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Living with Purpose & Intention

by | Jan 31, 2011 | Authentic Living

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Living with Purpose & Intention

Some of the lovely (in)courage ladies hanging out at Blissdom.
Oh how I am growing in love & admiration with these girls.
Photo by Dawn Camp.

Hello! I’m over at (in)courage today, I’m trying to catch up on all my posts…

Funny that I’d be talking about facebook, twitter, blogging and all things that can take up our time in this article, being that I just got back from Blissdom and all! I actually wrote this article long before Blissdom. It is something that has been on my heart and I wanted to share it.


For those of us who are online, you might feel the pressure to do more of what everyone else does — and do it in less time. And, not only do we have the pressure to do more (often because of all the online input showing us how much everyone else is apparently doing), but if we are a blogger, we feel compelled to take additional time to document our every move. And to make a busy life even more crazy, we are now able to follow the every move of dozens or even hundreds of other people on our computers and TV screens.

Is that progress? Or are we driving ourselves insane? …

Check out more of this article at (in)courage.


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