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Party Wrap Up, Paint Disasters, Q&A. All in One Post.

by | Apr 8, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration

Party Wrap Up, Paint Disasters, Q&A. All in One Post.

Funky Time’s Gallery Wall

You guys ROCKED the Gallery Walls at the party! So inspiring! Thank you so much for participating (if you did, ha!) I got quite a few ideas I’m going to try. I put one Changeable Gallery Wall that was completely unique and fun in my DIY section, go check it out! I’m looking for a place to make something like it myself!

There were so many wonderful gallery walls, you really will enjoy the links! I love this one (above) with the blue paint and framed black & white print gallery wall from Funky Time. Isn’t it cute?

I’ll be doing a couple of Gallery Wall wrap ups in the near future because I found so many great ideas I want to share! You guys really had some great gallery walls!

And now for the question of the week that I’m sure is keeping you all up at night:

Q. How is the bathroom coming along?
Oh, that. {clears throat} Yeah, I’m glad you asked.

A. OH MY the troubles we’ve had surrounding paint in that bathroom. Not the shockingly teal paint, I’m used to that now, but the WHITE paint for the trim and board & batten. It has been so flustering I don’t even want to talk about it. Not yet. Long story short, after some experimentation gone awry, the bathroom trim is now re-primed and we are starting over with it. Gah.

However, in more inspiring news, my daughter and I ripped off the Formica back-splash in there on a whim and did a fun DIY backsplash! I think it turned out pretty cute and I can’t wait to show it to you. I hope this bathroom will be done next week, barring any other disasters.

Party Wrap Up, Paint Disasters, Q&A. All in One Post.


So, have you done your taxes? And if you are self-employed, did you procrastinate like I did? Yeah. That is what I’m working on today.


  1. Tara G.

    My husband is the tax guru and we’re done with money in the bank. We are very excited for April 15- it’s the day they turn the old Soviet battery heaters off for the whole city that have been on since October 15…perhaps one day they’ll see how reasonable it is for each citizen to control his/her own heat rather than “the powers that be” mandating for the millions in the city!

  2. Jess

    Taxes are on my to do list for this weekend …as is going back through and checking out all the links from the party! :)

  3. Myra

    Loved the gallery wall party! And I can’t wait to see the backsplash…I know it will be FAB!

    Taxes are done and we are hoping for a check…gov’t shutting down isn’t so promising. Hehe.

    • Melissa

      I used to be excited to do my taxes early because we’d get money back…no more now that we are both self-employed! It is expensive to be self employed! Grrr~!

  4. Sibylle

    Oh, I see my gallery wall , thank you so much for featuring it Melissa!
    as for the taxes, well, after we went to H&R blog (canada) and it took the guy 1(!) hour, to just fill in our names (I admit we have some not so common names, but what the …!), plus he had no clue about anything, we canceled the appointment and did them ourselves. yay, saved 200 bucks! but wasted 4 hours at the h&r block office:-(

    • Melissa

      Way to go on saving the money! We are doing ours ourselves too!


    Can’t wait to see the bathroom reveal. Bye! I’m off to see the gallery wall links. Have a nice weekend!

  6. Lora

    Yes, we’re self-employed, but we got ours done a few weeks ago. It was such a relief! That’s probably the worst part of being self employed.

    • Melissa

      I agree, it is the worst part by far lol!

  7. teresa

    Can’t wait to see what you have done in your bathroom =)
    As for Taxes…..we don’t even go there….leave that to our accountant….too crazy for us to handle.
    {being self employed and running a walnut processing business…. it nuts =)
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Abbie

    Taxes are done, I think the money already got to the bank! Hubby did it, not me.

    I really enjoyed looking at the gallery walls – I paid special attention to the ones I liked the most and why. I am hoping to do one in my living room soon, but still haven’t figured out what all to use. I think I just need some white/off white paint for a couple frames to get it where I want it!

    Crazy bathrooms. Although we didn’t start over on our upstairs bathroom, first we stripped wallpaper off of old painted plaster, except for what we didn’t get off because it looked like it was helping hold the paint/plaster together, then we used joint compound for a very heavy texture to hold the walls together and cover the lead-based paint. Then we primed and painted. Someone will have a good laugh if they ever tear all that out! But I love the way it looks!

  9. Connie

    Yes I did our taxes a month or so ago. Much later than I’d wanted to but it was hard to get motivated while I sat around with my broken foot in a cast. Ugh!

    After finding two CPA’s tax mistakes in previous years, I went back to doing ours myself. Turbo Tax for Home and Business is a life saver! It’s about $100+ but worth it.

    My husband’s been self-employed for 22 years and me for 6+ years. Putting off doing your taxes doesn’t change the outcome….so my advice is to do it as soon after Jan. 31st as you can. (That’s the day all the government forms need to be send out. So wait for a week or so after that and get the dirty deed done. LOL!)

    Self-employment can be rough and there certainly are benefits to working for someone else (paid health insurance, 401K, etc.) The question we all ask ourselves is: “When all things are equally weighed, where will I be happiest? Self-employed or employed?”

    Like the saying goes, “Success is loving what you do. Success is doing what you love.”

    We love our self-employed work….even if we’ll never be rich. Rich is a relative term :)

  10. Colleen

    I was enjoying your post until I got to that little section about self-employment and taxes. I spent hour after hour for weeks going through a million pieces of papers, organizing, adding, re-adding, adding again, praying, crying and cussing a little. Loaded up the stuff and sent it off to the CPA before the end of March. Now I await the dreaded, bank depleting phone call. It’s really depressing that my hubby works so hard and we build up this huge nest egg just to give it all away….. to the government…. who does whatever they want with it. We have already paid enough estimated tax that I could pay cash for a luxury Lincoln Navigator. In a few days when we get that phone call, all that will change and I could have paid cash for a second home… in a beautiful place…. like a huge cabin in the Smokies… or a cottage in Destin…… I HATE TAX TIME. Well, I did mail the payment for the 8 day cabin rental for all 18 of us in TN so no matter what Uncle Sam demands of me… our vacation is paid for! lol

  11. Fifi Flowers

    LOVE that grouping of framed art!!!

  12. ClassiclyAmber

    Ah, that’s too bad about your bathroom – but those sorta things happen, don’t they? It will be worth it all in the end! Just curious what color you are going with for your trim now? We had our whole house done in this creamy Almond Paste color, and I love it.

    And on taxes, hubby always gets those done the first week or two of January! [Can’t express how relieved I am that first off, HE does the tax stuff, and second, that he gets it done so fast!] Hope that you didn’t have too stressful a time with your taxes!

  13. Debbie

    Just finished our taxes last night! Can’t wait to see your backsplash!

  14. Kristin

    So sorry to hear about your bathroom troubles! Projects can get so frustrating, but I’m sure it will be a fabulous transformation. Loved getting caught up on your blog! Have a great weekend! :)


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