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Inspiring Finds:: Amazing kitchens and more!

Inspiring Finds:: Amazing kitchens and more!Gorgeous White Kitchen

For the Love of a House, via Southern Hospitality’s Feature Friday Interview!

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Rearranging Rooms

Rearranging Rooms

Family Room {all my paint colors can be found here in my paint post!}

If you are one who can paint rooms, rearrange furniture, keep up with your furniture being taken out and being put back in your living room every week for music rehearsals and keep your house looking beautiful and organized and other parts of life going smoothly in the process, you might as well just look away because this post is going to be painful to see. But I promise I’m heading somewhere with all of this disarray.

Rearranging furniture is one of the most inexpensive and dramatic ways to get a new look for your home! But it does create a little havoc and requires some experimentation. You don’t have to have a degree in furniture arranging to figure it out, you can do this!!

For the past week I’ve been working on a new arrangement for my furniture. It is nice to have lived here long enough to be able to really get our home settled in a way that really functions for how we live.

Ever since painting the dining room, I’ve been wanting to make some changes to how the room was set up. It has always felt crowded to me and as a result, we didn’t really spend much time in there. It worked fine for photos but in real life, it was tight. I don’t want any room that is just a “pass through.” I’d like to be able to use our dining room not only for special dinners, but also for working during the day.

So remember my 2011 Home Goals? I wasn’t kidding about my goals. I’m on a roll and moving right along!

As I thought about the possible solutions to make my dining room work better for me, I looked around the house to see what other furniture options I might have. And that is when chaos erupted. Pretty soon I was switching furniture around in every room. Wheee!! That is a fun day!

I can’t just rearrange ONE room. One thing leads to another, right? And when you are painting walls, you already have a bit of chaos with furniture shoved this way and that so it is as good of time as any to create a little more mess, right? RIGHT.

Since I have my white armoire on the right side of the dining room and I really do love seeing the white against the gray walls, I wanted that piece to stay at least for now. So that left replacing the dresser from the left side.Rearranging Rooms

Right side of dining room at Christmas

Rearranging Rooms

Left side of dining room, winter

I didn’t need two bulky pieces in that one small room, we needed more breathing space. The dresser had to be moved out.

In another room, my family room, I had been noticing for a long time that I wasn’t happy with the entire right side of the room where our TV was. When we bought our flat screen last year, we just shoved our baker’s rack over to the left about six feet towards the cover and plunked the TV down on a wicker coffee table in the middle of the wall thinking we’d get it set up better at some point. And that was the end of that. I’ve never been happy with the baker’s rack in the corner, but where else was I going to put it?  I couldn’t think of what to do at the time, so I just lived with it for a year.

Rearranging Rooms

Family room right side of room, 2009

Oh my. Here is the family room in its “early swine” days, last year. Gah. I had to show you this old photo so you could see the way the baker’s rack was smashed in the corner and what the TV has been sitting on. This photo is really old, as evidently I hated this so much I haven’t taken a photo of this side of the room for over a year. Can I get a big AMEN that the swine is almost gone? Just look at the difference in the wall colors in the above and below photos.

Rearranging Rooms

Family room right side of fireplace, summer 2010

Finally, I realized the baker’s rack from the family room would be MUCH better in the dining room. And that meant the dresser from the dining room would get a new home in the family room. A big switcheroo!

Rearranging Rooms

Family room with dresser on right side of room instead of baker’s rack and wicker coffee table!

At first I didn’t like the dresser in the family room because it seemed to dwarf my other furniture. I nearly fainted thinking I might need all new furniture, but I think with a little more rearranging I can live with the scale.

I’ll work on some better “afters” for you soon so yo can see it without the disarray to distract you.

The baker’s rack will work better in the dining room, even though it is still a substantial piece of furniture. I like the height of the piece on that wall, and I like that it is more open and lets the room breathe better than the dresser. It is also less deep, so it allows more room around the table.

Rearranging Rooms

Here was the left side of the dining room (mid-way through painting that wall) a few weeks ago.

Rearranging Rooms

And now, here is the left side of the dining room now with the baker’s rack. And all of the junk we piled in the room when we were painting the living room.

Obviously I’ll have to find out another place for that round mirror, and figure out what I should put on the baker’s rack.

And yes, my old dining room light is still hanging there. I’ll have an update to my ongoing lighting drama soon (can’t wait to show you what I ended up with, I loved all of your advice!  But my new light hasn’t even arrived yet!). I also will give you a bathroom re-do update, so much going on ya’ll (said as if I have a southern accent)! Yep, I’m all over the place these days. And I’m loving it!

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Do you enjoy the process of rearranging furniture? I dislike the chaos, but it is so fun to find a better way to arrange things! I love seeing things in a new way. It makes life fun.