Room Tours & DIY

Room Tours & DIY


I’ve been blogging long enough now to know that you are a lot like me.

You love snooping around people’s homes. Not to steal stuff or even to find out what medicines are in their medicine cabinet. No, no no no no. Who cares about the medicine cabinet? {Unless it is a charming one.} You just like to look at their decor. It’s OK. You don’t need to be ashamed of that.

I know you are also the kind of person who likes to peek inside people’s windows as you drive by at night, just in case you can see inside. And I know you are the kind of person who gets distracted by the details in someone’s house.

You love looking at houses so much so that if you are at a party and the host leaves the room, you probably rush over to run your fingers over their kitchen hardware and then dart across the room look to see how they made their drapes. Real quick, before they return to the room of course. Oh, wait. That is me. But I know you are the same way.

You are my kind.

And now, I’m uniting our kind with something new I’ve been working on behind the scenes here for the past three months. Since the beginning of my blog, I’ve loved featuring other bloggers. I’ve loved sharing inspiring ideas.  Oftentimes during the day, I happen about a cute idea or amazing room I want to share with you. I just want to tell you right then and there, LOOK AT THIS! But of course, if I do that, you can’t hear me. Humpf.

So … I’ve found a way I can manage and share those ideas I love as I find them online, while being able to highlight the amazing work of other bloggers so you can all enjoy them too.

Today I’m introducing two new pages on my blog … DIY … and Room Tours!

Room Tours & DIY


Room Tours & DIY

You may have seen these pages develop over the past few weeks, or seen my links to DIY and ROOM TOUR posts on Facebook or twitter. But I haven’t yet told you about them officially here on The Inspired Room because they still needed a few tweaks and some design elements added. I get a little crazy with my tweaking.

But now, finally, I’m going to INTRODUCE YOU to my new pages!

I would be so happy if you’d take a look at ROOM TOURS and DIY and see how pretty they are!! I have just gotten started with adding tours and DIY, but in time, there will be 1,000’s of amazing ideas you can browse and enjoy! If you would do the bloggers a great favor and give some Facebook/Twitter LOVE to the posts I already have listed there, and in the future too, I’m sure the bloggers would enjoy seeing your THUMBS UP and LOVE!

I purposely have the comments turned off of those posts because I really want you to VISIT the bloggers on their own blogs, see their posts and leave them comment love there. They’ve worked hard and deserve those comments (and the blog visits!)

Enjoy! MUAH!

PS. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of the people who work on my blog (it really takes a village to keep me from imploding my blog and shutting down the internet), but today I’d like to especially thank Debbie who has sat on the other side of Skype for HOURS on end trying to keep up with my rapid fire ideas for these pages the past couple of weeks. She has patiently figured out how to code things for me and never once scolded me for wrecking up my blog trying to tweak something.

I have more ideas in the works! YAY! Blogging is fun.

Room Tours & DIY
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  1. The Room Tours seems like a lot of fun!
    Got to check it out ♥

  2. A wonderful idea, Melissa!
    I think it can be an ongoing resource for project ideas.
    Thanks for all of the hard work you do to keep the ideas flowing. I am tired just thinking about all that you do.

    Becky K.

  3. Melissa, thank you so much for including my room in your new Room Tours feature. I was so surprised to get online and see how many people had visited my little ole blog! I LOVE your Room Tours, because I am definitely the kind of person that likes to snoop around people’s homes. Glad I’m not alone :)

  4. Franki Parde says

    I”m going to need more hours in the day…and night to “keep up with this!” FUN STUFF!! franki

  5. I’m totally like you though I call it ‘peeping’ when I walk by a house on my evening stroll and ‘peep’ into houses to see how they decorate. I figure it’s not creepy if you’re looking for decor ideas ;)
    I love the idea of the DIY and Room Tours!!

  6. Oh boy! Just what I needed this Monday morning to get me motivated to start a new project. This will be a wonderful resource. Keep the pics coming!

  7. Love the new pages Melissa. The kitchen from The Handmade Home was terrific. The links weren’t working but I found my way there! I will come back to look at more when I have lots of time :)

    • Thanks Anita! I’ll go fix the links!

      • Whoa, that kitchen was from Pure & Lovely…she must have changed her blog name and url’s over the weekend? EEK! Hope she puts a redirect on her blog posts so all her links will work still!

  8. Melissa, I LOVE these pages and that The Inspired Room is a fabulous resource for ideas!
    ACK – I’ve gotta go finish one of my gallery walls so I can link up on Wednesday! :)

  9. I AM a lot like you!
    I love these ideas.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. LOVE it!!! Great idea!

  11. What a fantastic resource! This’ll be great to have so many inspirational rooms & projects all in one spot. Thanks for doing this.

  12. Love, love, love your blog and all your wonderful ideas!

  13. I love that you’ve done this and are sharing the love with blogland.

    you rock


  14. oh baby. you know what I like!

  15. Great idea! I can’t wait to check out these new features.

  16. Ohhhhhhhh Melissa… could you DO this to me??!!
    This is the coolest idea! The room tours are killing me!
    I’m personally calling that section ‘Snoop and Drool’.
    And not my hubby wants to talk to you about the DIY section….. :D
    Great stuff!!

  17. Love it! This is wonderful (but also dangerously addictive!) And yep, you described me perfectly. You need to add “loves to take kids trick-or-treating for Halloween just to be able to look in the houses.”
    One question for you…I know you said it takes a lot of people to keep you and your blog going. When you first started, did you just start on a “freebie” blog (like wordpress) and progress from there, or did you begin by hiring someone to help right off the bat? I am ready to “jump in the waters” of blogging, but I don’t want to drown in my lack of techno-skills!

    • Hi Kelly! Oh yeah, that is a GOOD ONE on trick or treating!! ;-)

      I started out FREE on wordpress and no help. One year into blogging, I hired someone to redesign my blog and move it to my own domain on the paid version of wordpress.

      Then probably a year after that I started needing more help with coding and design and back ups and all that to protect my posts and blog.

      So moral of the story is you can grow into needing help, you certainly can start out by yourself with free templates and figure it out as you go! Blogging doesn’t have to be so complicated. ;-) JUMP IN!

  18. Thank you so much Melissa for featuring me on your lovely blog! I’m so honored!

  19. You got me nailed down flat. Thumbs way up on the addition of room tours.

  20. wonderful idea! lovely greetings

  21. So smart and creative Melissa! I know this is going to be great and everyone will love it:)

  22. You definitely just described me to a T! I’m the creepster that looks at what kind of light fixtures my neighbors have hanging in their entryways as I drive by!

    This is a great idea, I love seeing everything in one place :)

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