Where I Blog

Where I Blog

If you are a follower here on The Inspired Room, you’ve seen my blogging corner many times. You just might not have known it was my prime blogging spot! That right there is my blogging chair. You can see I sit there a lot, since my green pillow is smashed into the shape of my back. Guess I should have fluffed it for the photo, I just get used to seeing it all smushed!

I don’t yet have a home office set up in a way that I really like. I do keep all my supplies and paperwork in my office and do my business type stuff there, but I love to just hang out in my family room reading blogs when I have the opportunity. Someday in the near future, I’ll beautify my home office so I can enjoy it more. But honestly, my blogging chair rocks. I can see the TV if I want, and I can see the kids. And in the winter, I’m right by the fire! COZY! And if I want to really kick back, I can spread out on the couch or put my feet up on the ottoman. I’m all about the comfort.

I like to see what is happening around my house and this is the prime spot to sit!

Where I Blog

If I look out from my blogging chair across the family room, I can see right into my kitchen. And I can dream about all the projects I want to do in there! I have a new project I’ve done just outside of this photo, in fact! I’ll show that later!

I REALLY love having a job that I can do right from my family room if I want to!

Where do you blog?

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  1. Oh how lovely you joined in ! I spy your lovely ladder to shelf transformation and I’ve never seen that incredible desk/hutch that’s in your kitchen dining space ! I love it ! I’ll give you my address so you can send it to ME! *wink*

    I too love blogging from a place where I can keep an eagle eye on all the activity of the home. Isn’t it great to have a job in the most comfy cozy place you know ?


  2. Wow- not only do you have a good view- it’s a beautiful view! I’m loving that green hutch piece near the table in the dining room.

  3. The funny thing is, that I was spying the same 2 items as Kate! I ♥ both of those! And I’ve adored your ladder for awhile, but hadn’t seen the hutch either!


  4. I like the ladder and the hutch and the bird pillow. So cute.

  5. Super cute! Did you take the cupboard door off in your kitchen to expose the shelves or was it built like that? I love your home-thanks Melissa for sharing with us!

    click here to see where I blog (I did a post about it a while back) :)

    • I took the cupboard doors off right when I bought the house because I really wanted to make the kitchen a bit more personal. It needs A LOT more help but that was an easy first step. I then re-used the cupboard doors by painting them like shutters for above my fireplace (you cannot see them in these photos but they are elsewhere on my blog!)

      Eventually I’ll paint my kitchen and get new counters…those are on the “someday” list!

  6. You are such an inspiration Melissa. You are making your new home so beautiful. I love that little nook that you blog in. I too don’t have an office, while we are shacked up in our little apartment in between projects. I just sit on my comfy lounge, feet up on the ottoman, and blog away. I too love to be able to see what’s going on… although it’s not hard here… one room only! I will take a lot of inspiration from your home as I am looking at a reno next… don’t have the intestinal fortitude to build the next one… maybe the one after! A-M xx

  7. Beautiful blogging space, Melissa.

    I like how you removed the cabinet doors. J and I were talking about changing our overhead cab doors to glass. It would mean only changing out three, since most of our storage is in the pantry and the the tall cabinet next to the refridgerator. The other storage places are under the counters and island. I love how your white dishes are visible. You already know how I feel about white dishes.:-)

  8. Yay! someone else who blogs from a chair in the living room! :)


  9. see…i don’t feel so bad that i sit on the sofa all day to blog.
    thank you Melissa.

  10. It’s great to see another corner-of-the-family-room blogger. You are doing such wonderful things in your house! I’m off to see what else I can find. :)

  11. I blog in my studio but it is not as beautiful as where you sit and the view you can see. You must have a gorgeous home!

  12. Wow, Melissa – I love your little blogging spot! Your home is beautiful.

    I just noticed something that has truly inspired me – your green kitchen chair. I think it’s the perfect color for my kitchen barstools that are currently a 1980’s hunter green (gag). I was wondering – did you paint the chairs, and if so, would you mind sharing the paint color with me? I would be SO thankful! I’ve been staring at these ugly green chairs for way too long =)

  13. I love your spot…:) Perfect I think! Hugs, Meme

  14. What a lovely little spot ~ I actually HAVE a home office; however regularly blog from my little loveseat which faces the backyard and full view of the kitchen…it is also near the wood stove for coziness.

    Thanks for sharing & have a lovely week.

  15. Melissa,

    Is the darling drop desk in your kitchen a viable place to blog…it’s so cute. I’ll have to take pics of my blogging corner in the study, which I share with hubby.


  16. That’s such a great little cozy spot. I blog from our living room, it’s nice to be in the same room with the family with my laptop.

  17. What a lovely view you have there. Gah.

  18. You’re convincing me that I need a laptop. My blogging corner, is not nearly as serene!

  19. Very cute! Love the antiqued secretary desk!

  20. Looks like a cozy spot to blog from to me! I don’t have any photos on my laptop so I always have to work on posts from my main computer. I do enjoy reading my favorite blogs from an armchair, though!

    P.S. Love your kitchen floors. :-)

  21. Pretty views of your home. Now if I could only get out of the dark ages and get me a laptop, I could blog from my family room too! ;-)

  22. That chair looks SO cozy! What a great space!!!

  23. That’s a great looking chair (so cozy) and I love the view from it. I have a blogging chair too

  24. Looks like the perfect place to be inspired and share some of your inspiration!

  25. Love your living room and kitchen especially the painted furniture I see. I blog from a chair of sofa, too.

  26. I don’t blame you for blogging from that chair. It looks comfy. Plus it has a nice view of the house, which is very nice, BTW!…Christine

  27. Ohhhhh, now I can picture you sitting there when I read your blog ;]

  28. What’s the wall color? I love it!

  29. Looks so comfy…love that chair! I love all the colors you use in your home, Melissa…so pretty! BTW, my workout tape came and I haven’t used it once! I did watch it for about 15 minutes…does that count?

  30. I love that your pillow is rumpled. ;)

  31. Is that a ladder on your wall? Fantastic! I love all the green…what a great space to blog in!

  32. What a lovely “perch”! I’ve got to ask though: I notice you have open shelves with dishes immediately adjacent to your stove. Do you either not do a lot of stove-top cooking, or have a housekeeper who comes in and puts all those dishes in the dishwasher every day, or do you do that yourself?! Seriously, don’t your dishes get grimy from being open and next to the cooking area?

    • Ha, we use our dishes every day so they are always sparkling clean! And I have no housekeeper, lol. The dishes there are ones that are in constant use with our busy household. The upper shelves might need a quick rinse just like other dishes you don’t use as often. We cook all of our meals there, but we do use the exhaust fans. Seriously we have no problems with open cabinets! Rewashing some upper bowls we rarely use is no biggie, and something I’d do even if we had doors.

  33. Hi, Melissa. Love your blogging space and I love your blog. I was reading your “about you”, and noticed that you are a pastor’s wife. So am I! Anyway, just thought that was a fun little tidbit! Have a great day! :)

    Ashley :)

  34. I adore your blogging spot!! The colors in this room are so fresh and inviting. Being able to see the action is key.


  35. Don’t fret Melissa…I also have one of those rumpled pillows…lol
    btw…do you get a stiff arm from blogging in your chair? Or do you not use the arms when typing on your laptop? My arm really bugs me when I’ve been in my chair too long…so I have to move to my desk…lol Such a fun party ;) Have a great week, fondly, Roberta

    • My arms don’t seem to hurt, but if I am uncomfortable at all I move around to a different spot. Sometimes it is good to sit at a table for awhile.

  36. Melissa, Even though I have a home office I still bring my laptop to the family room quite often. I love the hutch in your dining area and the colors of the dining chairs.

    Hugs, Sherry

  37. I’m so happy you joined this party! I think this has been one of the most fun parties I’ve been to in a long time….and NO weeee little hangover to go with it! ;-) LOL JK! I LOVE that color green and your chair is just so PRETTY! I’m in love with your floors…all that yummy character! However, if you happened to not be home and I happened to have access to a key and a moving truck and some burly moving guy (and I thought you wouldn’t miss it or kill me for taking it) I just might *MIGHT* have to wheel that delicious and delectable robin egg blue secretary right out of your house and into mine. ;-)

  38. Beautiful! Earthy, yet elegant….I love it! I’m so glad I stopped by…I, too, blog from my couch perch quite often (like right now)! Stopped in from the party -shaunna :)

  39. You’re home is fantastic! Your blog is sensational! Thanks for sharing your creative spot with us!

  40. Ok fess up. What is that lovely wall color? :-)

    Love the ladder on the wall by the way.

  41. that does look comfy thanks for showing us where you blog

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