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Decorating a Home Office: Part One

by | Apr 13, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration

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Decorating a Home Office: Part One


Decorating a Home Office: Part One

When Amanda from Everyday Elements told me about her plans to completely redecorate her home office, I got really excited about her project. As you might remember from my 2011 Home Goals, I’m in a mode this year of wanting to fix up my own house to be not only pretty for my eyes but be comfortable and function at its best. That is one of Amanda’s goals for her office! Decorating a Home Office: Part One Since most of us probably dream about a beautiful space of our own to create, write or read blogs, work and be inspired, I thought it would be fun to follow along with Amanda’s home office makeover! I invited her to share her journey to a complete Home Office Makeover right here on The Inspired Room. She will be doing the room herself, I’m just going to follow along and enjoy her makeover like the rest of you! Decorating a Home Office: Part One This will be a quick project, she hopes to wrap it up in the next couple of weeks so we’ll have fun seeing it evolve before our eyes! Unlike my projects that take 7.35 years (which is about 50 in blog years).


Budget: $1000 Goal: To create a modern, traditional style home office where she can not only work on her business but she can invite friends in to talk, have a place to put her feet up and read. She really wants it to feel like a sanctuary as well as a functioning home office. Rough Deadline: End of April

Insider Tip: I hear she might be heading to IKEA this weekend and just might take us along with photos, YAY!! Decorating a Home Office: Part One I’m excited to see Amanda’s space evolve from these BEFORE photos to an inviting and livable home office, and I’ll share her progress right here on The Inspired Room.

Here is Amanda’s home office REVEAL!

By the way, I really want to thank you for all of your support and encouragement on my post yesterday. You all brought me to tears. It meant a lot to me to know I had so many friends, kindred spirits, fellow pastor’s wives, and supportive bloggers from around the world leave a comment yesterday. Thank you. It energized me, so thank you thank you thank you! It is good to be in a community of caring people, you guys are the best!

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So, do you have your own home office? What would be in your dream space?
Let’s give Amanda three cheers for taking this project on and sharing it with us!!


  1. SimplyLKJ

    Can’t wait to see her office evolve, as I am currently working on my new office. I’ve ordered my new desk and chair (arriving in May due to back order) and my new Expedite bookcase from Ikea is still sitting in boxes on the floor (we are recarpeting the room along with our library as it was time). I am looking forward to seeing what she comes up with for storage and accessories! And, I love IKEA!!

  2. Jess

    Can’t wait to see how this turns out! I would want a good work space, a comfy chair and TONS of storage!

  3. Heather

    Looks like a good space to start with. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  4. Tiffany

    Looking forward to watching how this project develops! I want to redo my own home office but have no clue where to even start.


    I’m always ready to go on a photo tour to IKEA and homeowner’s redo projects. Count me in!

  6. Becky

    Looking forward to getting some great ideas from this. Our home office definitely needs help!

  7. Myra

    Can’t wait to see!! And I’m looking forward to IKEA! Someday I’ll actually get to experience IKEA in real life!

  8. susan

    Yay :) am hoping b able follow along. I have an actual room that was my office, and essentially became overrun as “that room”-the storage o geez dont let anybody see it…room. It is gonna b a process. I hv so many ideas&want it to be so many things-so the other rooms in this adorable 75yo brick can b what they were supposed to be. Somehow I hv lost my way in 15yrs of parents&illness&family issues& omg the paperwork…it breeds overnite no matter how I sort&pitch&handle 98% only once. Disaster…please lead! I will hope 2 follow. :)

  9. Sandy

    Can’t wait to see the results, Melissa! LOVE IKEA, too! :)

  10. Kori

    Can’t wait to see it! I am currenlty working on my home office as well so any tips and inspiration is always appreciated!

  11. Tammy aka

    With our recent move I have my own office, with doors, for the first time. Right now, half of it is still a mess of bags, boxes and plastic storage containers from previous arrangements. I can’t wait to see this project move along for inspiration. Maybe with her shopping at IKEA you could share some tips on *how* to shop when thinking of a ‘new’ space. I love looking at IKEA but never seem to be able to translate it to my spaces. I also like using budget-friendly pieces like that without looking so industrial. Thanks!

    • Melissa

      I just might add in my own tips and commentary along the way! It should be fun!! I’m looking forward to seeing her office!

  12. TidyMom

    This is going to be SO fun!!! I can’t wait to see how Amanda’s space turns out!!

  13. Amy

    Have fun Amanda! I can’t wait to see it:-)

  14. Kathy Moritz

    So excited to see what the new office looks like. We just bought a house and are moving our home office for our Shaklee business into a new space! Really surprised and excited to see a link for the free membership at Shaklee! You can also use our website for the same offer!

    Love, love, love the Inspired Room!

  15. Michelle

    Oh, this looks like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Definitely a lot of potential there.

  16. Cheri McNeal

    I have exactly the same goal for my office…which I have decided to call “The Library”, as this is where I shelve most of my always expanding book collection. My budget is much smaller, but I am usually content to go little by little, and to use ideas and maybe come up with less expensive options. I am excited to see this metamorphosis!

  17. Regin

    I would love a home office. I have a corner of our bedroom and it is a disaster. I want to paint the whole room and start over but I can’t handle all that right now with my 1 year old.

  18. Heidi Milton

    Oh, I can’t wait to see what she does!! I’m in the planning stages of my own home office redo, so I’ll be following anxiously… Ikea is in my future, too. :) Thanks, Melissa, for sharing!

  19. misty

    I love an office redo! happy to follow her progress!

    I have my own art room/office. you can see it here.

    and my husband has his own office which we just moved because the nursery took it’s place. He says he got kicked out, but he got a bigger room. I plan to do a post on his office as soon as we finish (almost there!). Our budget is zero dollars.

  20. Dayle

    I do have an office of my own … blessed is the word, for I remember the days when I worked on the kitchen table between meals. :)

  21. Liz

    I’m trying to find a space for a home office at the moment, thank you so much for the inspiration x

  22. Lee Anne

    Have been enjoying a home office for three months now in our new home where the whole family shares the space. I homeschool, produce a radio show, and my husband does the accounting all out of a room the size of a walk in closet. Ikea expanding espresso stained desks run wall to wall with their matching box shelves above. Wall color runs a cool blue with ivory leather desk chairs. Above all, neatness counts!

  23. Jennifer

    I would love to offer an inspirational “phrase” for this home office remodel! I have a huge assortment of appropriate quotes in my online catalog however you can design your own personal quote to inspire your work everyday in our online design center too. Let me know if you are interested!


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