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Giveaway Day

by | Nov 14, 2010 | blogging

Giveaway Day


Lookie there, I’m getting ready to bake a treat to share with you! Hope you like chocolate chip walnut banana bread! Mmmmmmm. If not, I’m eating it all by myself.

I have THREE lovely giveaways lined up for you Monday as a special little pre-holiday festivity! Get ready, cause here they come! You can enter all three giveaways (each giveaway will be posted separately) so you’ll have more chances to win something awesome! Yay! Be sure to check back during the day (6AM and 12PM ET) for all three giveaways so you don’t miss one.

And to make this even more fun and oh-so-tricky, I’m giving away a $5 holiday coffee card to the first person to enter each of the three giveaways! I wish I could take you all out to coffee (cause I’m dying for a Gingerbread Latte) but I’m gonna treat three of you and we’ll just pretend we got to go out for coffee together.

Soooo, be ready at 12:01 AM Eastern Time (which I hope and pray means one minute after midnight Sunday night wee hours of the morning Monday) for the first giveaway…. {happy dance!} You will enter each giveaway by leaving commenting on each of the three giveaway posts. THIS post is not one of them, but you can comment if you feel like it.

PS. If you want to win the coffee card, don’t wait for your email or RSS feed to alert you to the giveaway posts cause the timing will be WAY off! Just check directly at The Inspired Room! And if you miss the first one, try try again!


  1. Wendy

    Me me me!!!

  2. Wendy

    I’ll set my alarm! l0l

    • Melissa

      Way to go Wendy! Good luck!

  3. Kristin

    Yay for giveaways!! I don’t comment often, but I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. I use your tips often – my favorite is shining the sinks every night! LOL Every since I read that I do it 99% of the time, and love what a difference it makes!!

    Thanks for being so inspiring!!

    • Melissa

      I’m SO glad you do that because I’m 100% with you, it makes the world of difference doesn’t it??!!! Thanks for the kind words oxox

  4. Pinky

    I don’t drink coffee!!!:):) BUT, I sure will enter the give aways!!!!! Sounds GREAT! XO, Pinky

    • Melissa

      PINKY, You can use your card for tea. Or treats. :-)

  5. Julie Brazelton

    I will be sleeping….I have to get all the sleep I can get because I will be chasing two boys all day tomorrow! But good luck everyone…very cute idea!

    • Melissa

      You have three chances tomorrow, and I hope you won’t be sleeping at noon :-) or your boys will be running wild! :-)

  6. Sandy

    Oh! Sound like fun!! By the way, the chocolate chip banana bread looks yummy!!

  7. Bev

    That would be me to stay up….. maybe ! Chocolate chip banana bread yummy !

  8. Anita

    This will be fun :) I hope I remember! I need a sticky note for my monitor….

  9. Cindi

    I would love some of your virtual bread!
    Hoping I can stay awake to enter your contests…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  10. Annelise

    I drank way too much coffee to sleep tonight. Guess I know what I will be doing. Enter away.

  11. Beth

    Oooooooooo….. sounds so fun! I’ll be back in a few hours! :)

  12. Cindi

    Good luck to all!

  13. Nina

    Loved it, but I am from Brazil.
    Good luck for everybody else!


  14. Patricia Torres

    wow!!! wow!! that sure sounds exciting.. :-)

  15. Rose in Ohio

    Three giveaways tomorrow? I take back every bad thing I’ve ever said about Mondays!

    I’ll be back tomorrow, but in the meantime, good luck to all you night owls!

  16. Elizabeth

    Sounds like fun!!!!!!!!!

  17. Amy Kinser

    What a fun way to do a giveaway!!


  18. Dee

    Well it is 11:01 Central time – isn’t that 12:01 Eastern?

  19. Amy Kinser

    Not sure how you are doing the after midnight giveaway but thought I would check in at this time.

  20. Diane

    I love coffee!!!!

  21. gretchen

    leaving my comment….


  22. martha brady

    i’m here for the giveaway:) love your blog.

  23. Marge Heck

    I’m a coffee lover and would love to go with YOU!

  24. Charla

    I could eat chocolate chips on concrete!!

  25. Karen

    Wow! Melissa, you must post the recipe for this bread—it looks so yummy.

    I’ve entered the giveaways, its so much fun!

  26. Cynthia

    Love it!!!!!!

  27. Elle

    It’s been a rough month for my family. I would love to win something. Thanks for having a giveaway.

  28. Lynsey

    I look forward to your daily posts. I love how you make everything look simply beautiful.

  29. Janis Hill

    Even if I don’t win I’ll have a cofee and pretend we are sitting together chatting!

  30. Rona

    I love having some warm banana bread with a cup of coffee. What a great way to start the day.

  31. Amanda

    Come visit, we’ll got get a cup o joe!

  32. Mary E.

    okay, now you have made me hungry!


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