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4 Simple Steps to Creating the Home You Want {Timeless Advice}

4 Simple Steps to Creating the Home You Want {Timeless Advice}

(I’d take this house, wouldn’t you?)

I remember way back in the dark ages when I started this blog, I know I felt like I was going to embarrass myself or the people who had the money to decorate and remodel “the perfect way.” I wasn’t one of “those people.” I had to settle for what I was able to do with a limited budget, very little time, and with what I already had. Who would want to read about those ideas day in and day out?

Thank goodness I’ve discovered over the past three years that there are many people out there who are just like me, they LOVE looking at beautiful homes, but our own home is usually far from perfect. While we can dream, we have to get real and make do with what we have. We have improvise. We need to get creative.

Basic advice that helps us to solve problems and move ahead with creating a lovely home on a budget is really more valuable than I realized!

4 Simple Steps to Creating the Home You Want {Timeless Advice}
{Simple decor}

Sometimes I am a bit mortified when I dig back into my archives and look at my earlier posts. Oh my! But, even though my blogging ability and even my decorating style has evolved a bit since 2007, I have never waivered in my fundamental principles and advice. It still works today! When I look back in my archives to the very humble and laughable beginnings of this blog, I realize I have remained true to what has always worked for me, no matter what the current fads are.

Just for fun I decided to go back into my archives today and round up a few posts from “way back”  that summarize timeless advice on how to create the home you want, without a big budget! These links ought to keep you busy for awhile while I write 31 posts for next month. Eh hem.

4 Steps to Creating the Home You Want:

1. Keep it simple.

Simplifying your approach is the best way to get where you want to be. You will crack up about the size of my photo when you see this post, but the advice is still true from way back in 2007, bigger and bolder is better (if only I had known back then how to make the PHOTO BIGGER AND BOLDER? OH THE IRONY!!! How I survived those first months of blogging with such little skill and tiny photos, I do not know.)

I have always felt that accessories needed to be simple, fewer, bigger, bolder in order to make a statement. If you feel like your style is needing an update, pack up those 30 small accessories and try a few bolder pieces to really make a statement that will be simply beautiful!

I have always believed that addressing problems with real life decorating solutions works best (even way back in 2007)! I have no idea why I didn’t go around my house and take photos or find other images for examples in that post (but at least I showed Play Doh, right?), but again, I was a new blogger and had no idea what I was doing.

But, finally in 2009, I gave little more visual example for my philosophy in this post Keeping things simple, real life accessories (2009) Guess it is pretty clear I’ve never been a fan of foofy, random, unnecessary decorations! Simple is my favorite.

4 Simple Steps to Creating the Home You Want {Timeless Advice}

{I miss my old kitchen. And my toile.}

2. Don’t be afraid of change.

We all want to have a home that reflects who were are, but doesn’t look like it is stuck in a time warp. Sometimes we HAVE to make changes in our style to accomodate a new home or downsized lifestyle.  Either way, changing our style on a budget is not easy!

Two years ago I wrote a post called Changing your style on a budget (2008) I had a deja vu about that post last week when I saw the question from a reader on Nester’s blog asking the same question a reader asked me in 2008. We are still asking the same types of questions! Times change, but our basic questions do not.

We all have a desire from time to time to evolve and change without having to start over. Good basic timeless advice will save us from spending more than we need to.

What if you aren’t even sure how to narrow down what your style is, let alone how to reflect who you are in that style? Last year I wrote  3 Tips for finding your style (2009)  If you are like me, you love A LOT of styles! Which one is right for you?

4 Simple Steps to Creating the Home You Want {Timeless Advice}

{evolving from an old look}

3. Be patient.

The beauty of taking your time (2009) – Once you realize you want to make a change, do you feel like you rush to redecorate and don’t go slow enough to savor the process? My style is always evolving. Slowly. I’ve lived in this house for a year and a half and I still am not done figuring out where I am evolving to! But I am SO GLAD I didn’t rush out and redecorate with what I thought I wanted in the first week. I let myself enjoy the process and take time to learn what I really need, rather than what my whim was at the moment. Going slowly helps me to learn contentment!

4 Simple Steps to Creating the Home You Want {Timeless Advice}

{creative solutions}

4. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Concealing flaws and ugly things (2008) We don’t always have the perfect home to begin with. We might have a vision in our head for how we want our homes to look, if ONLY our 1970s split level could actually change into a charming Cape Cod overlooking the ocean!

We have to get real. Many magazines showcase homes that became beautiful that were remodeled from the studs out, but what about those of us who have ugly or less than beautiful features in our homes that we cannot change? How can we work with what we have?

I have always loved finding creative solutions to make things look better, such as in my Best Kept Decorating Secret (2009).  I love making something look better than it did, even if I have to settle for less than perfect. And if I can save money by making something beautiful with more creativity than cash, or come up with creative ways to save big bucks on architectural details, I am a happy girl!

There you go, a look way way back into the archives at the advice I’ve been sharing since day one! All the things I learned over 23 years of having my own home!

I think this might set a record for the most amount of links back to my own blog. I love you guys for putting up with all my gabbering over the past three years.

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