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Jump Start Your Day with a Simple 5 Minute Routine

by | Jan 3, 2011 | Domesticity

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I have a very easy morning routine I follow every day. It takes only about five minutes, but this routine helps set the tone for my day. If I skip any of these steps, I feel like I am behind before I even begin.

Of course, I go on to do other things like take a shower, have quiet time, eat breakfast and all that, but these are my specific morning rituals relating to my house:

Jump Start Your Day with a Simple 5 Minute Routine

Make the bed.

Jump Start Your Day with a Simple 5 Minute Routine

Open the shades.

Jump Start Your Day with a Simple 5 Minute Routine

Shut off the porch lights.

Jump Start Your Day with a Simple 5 Minute Routine

Unload the dishwasher.

Every morning. Nearly 365 days a year.

By sticking to my routine, I feel like my morning has officially begun and I am more productive the rest of the day.

What is your 5 minute morning “start the day” routine?
If you don’t have one, today would be a good day to commit to a new morning ritual!

This concept was previously shared on The Inspired Room, but was just what I needed to jump back into life after the holidays!

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  1. Jessica

    Exactly right. My 5 minute list is similar to yours, I just feel lazy if I don’t jump up and knock a few things out.

  2. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    I definitely make the bed and open the blinds every morning. It’s so nice to have a tidy bedroom retreat should the need arise during the day!

  3. Gail

    No morning routine other than make the bed and bring the paper in but definitely thinking I should have one.

  4. Danielle

    My day just doesn’t feel right if I don’t start with a routine! Definately make the bed and open shades. Brew coffee, pick up extranious toys (Legos can hurt!) and put away clean dishes.

  5. Brooke McGlothlin

    I get up super early and have 2 little boys I *hope* will sleep much longer than me…so I’m very quiet before they get up. It helps me to get my quiet time done first, then eat, then do some computer/blogging essentials. That way when they get up and I don’t have to be quiet anymore, I can do noisy things like emptying the dishwasher. AND I can close the computer and focus on my children :) Be blessed today friend!

  6. sue

    I went to read your post, wondering what suggestions you would make and lo and behold, there was my morning routine, with some slight variations, no dishwasher, boo hoo. However, you missed the chore that MUST be done every morning; feeding the furry friends! I used to have to feed a rabbit (RIP Kengi) and still must feed the 3 little kitties. They will not let that chore be missed and often, it is not done fast enough for some of them.

  7. Julie

    Minute One – grope for my glasses on the nightstand – put them on.
    Minute Two – find my SmartWool socks in the dark by the bed and put them on my cold feet.
    Minute Three – Go to the bathroom.
    Minute Four – Go downstairs and look at the thermometer outside – today it’s seven below zero.
    Minute Five – Turn up the heat.

    Our bed? Husband still in it.
    Our dishwasher? Still needs to be loaded from last night.
    Our porch lights? Only on when company is coming.
    Our blinds? Keep them down so the two Schnauzers don’t shriek at every tiny movement outside.

    Clearly it’s going to take me a little longer to be productive and get things done. :)

    But in the first five minutes of my day I am usually giving thanks to God, at least!

    Blessings to you Melissa!

  8. Estela

    Making the bed each morning in key for me :) I feel so productive just doing that :)

  9. Deb Lee

    Minute 1: Turn off the alarm when it goes off at 5 am.
    Minute 2: Head to the bathroom.
    Minute 3: Make coffee & put the dog outside.
    Minute 4: Meander over to the treadmill grudgingly OR mosey on over to my laptop (blog writing).
    Minute 5: Still blogging or on the treadmill.

    …would love it if making the bed were a part of my first five minutes, but hubby is always still in it when I first get up. =)

  10. Imperfect

    I could definitely use a morning routine. Right now I’m trying to train myself to get up a little earlier and do step one – make the bed! I suppose I should think on this a bit.

  11. abra

    i have never commented before, but our routines are so similar it made me laugh and i had to comment. :) i do the exact same things, except i add in getting a pot of coffee going too!

    happy monday!

  12. tiffani

    Making the bed is right up there for me too! Grab my socks and head for the coffee!! Happy New Year to you!!

  13. Judy

    Step 1 – make the kids breakfast
    Step 2 – pack the kids lunch box
    Step 3 – Clean up table and fill dishwasher
    Step 4 – Make the beds
    Step 5 – Send kids to school…start blogging

  14. Karen

    I make the bed and open the blinds—but then I require caffeine to do even ONE more thing. But I agree with you, a routine does help to feel like the day has started…my new routine before I even get out of bed is to wake up with gratitude for one or more blessings!

  15. Mary Joy

    My five minute routine starts with opening and drinking the diet soda that my hubby lovely leaves by my bedside when he gets up in the morning…a little bit before me.

    Getting in my comfy new robe…getting settled in my comfy chair…

    having a little time with the Lord
    Going over my plan for the day
    Starting breakfast for the family

    After I get our almost 8 yr old out the door…

    The tidying and other days tasks begin…

    Thanks for sharing!


    Mary Joy

  16. Courtney Milam

    Definitely make the bed! Regardless of how messy our room is, a made bed makes it look better. Thanks to you, Melissa, my husband and I got turned onto the Fly Lady, so we have started to form our morning and before bed routines which have made our busy house run MUCH more smoothly and peacefully. Praise God! Keep that sink a-shinin’!

    • Melissa

      Great job Courtney, glad you are feeling things are working better now. Flylady rocks!!

  17. Vee

    Yes, I agree that those first-step things are what sets the tone. Speaking of which…

  18. beth

    That’s a great idea, Melissa! Usually the first thing I do in the morning is head straight to the computer to read blogs, but then I drag my heals when it is time to get up and get around. Making the bed first thing in the morning is something that would be easy for me to do,and would definitely jumpstart my day. On days that my husband isn’t sleeping in, that is. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

  19. Carin

    Your five minute morning house ritual looks very much like mine:

    1) Make the bed
    2) Open the blinds and, if weather is not too bad, open a window to give the room an airing
    3) Clean the bathroom sink and toilet
    4) Turn off the outside lights that hubby put on to leave for work
    5? Empty the dishwasher

  20. Irma

    My routine is similar but a little different. I wish I could make my bed every morning, but hubby gets up at 3:30 a.m. for his job, and then returns to get the rest of his sleep at 1:00 p.m. So there just isnt any point.So I trip down the stairs, fill akettle with water, get my french press ready with coffee grounds. Then, I unload the dishwasher, pour the boiling water into the french press, pop toast in.Then I sit down with my toast and coffee and watch the Today show for a bit. Then I shower and get ready for the rest of the day.

  21. Leslie

    My weekday routine is to roll out of bed and into sweats and hit the road to meet a friend on the corner for a three-mile walk. Then (if I don’t have to rush out to the farm!) it’s coffee and some blog reading, some Bible study, then the house stuff. I definitely enjoy a well-made bed! (I also believe in the restorative power of freshly-laundered sheets…mmmm!) We’re new empty nesters, so (except for the recent holiday crunch) I don’t run my dishwasher every day! I know! And when I tidy the house, it tends to stay tidy. But I really enjoy the return of the chaos with the return of my kids! Enjoy it!

  22. Terri Steffes

    I loved reading everyone’s routine. Mine is make the bed, brush teeth, take a shower, fix hair, fix hair again, try again on the hair, frantically put on clothes, pack a lunch and get in the car and off to work!

  23. Amanda

    Oh, how I would love to be able to make the bed first thing! Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t go into work until 8:30/9 most mornings, so he is usually still in bed when I get up. :s

    I open the blinds downstairs first thing, and it makes such a difference to have the light stream in! :) Helps me wake up.

  24. Tonya

    Oh how I need a morning routine!! I recently had a new baby (4 months ago) and used to be a working mom, but now (with the help of my wonderful hubby) I am a stay-at-home mom. I am still trying to get this morning routine thing figured out!!! Seems like every morning things go a little different…NEED A ROUTINE!!!

  25. Terri Steffes

    How does that link work where you go to the person’s last post?? I love it!

  26. Priscilla-The Wheelchair Mommy

    I make the bed?!!

    It takes about 10 minutes to unload my dishwasher.
    I’d LOVE to know how you do it in 5 :D

    • Melissa

      Oooo, now THAT is a good question. I have a secret. I’ll have to share that one.

  27. SimplyLKJ

    I agree, a set morning routine certainly helps get the day off to a good start. Mine usually consists of: Waking my daughter for school, opening the blinds downstairs, making her breakfast, checking emails while she eats, then it’s off to make the bed and shower once she leaves.

  28. Tiffany

    Mine is make the bed, brush me teeth, open the shades and then start breakfast. If I don’t do those things…I feel out of sorts! LOL!

  29. teresa

    My day starts a lot like yours…. Exercise , shower, make bed, dishes,prayers, scriptures- and then out the door.
    Thanks for the links-
    Have a great day

  30. SillyJaime

    Minute One: Make the bed.
    Minute Two: Pull on pants, use the LGR.
    Minute Three: Flip on computer monitor, bring up iGoogle.
    Minute rest-of-the-day: Computer games and food.

    As you can see, I start out right, and then just get sucked into the internet.

  31. Michelle

    I don’t really have a morning routine…so thanks for the inspiration and motivation!

  32. Lorrie

    My morning routine is similar to yours–

    1. Make the bed.
    2. Open the blinds.
    3. Wander out to the main areas and open the blinds/drapes.
    4. Put on a pot of water for tea.

  33. Sara

    Am I completely crazy, or did you do a website redo and I totally missed it?

    Anywho. My morning routine that makes me feel ready to start the day includes opening the blinds, shower/blowdry/makeup (of course), feeding the dogs, and lastly, making a cup of tea to put in my travel mug for my first hour of work. If I forget the tea, the whole day goes awry!

  34. shannon

    I couldn’t agree more with this post. I have to make the bed everyday before I walk out of my bedroom. If not, it throws my day off. I also like to make sure all of my laundry is put away and everything is nice and tidy before I walk out that door. Coming home to a nice and clean space is very important after having a stressful job and sitting in traffic. Those 5 minutes of cleaning allow you to maintain a clean home.

  35. Genevieve

    I actually have two routines. For the first shift before my day job:
    1- Get out of bed. (1 Minute)
    2- Make bed. (4 Minutes)
    3- Wake-up my 16-year-old for school. Shaking is sometimes needed. (3-5 minutes)
    4- Shower. (5 minutes)

    For my second shift, taking care of the house and family:
    1- Walk in front door. (1 minute)
    2- Pick-up mail and sort out the bills. (5 minutes)
    3- Change into jeans and put on an apron. (5 minutes)
    4- Deciding on what to cook for dinner. This last step is can take anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes. I just hate trying to figure out what to cook!

  36. Darlene

    Make my bed!
    Drink a glass of water.
    Read a “Jesus calling” excerpt while sitting briefly on the throne (ahem).
    Fill the sink with salt water and submerge my face, open my eyes, and snort the stuff. I know. strange. But now I am hooked.
    Wash my face and moisturize.
    head to the coffee machine….
    and go!

  37. Emily

    My post for tomorrow on Simple Mom is about establishing routines for a simpler home. Too funny. Must be why I love you :) I’m going to link to this in the section about mornings.


  38. jeanne

    We were already on the same page up to minute 4. Hahaha. However, I am up for adding a new element to my morning routine. I just hadn’t considered unloading the dishwasher firt thing in the morning. Hey, I am game. I will give it a try.
    I also feed the birds in the morning. I sprinkle a little birdseed on the walkway to entice a few morning visitors. I have been blessed to have a few feathered friends join me for my morning cup of coffee.

  39. Jenn

    I have never been good at making the bed. I am going to have to make that one of my new years resolutions!! Great post!

  40. susan

    My a.m. routine varies based on how many alarms I sleep thru. Generally? 1) pat-pat-pat–glasses, ahhh,sight. 2) stumble to kitchen,plug in pre-loaded coffepot (has timer,but had nice,good one catch fire several yrs ago. Was much easier to get up if cud smell coffee). 3) glass water, slam meds that don’t require food, others come much later, ick. 4) stumble around/over/ between 2 80# dawgs to let out. 5) basement potty, grab dawg biskits on way back to kitchen. Grab coffee, let pups in, bribe with biskits. If I sleep thru too many alarms there’s a panic attack thrown in for good measure. -s-

  41. Traci Hutcherson

    Good stuff, Melissa!
    I always make my bed and open the blinds for sure! Then I have to get the boys up, make breakfast, and iron my hubby’s clothes for work. Mornings can be pretty hectic around here.
    I need to start emptying the dish washer. :)

  42. Glenda Childers

    My morning routine is to drink the cup of tea that my husband brings me every morning . . . before anything else.


  43. Sandy

    I’ve always remembered your 5 minute routine. Perfect for the new year. Thanks Melissa!

  44. Nif

    Hubs and I have a deal… last person out of bed has to make it that day (as soon as he/she gets up, too!). I’m the morning person… so Hubs makes the bed most of the time. {and no misunderstanding about whose turn it is!} ;)

  45. the domestic fringe

    Unfortunately my routine is very lame. God to the bathroom and make coffee. Then I sit and wait for the pot to drip.

    I think I’ll at least have to add ‘open my blinds’ at the list. ;-)

    Love your list. Makes for beautiful day, I bet.

  46. Michelle

    I usually start breakfast for my sons, pack their lunches, and start getting ready to take them to school. Tomorrow morning I’m going to try to make my bed before we leave for school, I normally make it when I get home but it would be nice to walk into a “made” room.

  47. Amanda H.

    My morning routine usually consists of:

    Minute 1 – 3 year old son saying “Momma its morning time!”
    Minute 2 – Beg him to go back to sleep.
    Minute 3 – Tell him one more minute. (Can you tell I’m really not a morning person at all?)
    Minute 4 – Begrudgingly get out of bed, go downstairs and see if Dora is on.
    Minute 5 – Silently curse that I have not gotten a new coffee maker since ours died.

    I would love to be able to actually wake up before my son does. I have tried several different times in hopes of getting something done before he wakes up. Generally he wakes up within 5 minutes of me being awake, so I’ve decided to stop fighting it and let him wake me up. I wish I could open our blinds, but the glare on the TV is so bad you can’t see what is on the screen. I enjoyed your list. I can see why it would make your day run more smoothly. I am going to try to make our bed more often. I also don’t have a dishwasher so maybe I could take that extra minute to sleep. ;)

  48. Cheryl

    This is great! I have gotten away from doing the “rituals” when I started studying full time. Starting tomorrow I will get back to making the bed first thing. You’re right. How can all the other things truly be done when you’re thinking about the basics that should have been done first thing? Thanks! Happy New Year Everyone!


  49. Cheryl

    Your home is so beautiful by the way!


  50. kate

    Cheryl Mendolsshen (sp?) wrote a book called Home Comforts that has forever deterred me from making the bed first thing, which actually is handy. :) I have a preference for emptying the dishwasher before I go to bed so I can sleepily throw the breakfast dishes in it. I’m very much NOT a morning person but do recognize the value in routine, so I aim to be dressed with a load of laundry started before my little natives are awake and restless…not always achieved but still a goal.

  51. Annie

    Really the very first thing….really, take the puppy out and turn on the coffee. Brush the teeth and try to tune out the whining which has begun. How boring is that. I do make my bed just after minute five.

  52. BrevilleJE900

    I have a morning routine: get-up, make the bed, and go to our morning family devotion. :D

  53. april kennedy

    I also make my bed very first thing in the morning. Then open all my blinds. Then start my shower. Load the laundry machine while shower warms, but don’t turn it on until out of the shower. Minute Five…jump in the shower to wake up!

    I get so messed up in my daily routine if I do anything on the internet first. I pay for it dearly the rest of the day!

    By the way, those photos were gorgeous that you used in this post!

  54. Kim

    Mine is … turn on the light, open the shades, get my little 4 yr old some juice, get the coffee going, look out at the lagoon and see what the day is like, smile at the ducks, put my contacts in ;), and wash my face !

  55. Heathahlee

    You Flybaby you! : )

    I used to have routines and I’m not sure exactly at what point I quit them, but after the year we had of blown-to-pieces-routines, I’m ready for them again!

  56. Peggy

    My morning routine starts right before bedtime. I make sure the house is straight and I fluff up the pillows on the couch!

    I wake to a clean house, make the bed and am ready to tackle a project!

    Seriously I love your routine and agree that those habits set the tone for the day.

  57. Fiona's Mosaic

    I have a morning routine anad it starts with the pup, and the coffee. But I think I will add the dishwasher because it would be great to start with an empty one. I usually do it later, but I think I will change that. Thanks for the tip Melissa!!


  58. Kayla

    I do not have a morning house routine but I think I should. Right now it’s hit the snooze button. It’s hard to get up when it’s still so dark outside. But maybe adding a simple routine would help drag me out of bed. :)

  59. FairfieldHouse

    Once my eyes are open:

    Minute one: I thank God for the blessing of another day.
    Minute two: I stretch, deep breath and exhale…really stretchhhhh every muscle while making the bed.
    Minute three: Who let the dog out? That would be me.
    Minute four: Run to the bathroom like a toddler being toilet trained.
    Minute five: Make coffee.

    And I’m off to the races…

  60. Megan

    I followed your morning ritual this morning :) Thanks for the awesome tips!!! Worked splendidly!

  61. Erin - The Smallest Sparrow

    I love the idea of rituals and routines. Our kids thrive on routine and guess what? Adults do too! Thanks for sharing your morning ritual. What a nice way to start the day.

  62. QuinnCreative

    1. Wake up, drink water while sitting up in bed.
    2. Shush cats, feed cats, let cats out.
    3. Get dressed in sweats, let cats in.
    4. Go for a 3-mile walk. Give thanks that my dream-time mind has come back to my body. Listen for the rest of the walk. To whatever needs listening to.
    5. Return home from walk, turn off porch light, check kitchen for spouse, kiss spouse, make coffee.

  63. Brittany

    Is that first picture from House Beautiful? Do you know where exactly? I love that blue and white duvet cover! I’d love to track down where it’s from!

    • Barbara (WA)

      Because I am Miss Research (can’t resist), I snooped around and discovered the duvet is the Long Point Duvet from Pine Cone Hill. They don’t have it anymore in their online shop but if you google the name it comes up in other stores. Good luck ! The rug is Vine Scramble by Dash and Albert, btw.

      • Melissa

        Wow, good research! I think I emailed her the link to HB where I found the image in case she could find out more, but I’ll send her your info! I need to put you on the research team ;-) Thanks!

  64. Dawn

    I love the blue & white duvet cover too! I just have to know where it came from!! I have been looking for a new blue one that I like for over a year and I haven’t seen anything I like…until your photo. Do tell…

  65. Debi

    What an easy , but productive routine! Great way to start the new year! Thanks for the suggestion!

  66. Jess

    Hmmm … while I really like your list I can’t really make the bed cause the hubby is still in it. We have completely separate AM routines. But I do get up first thing and feed the cats and then make coffee. Then I normally turn on the news and catch up on email. Perhaps I ought to add unload the dishwasher to that list. I would feel more productive!

  67. Songbirdtiff

    I just made a quick morning list of things to do everyday to kick my day off right.
    -get dressed in exercise clothes
    -drink a glass of water, take vitamins
    -10 minutes of yoga (morning stretches)
    -coffee and breakfast
    -start work.

    I’m hoping this centers me in the mornings to get me off to a good start.

  68. Kathy

    Thank you Melissa, you have given me the inclination to start the day on the right foot. I am in such a disorganised place, this blog is exactly what I needed. I would also love to hear how you speedily unpack your dishwasher, any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  69. cagey

    Minute 1: Stumble around a bit, establish that I am still on Earth.
    Minute 2: Turn off porch light.
    Minute 3: Let the dog out.
    Minute 4: Get the coffee going.
    Minute 5: Hop on the computer.

    I really need to rethink my 5 minute routine – thanks for the inspiration! I am thinking I need to add the dishwasher routine and try to delay the computer time as long as possible since that is my largest Vortex of Time Suck.

    I have to say that I will never make my bed in the first 5 minutes because I like to let it air out. I do make my bed every single day, but normally just after I’ve taken my shower.

  70. a beautiful mission

    Ooh! This inspires me. I love routines… they make me feel safe, in a way. And, yes- if my bed isn’t made, they day is just off. I can almost FEEL the unmade, messy bed from the other side of the house!

  71. Lesley

    This simple routine is so inspiring. I have no routine, which does NOT serve me well. Thanks for the great ideas.

  72. Jonathan Blundell

    I’m impressed that you can unload your dishwasher in 2 minutes! It’s a good 10 minute job at our house.
    Granted we only run it once a week once it’s full but I’m impressed!
    Good job!

  73. Kerry

    So simple, but great way to start the day!

  74. Madonna

    A morning routine is a great way to start each new day. My husband and I are now empty nesters but I followed a morning routine for 26 years. The main part of my morning routine now consists of a cup of coffee, the news and devotional time. I also loved the blue, brown and cream bedroom. Would love to know brand names. I now have time to redecorate! Love your site too!

  75. Kristin

    I’m a creature of habit too. Since we recently got a puppy who needs attention EARLY in the morning, my routine has had to be a little more fluid, and it kinda sets my whole day off…so I know what you mean! Love those pics you used. Especially the porch. I could just see myself having coffee out there :-)

  76. Charlotte

    My husband works nights so when I get up he goes to bed. It makes me feel unsettled knowing my bed is not made when I get up, but he moans if I try to make it with him still in it!

    Blue Skies
    Charlotte xo

  77. missy

    Amen! those routines that start the day make all the difference.

  78. D

    Love this site! Like the idea of a routine. I may have to try it. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  79. Nikki

    I love a routine! I can’t make my bed in Minute One b/c my husband is usually still in it (truth be told, so is the dog!). I head downstairs for a cup of coffee and a few minutes by myself. My nightly routine makes my morning go more smoothly – unload the dishwasher and set the coffeemaker so it’s ready when I get downstairs. As soon as the kids leave, I make my bed and get laundry started.

  80. Stephanie

    I have a one year old, so I my day can often start in a hectic manner. However, I have noticed that when I keep to the same morning routine, get everything done, I feel more accomplished ready to start my day. When I don’t get those key things done, I often don’t find my way out of my pajamas til he goes down for his morning nap. You’ve inspired me to make sure I do those 5 or 6 things that I need to do in order to have a more productive day! :)


    I am with you on everything except the dishwasher takes a little longer to unload and I have to make a cappuccino and walk Rocky…ah! Need more than five minutes.
    Beautiful post.
    Mary Ann

  82. rachel c

    girl, I just gotta say – if I had to unload the dishwasher right after I got out of bed, I’d stay there forever.

    For whatever reason, unloading the dishwasher tops my list of most-hated-domestic-duties.

    But aside from that dishwasher thing, I really love your blog. Love it enough that I even commented today! =)

  83. Debs

    I’m glad to read that I’m not the only one that relies on that few minutes routine to get the day started off right!

    My first 5 minutes, once I’ve had my wake up time is:

    Make the bed
    Open the blinds & curtains
    Open the kids blinds & give them their first call
    Let the dog out

    then it moves on to the next part of my routine!!!:)

  84. Camilla

    I think making my bed and pulling up my venetian blinds are the most important part of my day…if I don’t do that, then I just don’t have any speed under my feet, which means everything I’ve planned to do ends up not being done. Though, I always pull of my duvet first thing, before I shower etc. so the bed has time to cool down and air out before I make it.

  85. Lydia Sylvia

    Thanks for your great posts. I really enjoyed it. I like to make the bed, make sure there aren’t any dishes in the sink, open the blinds, check my cell phone to see if it is turned on and i can find it if it rings, and get the trash and dirty clothes off the floor. Then I can give it a quick sweep if possible, maybe sweeping out on the porch too. It also helps me to put on daytime clothes even if I’m going to be home alone working on my music and writing. I also liked another thing I read somewhere saying that you can quickyl clean your bathroom by wiping off the sink and toilet with alcohol wipes. I use Mr. Clean spray and paper towels instead. This helps me a lot. One of the main things that helps me is just getting the laundry and random objects off the floor. I’m often alone at home, so when it is getting to be near dinner time I will sometimes light a few candles in the house and then relax until people come home.

  86. Lydia Sylvia

    I also wanted to say that I LOVE the pictures you used

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  99. naila

    hi there. i smiled when reading your simple five. because those are exactly to the tee my simple five. however sometimes i have to have the coffee before i open the shades but pretty much my first things in the am.
    have a good wkend!


  100. Melissa

    Hi, I just stumbled across your site today while trying to get some organisation into my days again! I have never really had any real routine, and with baby number 3 due in April, and me getting increasingly tired and worn out and sore, I decided today is the day to start!!! Thank you so much for making it look SO simple and SO achievable! I have already bookmarked your page and liked you on Facebook, so look forward to finding more ideas and, hopefully, incorporating them in to my life. I definitely like this simple morning routine. Should try it tomorrow!

  101. carlita lu

    love this post! my 5:
    1. turn on my scentsy…i like it to smell nice while i’m doing my morning routine
    2. let the dogs outside
    3. turn off the porch light
    4. open the blinds
    5. coffee!

  102. debblynn

    Love this – I need a routine. Currently, after morning potty, I
    1. put on glasses and shoes
    2. let the dog out
    3. open the shutters
    4. make the coffee
    5. let the dog back in
    Lets see, a new one could be – leave the TV off and read a daily inspiration or devotional.

  103. Traci Baird

    I love your blog! Great advice and I love your format:-)

  104. Paula Peck

    Haha my routine is:
    Get up at 6:30 with the dogs and go out with them.
    Feed and water them and lock them out of the bedroom till 8:00- prayer and Bible Study
    Let them in and let them get in in bed with me.
    Make a cup of coffee and watch Kelly and Michael with them from 9:00 to 10:00
    Get up and dressed and makeup, make the bed, straighten up the house, and then sew, read shop, go to the grocery, do laundry, whatever is appropriate for the day.
    I do realize half the day is over before I finish my morning routine! LOL


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