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The Inspired Room’s New & Fancy Email Subscriptions

by | Jan 8, 2011 | blogging, Decorating Inspiration | 25 comments

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New Email Subscription Format!


I wanted to let you all know I’ve been hard at work on my blog redesign trying to get it all pretty and set up for your enjoyment. Not only has my blog been undergoing some new design features that you have seen, but it is now on its own SERVER! That should mean it will load MUCH faster and won’t crash.

I’m still working on a few more finishing touches to my blog organization (is a blog design or reorganization ever done? Not mine!) but I do have another happy piece of news to share with you today!

I have a completely redesigned email blog subscription service.

Not only did my old set up make my posts look UGLY (GASP!), people were not always getting my posts or they were being received a couple of days late. UNACCEPTABLE. You deserve better than that.

My trusty blog coder Daisy (not to be confused with my trusty and equally awesome blog designer Darcy — yes, I do have to have behind the scenes PEOPLE for my blog) created a beautiful new email newsletter for my posts. Now those of you who like to receive updates in your email inbox each morning can enjoy a much more pleasing and less frustrating experience. And you just might get some special posts now and then, you never know.

You are welcome. You know I love you.

If you were already signed up for my posts at any point over the past three years, HOPEFULLY you are receiving this enewsletter in your inbox sometime today. Going forward, my future posts should get to you first thing in the morning.

But if you think you might not be signed up, just go in the right sidebar to the pretty yellow box you can fill out. I think it will tell you if you are already subscribed.

If you view my blog any other way than email, like you come directly to my blog or read it in an RSS feed reader, you will continue to read it the exact same way. The RSS feed to Google or wherever you read it should be the same.

So if you would like to receive The Inspired Room blog posts in your email inbox (or via an RSS feed) each morning, or if you’d like to hang out with me on facebook or twitter, you can check out that yellow box in my sidebar on the home page of my blog.

Thank you all for your patience as I get organized and settled. It does take time to do all of this, but it will be worth it in the end. Right?


Meanwhile, you might want to check out my tumblr page for the latest inspiring finds! Some great wreaths, a beautiful kitchen post and a lovely dining room awaits you!


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    You have no idea how happy this makes me…those emails WERE ugly.

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      Haaa, oh yes. They were.

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    I’m so excited to see your new blog design! New designs are always so fun :)

  3. Theme Builder Layout

    I just wanted to tell you that I’m sooooo enjoying your blog. I appreciate that you are so open and honest with your decorating. I just read your post on open shelves and white slipcovers and I can’t thank you enough for the pro’s and con’s and actually living with these elements. I always have always envied both but have been afraid because of the upkeep. It is nice to know your honest opinion on them. Thank you!

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      You are welcome, we’ve got to be real!!

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    How great congratulation and Trust me I know how much work it is to make changes!!

    Surprise coming up on Sunday night!
    Art by Karena

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    Love you new blog design….I always get your updates through google reader…
    Happy Day
    You are awesome!

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    Ahhh, it’s changing again…all good. I may sign up just to see what it looks like as email. I missed out on ugly and can NOT imagine your blog ever looking that way.

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    I received my subscription today with no problem. I must say, this has ‘inspired’ me (pardon the pun). I’ve been thinking about writing a newsletter. Now I have to figure out how to make it look good, too! I’m beginning to realize that this ‘blog thing’ can consume your whole life, if you’re not careful, lol!

    • Theme Builder Layout

      Yes, it really can!!! You have to set limits because really, there is no limit to how much time the internet can consume if you let it!

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    I am an email subscriber and got my email today and it was beautiful! :D Great job! I know its a lot of work! My husband gave me money for a custom design for my blog as a Christmas gift and I am completely overwhelmed by all of the decisions that I have to make before I even choose a designer that many times, when I am working on it, my head is swimming! I really admire all of the work that you have put into yours. Hoping to have all of my “decisions” made and everything in place by Spring! LOL Your blog and Incourage are the first two blogs I ever read and I still love reading them! Thanks for being yourself, so real and really getting me to think about things.

    Hope you are having a wonderful 2011 so far!

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

  9. Theme Builder Layout

    YAY! I am receiving! Blessings!

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    Hi Melissa,

    I love your new site (although I really liked your pictures that were on your site when I first met The Inspired Room. I subscribe to your site but re-subscribed to be sure…the submit button didn’t indicate the subscription went through so I hit it a couple of more times…it finally said, “too many subscriptions for this email” LOL…didn’t mean to subscribe more than once! :-)

    • Theme Builder Layout

      Ha! You must really enjoy the blog. :-)

  11. Theme Builder Layout

    Melissa, everything you do is classy!! Your previous blog design was beautiful….and your new one has a great new attitude….previously when you hit my inbox…you were head and shoulders above the rest….now…you hit the stratosphere….where will you go next!!

    May you God’s favor rest on you and give you even more success!!

    • Theme Builder Layout

      Oops! May God’s favor rest on you and may he give you even more success!

    • Theme Builder Layout

      Diane, thank you so much. What a sweet and encouraging comment, I just enjoy what I do — and it is a joy to be doing what I love!

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    Thank you so much for such a wonderful blog! I’m learning so much from you and look forward to your emails!

    • Theme Builder Layout

      Thank you Carolyn!

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    Hey, dear Melissa! Your new “e” workd fine for me, and at first I couldnt quite figure how you could redesign&still have the clarity-but even tho there’s more to see & do, it’s very clear,beautiful,and easy to navigate. And you have your own server! You are steppin’ up & out, ladybug! Am just tickled for you! -s-

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    I’m an interior designer from Melbourne, Australia – I loved your blog, I found it very inspiring. This is all new to me but I have just set up my own blog
    You may like to check it out because I had so much fun doing it.
    Thanks for providing me with such great entertainment!

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    I just love your blog – it inspires me in so many ways, home and mind! (your morning routine post really helped me and inspired me to establish the same) :) I am a subscriber so I look forward to the new emails!

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    When I checked my spam folder this morning before deleting it, there was a post in there from The Inspired Room–gasp! I immediately sent it to my inbox. It is the post with the basket giveaway. I could NOT get it to load. When I tried, it said there was some database error. (I tried multiple times.) So I finally went to my archives, found an older post, and have been going forward via “newer posts.” When I hit this one, I realized I hadn’t seen it either, so (although I’m a bit behind on checking my emails) I think this may be where the problem is? I’m going to try to get to your current post in that way, but wanted you to know that I am having problems receiving The Inspired Room. Blessings!


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