Easter Ideas {The Cutest Peep Project Ever}

Easter Ideas {The Cutest Peep Project Ever}

Easter Ideas

Since it is just a little over a week until Easter, I’m on the last minute “hunt” for ideas! I nearly fainted dead away when I saw the cuteness of these Easter ideas from Leigh Ann at  Your Home Based Mom! These Peep Bouquets and Chocolate Covered Peeps are just perfect! I knew they deserved to be featured. Peeps are the best.

These could be an Easter centerpiece, a fun craft for kids, a treat for a neighbor, a fun Easter idea for the family…all rolled into one! I can.not.wait. to make them!

Easter Ideas {The Cutest Peep Project Ever}

For all the details on how to make these adorable Peep Easter projects, visit Your Home Based Mom. Tell her I said I LOVE THESE PEEPS!

Her post is adorable too, I love the pictures of the peeps swimming in the chocolate, you must go see it. Maybe I have a weird sense of humor but seeing peeps swimming in chocolate just makes me smile. I would smile if I was swimming in chocolate too, come to think of it.

Easter Ideas {The Cutest Peep Project Ever}

Just look at them! Ha! I just want to EAT THEM UP!!!

Easter Ideas {The Cutest Peep Project Ever}

Aw. So cute! Don’t you love peeps?

She also has a tutorial for how to make your own Easter Grass Table Decor, perfect for Easter Centerpieces! The Talent!!

Check out Leigh Anne’s ideas over at Your Home Based Mom!

Easter Ideas {The Cutest Peep Project Ever}


  1. Love this idea! You are so right – this is one of the cutest peep projects ever.

  2. I am the ONLY ONE among my friends and family that likes peeps. Everyone I know thinks they are icky and too sweet. :-) So nice to find like-minded peep lovers on the web! Thanks for this cute post!

  3. Such sweetness! I’ve been purchasing the chocolate covered Peeps…no more! Thanks.

  4. Oh, thanks for sharing this Melissa! I’ll have to do these for my preschoolers this week!!

  5. I am honored and delighted to be featured here at The Inspired Room – one of the very first blogs I started reading several years ago! I always know I can get my pretty fix here!! You made my day Melissa! Thanks you.

  6. Melissa!
    What is it about ALL things Easter!
    Happy Happy!
    Popping over these to check out the CUTENESS!
    Happy Day my friend!
    Did you get SNOW yesterday? ;o)

  7. I love these, yummm, going to make my own along with my daughters this weekend, they’re going to love them, thanks :)

  8. Just love the peeps swimming in chocolate. That just might be the best peep display I’ve ever seen!

  9. “I would smile if I was swimming in chocolate too, come to think of it.” HA! Me too! : )

    These are adorable! I’m heading over there right now!

  10. These are very cute…but I don’t like Peeps!

  11. What a fun idea and beautiful images! Just in time for Easter, too. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Gorgeous.. gorgeous ideas!!! Each one better than the other!

  13. Here’s another cute pees idea. :) Maybe not as snackable but still adorable. http://www.ourbestbites.com/2011/04/tutorial-quick-and-easy-easter-wreath/

  14. LOL I meant Peeps not pees :)

  15. Thanks so much for sharing these!! I am going to make them for my Secret Pal as an Easter happy!!

  16. adorable!

  17. A few years back I had a chocolate party and we hand dipped peeps. So cute! Clear boxes with Easter grass are also a cute way to give as gifts. Teachers love them too!

  18. My son loved these today. So did his friend who stopped by after school! Awesome! Thanks so much for the newest Easter tradition for our family!

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