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Welcome to the 3rd Annual Fall Nesting Party!!

by | Sep 7, 2010 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Welcome to the 3rd Annual Fall Nesting Party!!my favorite fall scent returns: cinnamon spice candles fill the air!

Join in our 2011 Fall Nesting Party!

It is FINALLY time for the thirdannualfallnestingparty!!!!!! WELCOME! I can hardly believe I’ve been blogging long enough to have a third annual party! But I am counting my blessings this year because I continue to meet so many like minded friends around the world who appreciate the simple joys of FALL! Let’s all shout HIP HIP HOORAY for FALL, shall we? All together now… HIP HIP HOORAY!

On Monday I puttered around my house doing what I love to do most, NESTING. Nesting is the process of making your house into a home. It doesn’t matter where you live, whether it is a house or apartment, what part of the country, or whether you are in an owned, rented, permanent or temporary home, nesting is something we can ALL do right where we are.

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Fall Nesting Party!!books line my mantel

FALL nesting is really my favorite annual ritual. Even though I do feel just a twinge of sadness as I put away my summer things (I do love the freshness of summer decor), the process of getting settled in for fall definitely suits my personality the most. I’m a homebody type. If you haven’t yet begun your fall nesting, try to start with just a few simple changes around your house. You don’t have to go crazy!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Fall Nesting Party!!

One of the first things I usually do, in addition to lighting my cinnamon spice candles  {***SQUEEE!!***}  is make my own combination of Fall potpourri. Fall should smell YUMMY! Potpourri definitely smells delicious, but it kind of reminds me of 1984 so I like to freshen the look up a bit.

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Fall Nesting Party!!My potpourri re-mix

I found a bag of fall potpourri on sale at Pier One. It smelled good, but it didn’t really mesh with “my style.” Who knew one could have a potpourri style? Soooo, I mixed it up with my favorite scented pinecones and a little bit of green moss, and then to be completely wild and rebellious I added seashells and starfish. Heart. I love contrasts that make you go hmmmmm….white starfish and fall potpourri.

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Fall Nesting Party!!dollar store gourds and my favorite “Ever Grateful” pitcher from DaySpring

I’ll have PLENTY more fall posts coming up as I go around my house and nest. I’m definitely cozying things up and have NEW things to show ya!

And speaking of fall, don’t forget to be ready for 31 Days of Autumn Bliss, starting October 1st! I’m preparing a month long series of Autumn and Holiday related posts inspire us to fully embrace the season we are in, and find beauty in the moment while looking forward to the wonderful holiday season ahead. I can’t wait, it should be fun!

Visit all the Fall Nesting Links!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Fall Nesting Party!!

Let the Fall nesting begin …


  1. Rachelle

    Yay! I just finished my Mantel…Mantle…eh….. My shelf, today! :)

    I adore fall, so much! Thanks for hosting such a great party!


  2. Liz

    Love the white candle sticks and the cinnamon candles…I can almost smell them :-)
    I’m off to add your button…thanks so much for hosting!

  3. Kristen D.

    Yay! I have been so looking forward to this!

    Melissa, I love your autumn home!!! So warm and welcoming! I can’t wait to check out everyone else over the next few days!

  4. Jen

    Oh friend…nothing more I would love than to be decorating for fall, but it was 90 degrees out today, and I just can’t get into it yet, but ask me by Relevant…. I’ll be there for you by then. lol :)

  5. Julia

    Wow, is this really your third Fall Nesting Party? Time flies! I think I’ve joined all three of them, too. Thanks for hosting again–always fun to see how everyone is decorating. I love all the books on your mantel! :-)

  6. this blessed nest

    love the pitcher with the dollar store gourds!

    thanks for hosting such a fun party.

    can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in oct. wow – that’s alot of posts!
    i aaaaalllllmmmmooooosssst made it to the first link up. oh well, 2nd place is good too!

    take care! anxious to see all the inspiration. it’s gonna be fun!

  7. Barb~Bella Vista

    Hi Melissa, your post is just lovely and so inviting.

    This is my second year participating! Thank you so much for hosting and doing such a great job.

    Barb ♥

  8. Marie

    Thanks so much for doing this!!! I just ♥love♥ Fall and am so excited to see what everyone is doing. You inspired me to get my dining room table decorated as well as other parts of the house.

    Oh, I love your Fall remix potpourri – you’ve inspired me again! LOL! (you’re really good at that)

    Happy Fall, Melissa!!!

  9. Emily

    Thank you for the party Melissa! Can’t wait to visit everyone’s links. Fall definitely suits me best too, AND I’m a definite homebody! :)

  10. Amy

    Fun! I remember doing the first year’s fall party! I’ve got Christmas stuff scatter all around here… so I’ve completely passed over fall. But I’m looking forward to everyone’s posts.

  11. Sue

    I love how you combined the fall items with the shells and starfish- such a fun contradiction…. And the white with the dark candles- exquisite! Thanks for hosting this party- first time here and I used a re-post from last year since I’m not quite done for this year. I hope to be very inspired by all your participants, Melissa!

  12. Tiffini

    You were just the “push” I needed to get started nesting! Thanks again :)

  13. Leanne

    I love the white candle sticks. I added books to my mantel too. Thanks for a fun party. I hope to get more great ideas.

  14. Shelle

    I love your pitcher and the gourds. I think I picked up some just like yours. :) I’m nesting now. Thanks for hosting the link party. Loving the inspiration!

  15. Amber

    I am so inspired to go buy some potpurri and spice it up now! 1984 – bwahaha!!

    I am only just getting started with my fall nesting. Perhaps if I get done in time, I’ll link up. (But right now I’ll go browsing for ideas..) ;)


  16. Centsational Girl

    Sweets, I can feel the love you have for fall! So proud of your ‘third’ anniversary ~ and proud to link up.


  17. Kelly

    It is soooooo hard for me to get into fall when it’s still 90 degrees and humid here in Houston. I went shopping over the weekend, and everything was sweaters and long sleeves! ARGH!

    I hope I’ll be inspired by everyone’s links. It just still feels like summer here!

  18. Kim

    I just discovered that you were having a fall nesting party. Oh my, I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow. I love to decorate for fall and I also love to see how others decorate for fall. Thanks so much for hosting this fun party.

  19. Debra

    Thanks for hosting such a wonderful party, love all the great fall inspiration! This is my second time here!

  20. Just B

    What an enjoyable way to be inspired and get new ideas for Fall decorating! So many talented decorators (and bloggers) out there. Thank you, Melissa, for hosting this Fall nesting party. :)

  21. SillyJaime

    Gosh, I can’t wait to have my own place. The changing of the seasons always bring on such strong urges to redecorate, and where I am right now it’s impossible (I live in my husband’s mother’s house -.-). But I love your blog, and it makes me long for my own home so that I can nest when the urge strikes me.

  22. Linda from Heartfire At Home

    It’s the beginning of Spring over here in Aus, so I don’t have a fall nesting post to add…. but I’m sooooo looking forward to all the ones I can see up there! Fall is my favourite time of the year… I have an original artwork of autumn leaves on my wall which has been much loved for years. The thumbnails above are full of all my favourite colours (reds, golds, oranges etc)!

    Linda. xox

  23. Liz

    Not much in the shops here in the UK yet, no cinnamon sticks or anything. So I did an autumnal table makeover instead. Thanks for hosting!

  24. Wendi

    I soooooo miss Fall! My Mom and I were just talking about that on Labor Day. We live out here in AZ and we really do not have Fall here, and for a midwestener that is really hard. It is still over 100 degrees here. We get this kind of “Fall-ish” time in January when a few leaves fall from a few of the trees. But nothing like the beautiful nesting Fall’s that I have always known. I do miss the Fall for nesting, putting away the summer and preparing for winter. There is just nothing like it. So enjoy nesting for Fall for all of us who do not get to. Thank you. :)

  25. Jess

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s wonderful ideas!! I know this is going to be a great party! Thanks for hosting!

  26. Jacque

    Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s the time that gets me motivated to “do something” which normally doesn’t mean a lot of decorating per say but deep cleaning, culling, organzing, and this season… painting.

    Does that count as nesting? LOL.

    I loved the books on the mantel, the fall pot pourri, and the thankful pitcher, they all were comfortable, inviting, and charming.

    And, cinnamon scent? Another absolute favorite.

    Now, I can’t wait to visit all the wonderful posts that are linked up so that I can enjoy everyone elses fall decorations while I look at spackle and paint on my own walls. I’ll be saving the wonderful ideas though. Love it.

  27. annalea

    i am new to your site, but could have written the following line:
    “the process of getting settled in for fall definitely suits my personality the most. I’m a homebody type.”

    i have just begun my settling in for fall, but i will be sure to link up when i get a chance. looking forward to browsing through others links. yay for fall!

    thanks for hosting!

  28. Kathy

    Darn! I think I had commented on your original post talking about this that I wanted to join in, but I am lucky that I just brought stuff up from storage. I am hoping to find everything and lay it out so I can see what I’ve got and start placing everything by the weekend. I’m also sure I bought some things on clearance last year and I hope I can find the bag.

  29. Jen

    Mmmm…went “smell-good” shopping yesterday. Still hunting for the right spray scent that says, “Hi, fall is here!” Love the pics! Thanks for hosting this fun party:)

  30. teresa

    Oh I love when you do this…just wish I had something to add. I’m still way behind and playing catch up…. but I love seeing all the wonderful fall ideas
    You are awesome!

  31. OwningSingle

    I’m so excited for the Fall party! I’m a little OCD because I like to put my stuff out on the official first day of Fall. I’m in the process of making my plans and buying stuff that I need. Yeah, I write my decorating plan down on paper room by room. Crazy, I know.

  32. DeniseMarie

    Girl, I can’t wait to check out all of these awesome posts. Thanks for your Meme!

  33. DeniseMarie

    Girl, I can’t wait to check out all of these awesome posts. Lots of yummy inspiration.

  34. Tammy

    All of your fall decorations are so beautiful. We are not anywhere near ready for fall here though. The AC is still running and it is still very warm.

  35. Carmen

    I was so excited when I found out you were hosting this party today. I love all of the touches you’ve added. So pretty! I don’t have anything to link up right now but I will have fun looking at all the links and getting ideas.

  36. betty cummings

    I enjoy your blog so much. I am so excited to see this blog party and I am really looking forward to the October posts!! Thanks for doing this. Your blog is a bright spot in my day.

  37. heather ritchie

    Melissa, I love your approachable way to nesting your home. I think it helps other women feel like they don’t have to be so extravagant they just have to try a little. I also wrote about filling all the senses during fall nesting, including the new scented oils I bought in Apple Cinnamon. I can’t wait to light one tonight. Thanks for throwing the party, I’ve been so excited to be a part of it for the first time. With a new blog I’m trying to get off the ground I’m hoping this will be a great way to link up with you and a bunch more sweet ladies who love their homes too! Happy nesting.


  38. heather ritchie

    Sorry, I left the wrong blog address above. I included the new one in the slot for Website. Do you ever get frustrated trying to figure out this blog stuff? Well, hopefully I’ll get the hang of it soon. Have a great one!


  39. Jennifer

    Thanks for hosting the Fall Nesting party! It is so much fun to see all the neat ideas in one place! Love what you have done in your own place – especially how you incorporate vintage books! Happy Fall!


  40. Elizabeth

    Hi! It’s here! Thanks for doing this for us.

    I sure hope this goes on for awhile because we’ve been sick and I don’t yet have my act together. Lots here to inspire me, though. Love your decor.


  41. Tiffany

    I ain’t doin’ it, ya HEAR ME?!! I WON’T, I WON’T!

    Okay, maybe. But not until I am good and done with summer. Maybe by October 1st;)

  42. Vee

    Oh I’m sorry, Melissa. I usually try to leave a comment when linking up, but didn’t see it until just now. I’m actually having such trouble commenting today…not just here, but on my own blogroll. I keep getting error message 503 whatever that is. I should Google it.

    Anyway, I wanted to say that your decorating is so refined and minus the garish colors of fall. :D Very pretty!!

  43. Richella

    Okay, I was here earlier, and I joined the party, and I THOUGHT that I left you a comment. . . but I think that my comment existed only in my head! First of all, I wanted to thank you for hosting. I can hardly believe that it’s your third Fall Nesting Party. You were blogging when blogging wasn’t cool–or at least you were ahead of your time! Second, I wanted to tell you that I know exactly what you mean about potpourri being a particular style. I love potpourri, but I still can “smell” the Claire Burke potpourri that was all the rage back in the early 80’s. And third, I wanted to say that I can’t believe those are dollar store gourds with your Dayspring pitcher. An excellent example of mixing nice things with inexpensive things and coming up with a very pleasing whole!

    Thanks again for a wonderful party and for the inspiration you always provide!

  44. emily freeman

    Oh, what a wonderful party. I still have my shells and starfish out. And it’s 90 degrees. But this sure gets me in the mood. I just love your style, girlfriend.

  45. OwningSingle

    Had a crazy day and just now able to settle in and look at all the delicious decor. I have my glass of wine and I’m ready!

  46. Cheri

    I just did the same link on my blog today!
    Thing is..I don’t have many readers who are into design… stop by and link up everyone!

  47. Kim

    I love your start to fall decorating. I haven’t actually started decorating yet. But I am slowly putting away the summer flowers in preparation. So my contribution was more for your taste buds today!
    Thanks for hosting.

  48. Kristen

    Love all the fall touches around your house…beautiful! Now I am off to see all the nesting everyone else is doing too! Thanks for hosting the party!

  49. Maya

    I’m not in Fall mood quite yet…, but I’d like to show how the season can be done coastal style. The potpourri re-mix, of course, is a very nice example! I’ll be back…, to check if there’s more!?

  50. Melanie {The Tiny Tudor}

    The scent of Fall is my favorite! I love how you decorated with potpourri. and made it look fresh and new.
    Thanks for hosting the party- I think I’ve visited most of the links- I just can’t get enough fall inspiration : )

  51. Southern Fried Gal

    Yay! Thanks for hosting. I’m still working on fall decor but managed to get my breakfast area ready. I can’t wait to get more ideas from others!

    I love the simplicity of the pitcher with the gourds – lovely!

  52. Kathleen Ellis

    I LOVE that you created your own potpourri…especially love the shells and starfish you added! The white candlesticks w/bird nest…yummie!
    Have a beautiful weekend~
    ;-D Kathleen

  53. Jessica Singletary

    I haven’t started putting out my fall stuff yet but I will this weekend. Loved checking out all the neat fall ideas! Thanks for hosting this and have you checked out the new scent Creamy Pumpkin by Bath & Body Works? Delicious!

  54. Kristin

    Hello Mrs. Nester! Although I’ve heard and read so much about you on other blogs, I think this is my very first visit here! Such a great blog! I’m an all-things-domestic kind of girl, so you know I’ll be hanging around…a lot :-). I LOVE FALL!!! *Kindred Spirit moment* My very favorite time of year by a long shot! Everything is decorated and smelling like pumpkins and spice around here. Bliss. Thought I’d let you know about a Fall Friendship Swap I’m having over at my blog Windy Poplars. It’s for fellow lovers of Fall. Tomorrow is the last day to sign up though (before midnight)… Sorry for the late notice, but thought I’d mention it after I read your post! Hope you’re having a lovely week so far. So nice to finally “meet” you :-). ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

  55. Megan {Honey We're Home}

    Big congrats on the 3rd annual!!! Whoa:) I’m getting so inspired by all your links, I’m ready to break out the fall decor this weekend. Just wish we could get a cool breeze or a little chill in the air here in Houston!

  56. Roeshel

    Inspiring as usual! Thanks so much for hosting such a great party full of amazing Fall inspiration!

  57. Cheryl

    I love to nest! I’m a HUGE Homebody myself so I can totally relate and when it comes to the Fall season for some reason, I am just always been drawn to the feelings I get when nesting this time of year. Thank you for 3 years of your great blog.

    [email protected] Own Snug Fireside

  58. lylah ledner

    Beautiful. Every one is beautiful. Yesterday I had a wind of inspiration to create a rustic French far look in our courtyard using the dried sunflower heads from the mammoth sunflowers I’d planted this past spring. Truly, this is my favorite time of the year – especially because of the hot summer day reprieve AND the fact that our farm is on production overload!

    xoxo lylah

  59. Regina Williams

    I just went shopping yesterday and found pumpkins, new place mats, and dishes! I love FALL.

    Oh yeah, not to mention football season has now started! Yeah.

  60. karen

    Thanks for hosting this wonderful party! I had a great time visiting all the participants and now I need to get out all my fall goodies!

  61. Ramblings of a Woman

    Well I missed out on the party, but I can at least go and visit all you wonderful ladies and get ideas for decorating my house, lol!
    Hoping the temps go back under 90 degrees soon!

  62. Mel

    Well, I missed out too, and I’m so disappointed. But I still did an autumn post.:) I love fall, and your posts are all so inspiring!:)



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