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Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

My girls and I saw some fun ideas for gift wrapping and tags over at Style Me Pretty awhile back. We wanted to use what we had to wrap this year, so this inspired us to get creative! We gathered up scraps of fabric, twine, ribbon, fringe, fuzzy pom poms, brown grocery sacks and other things we found stashed here and there at home.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

My oldest daughter cut tags out of thin cardboard and she drew a free hand reindeer (inspired by a photo she found) on the tag as a silhouette.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

We used all sorts of trims, fringe, burlap, and ribbons from previous projects to create ribbons and bows.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

For the paper itself, we used festive brown paper Trader Joes bags, as well as heavy duty white printer paper for the white wrap.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Doilies we picked up at HomeGoods, assorted jingle bells, buttons and decorative brads found their way on to our packages.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

We didn’t have to spend a dime, but each package looked special and unique!


  1. Sophia

    Oh my GOODNESS. Those are the cutest packages I’ve ever seen. I still haven’t wrapped any of my presents and really didn’t want to go buy new wrapping paper…this is perfect. Thank you SO much for posting this…lifesaver! Have a wonderful Christmas :)

  2. Tara

    Merry Christmas…love the packaging that you did for your gifts…so beautiful and creative!

  3. Deanna

    Very nice!

    I use paper that my husband (who works for a printing company) brings home from work. Heavy white quality paper – that I add ribbon to, use colored markers to draw on the paper, I used paper bags to cut out tags etc…

  4. Karen

    How fun! I love the plain, brown paper—everything looks great with it. I also love the tags…your daughter did a great job.

  5. Sandy

    How creative! Your packages look so pretty. I did the same thing this year. The using up what I had. I didn’t get near as creative, but I had left over paper and ribbons from previous years that I used.

  6. Becky K.

    So, so, so pretty!! I love the idea of using what you already have, and obviously you make an outstanding case that frugality breathes gorgeous creativity! And how fun that you could enjoy this project with your girls!

  7. Diane

    Love, love, love! I can only imagine the fun and the flow of creativity all gathered together! Merry Christmas!

  8. Marie

    These are just adorable, thank you for sharing.

    Merry Christmas to you & your family, Melissa from Sally Lee by the Sea!

  9. maggie

    I just love everything about those wrappings! So creative, artistic and recycled to boot!
    Hope you and your loved ones have a very happy Christmas.

  10. Kelly

    absolutely divine. those gifts look fabulous! i thought i was doing good actually putting ribbon on mine this year :)

  11. Emily

    Those look adorable Melissa!! That was an awesome way to use what you already have, and get your kids involved! But I didn’t see my name on any of the packages?

    Merry Christmas friend. :)

  12. Sandy

    Beautiful wrappings and your daughter is quite the budding artist!

  13. Anthony Armendariz

    I love the look you achieved through using recycled materials! Very inspirational. I’m excited to wrap my christmas gifts now!

  14. Marie B

    Thank you for all the “onspiration” in 2010, lokking forward to 2011.

  15. Adrienne

    Merry Christmas to you and your dear ones.

  16. DebbieW

    Dearest Melissa,

    Thinking about you on Christmas and always. I am sure that you are spending this day surrounded by your beautiful family as it should be. Many blessings to you, my friend.

    Much love,

  17. Karen

    What clever ideas you had for the wrappings. Something to remember for next year, I am sure your giftees were thrilled!

  18. marigold

    your daughter drew the deer head freehand? my goodness i LOVE it so much! at first i thought it was a stamp and i was going to ask you where you got it from. that is seriously gorgeous. is there a way she can (or you can) download that as a pattern? all of your packages are gorgeous! we have a little post about the tj’s bags as wrapping paper too! it’s so cute!
    hugs Melissa X0


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