the smell of a wood fire while walking outside is the headiest perfume in the world to me. Give me overcast, windy skies, almost bare branches, and a nip in the air anytime–THAT’S when I come alive!!! Bring it on!

  36. Gina

    I’m born and bred in Rhode Island, among lots of beautiful maple trees…boy did I miss fall when I went to University of Arizona! I KNEW I had to come back home. Now, years later, hubby & I have our home in earthy tones, and fall is both of our favorite season. Looking forward to your posts!!

  37. Heathahlee

    I can’t wait! I love fall, too…it’s my favorite season.

  38. Debbie

    Hi sweet Melissa. Oh I love this party every year. It is so fun to look forward to. I agree…there is just something about fall that stirs one’s insides! hahaha….I got so inspired with your party last year…I joined in…but I was overwhelmed at the beautiful homes, the lovely interiors, just the feel…it was truly one of the best blog parties I’ve been a part of. Thank you for doing this again. And thanks for the extra week.

  39. DebbieW

    First off, it was so nice receiving your lovely message on my blog today! I am SO happy for all of your amazing successes! You make me proud, dear one! So proud!

    Maybe it is the sometimes hectic days of summer that put us in that “I need to change something” mode, but so many women are feeling that pull. I think the best thing that we can do for ourselves is to acknowledge it and not try to push it away. Do small things, like you said, and just bring it down to a more comfortable level. Not always easy, but definitely very important!

    Anyway, I will bring some Carmel Apples! I adore your enthusiasm for fall because I share it too! Looking forward to thethirdannualfallnestingparty!

    Much love,

  40. Kathleen ellis

    How exciting!!! I love fall, too! Since my birthday is October 4th…I find it even more exciting! I love the cooler, crisper nights and the bright sunny days…the turning leaves, the casseroles, the fireplace, the elegant pumpkins….can’t wait to participate!
    Have a beautiful week, Melissa!
    ;-D Kathleen

  41. Debra

    I’ll be there, I really enjoyed this last year!

  42. Barbara (WA)

    Sounds really fun and inspiring, Melissa ! I didn’t know about your blog until your PW debut so I missed previous Fall Nesting Parties. Since I love my house BEST in Autumn, I’ll be there.

  43. Barbara (WA)

    BTW, I am already mentally noting Signs of Fall, googling *pumpkins*, watching for new fall things in online catalogues despite our NW heat wave.

  44. Stephanie

    Sounds like alot of fun!
    I love fall too!

  45. Kelly

    Oh, if only there were the slightest chance that fall would be here in Houston by September 8!

    I used to love fall. I know we had it here when I was growing up. I remember the crisp air, the smell of smoke from the fires in my neighbors’ fireplaces, going trick-or-treating in cold wesather. Sigh.

    I will live vicariously through all of y’all!

  46. Traci Hutcherson

    Oh my goodness! I cannot wait! Fall is my favorite season! I’ll bring my very favorite candle to add to the party “cinnamon cider” by aromatique!
    See ya there!

  47. PrettyOrganizer

    Oh, Melissa dear… I would love to come to the party. I hope I can be ready by then. Arizona is still 105 degrees in September. I’m still thinking of swimming pools and A/C and what the heck I can make for dinner without using the oven!

    Good to pop by again. I’ve missed you. Just sent baby#5 off to Kindergarten last week. 1 more to go, how the time flies. My little blogging vacation has been a much needed time to focus on lifes’ most important things. Looking forward to checking in more often. You’re a gem.

  48. Amy

    Ooh, I do so love fall. Sigh. Each year a friend and I host a Fall Extravaganza (on the first day of Autumn), where we eat fallish treats and exchane fallish gifts. How exciting to know I’ll be able to celebrate online too!

  49. Kylie

    I’m really hoping our living room and kitchen renovations are done in time to participate. If not, I’ll at least come back and search everyone else’s ideas! Can’t wait for the smell of fall, the cool weather, pumpkin patches, and football saturdays! Ahh… its right around the corner ;)

  50. Jess

    I am so ready to “gear up for soaking in Autumn goodness!” Too cute!

    Fall is our anniversary. It always has a special feeling, but usually we have been in NY. This year we wont be… we are going to really need this to get us in the mood here in AZ! Its so hard when the seasons barely even change :(

  51. Lori DiAnni

    I LOVE Autumn. I love to travel the backroads here in Maine and take tons of photos. The scenery is just gorgeous. I can’t wait to come to your party and be inspired. Oh, I’ll bring my delish Apple Pie!

  52. Julie M.

    Oooh…I love fall!!! Your party sounds just lovely. I’m definitely ready for cooler temps and wearing layers…lots of layers…spiced drinks…cookies…and candles…and colors…YUM!

    Have a beautiful day!

    : )

    Julie M.

  53. kasey

    would it be okay if i brought something to spike the cider with? Just asking because it’s been a LONG summer and i will need the “lift”.

    • Melissa

      Permission granted.

  54. Martha

    I love, love, love the fall! I can hardly wait to get the reds, oranges, yellows & browns together! Will be there with you all the way! Planning now how to get some decorating on!

  55. Glenda Childers

    I join you in your love of FALL. This party sound like one I don’t want to miss.


  56. em

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Melissa


  57. Annelise

    can I add my pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe? I make 12 dozen every year for our annual pumpkin patch trip for school. It’s my tradition.

  58. Shelia

    Hi Melissa! Oh, I want to come to the party!! Thank you so much for posting.
    be a sweetie,

  59. Liz

    Hurray!!!!!! Oooo projects….right I’m getting my thinking cap on :)

  60. Heather

    FUN!! Im so in!!! FALL IS MY FAVORITE!!

  61. cass

    This sounds like a brilliant idea – I’m here after reading a post by Liz from Violet Posy who just posted a sneak peek at what she’s bringing ;-)

  62. Kandy

    Ok, so, I have always been told by my family that I am “CERTIFIABLE” simply because I count down the days to September 1st just so I can begin to decorate for Fall!! Just because of that one nasty word I have always had to justify my actions and it usually sounds something like this. FAll is my most favoriiittest season and it is too short so in reality I start enjoying it in August so I get to really roll around in it for a month or two. Just like the weekends, I start enjoying Friday on Thursday it just means that much to me!!! So, Happy Fall Ya’ll!!!!

  63. Chambrae thornburgh

    My name is chambrae, and i have a problem. :)isnt admitting you have a problem the first step?! i am in LOOOOOOVE with fall! I admit i have already busted out my fall decorations…. Just a little… Well alot maybe…. But just in one room!!! Lol! Just found you blog and i am loving it! Come over sometime and have a cup of hot apple cider with me and we’ll talk turkey :)

  64. Grandma Betty

    Hi, boy you’ve got me excited about fall coming! Thank you.
    I wanted to join your group and add my blog with some ideas for fall. Not sure how to go about it though, this is my first try at this.
    Could someone help me out. Thanks. Grandma Betty

    • Melissa

      Hi grandma Betty… All you have to so is come by next week when I post the Fall Nesting Party and there will be instructions you can follow!! See you there, glad you will be there!

  65. Rosie

    Ice Cold Apple Cider! I love Fall too, but here in San Francisco, the summers can be chilly and the heat finally comes on in Sept./Oct., so it can be hard to get in the mood. Apple cider can help a girl out. I’ll have some over ice today and have some warm and spicy in a few weeks!

  66. cathy

    Fall is my favorite time of year too! A bit panicked because I have a lot to do around here before thanks giving. But love the crisp air and the colors, I hope it stays for a really long time, like no snow until the first of dec. Can’t wait for the party.

  67. Regina Williams

    A woman of my own heart for sure! I have just as many boxes of fall stuff as I do Christmas. I cannot wait to share and see what others have on their mind. The cool of fall has already came for the mountains and I am ready to pull out my sweaters and boots.

    Anyone up for a corn maze?!

  68. texttussi

    I found your blog only a couple of weeks ago and love it. I so need some inspiration for my home! So I’m coming along if I may and I’ll bring an onion tart. So yummy with a glass of cider!

  69. Kristen D.

    I am soooooo looking forward to tomorrow’s party!!!!!! This will be my first time participating in the fall nesting party and I can’t wait. I have my post all ready to go…it is scheduled to post at 1AM!!! Do I come back here tomorrow to link up? I am not sure how this works.

    I loooooove autumn sooo much!!! I am one of those people that is happy to see summer end because fall is such a glorious time of year, especially here in New England, where I live!!!



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