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Inspiration: Summery Kitchen Shelves.

Inspiration: Summery Kitchen Shelves.

White open shelves with summery blue dishes, lemons, and fresh flowers? Love.



That is all.

Want open shelves but are afraid to commit? Check out my take on open shelves!

I found this lovely photo the new BH&G website! Check it out! You will be inspired.

Do You Want to Start a Blog?

Do You Want to Start a Blog?

House Beautiful … now THAT is an amazing home office!

The Business of Blogging

I get quite a few emails from people wondering about starting their own blog for their business or to showcase their love of decorating. Many people are fascinated by the idea of blogging for a living or blogging as a way to boost their business exposure. I’ve had many conversations with people online, around town, on airplanes and at conferences about this topic.

I started a business as a decorator before I started a blog. My blog was intended to help me gain exposure and build my decorating clientele. Of course, back then, I had no idea the real power of a blog. I was hoping a few clients would come from my blog. I don’t think any one really knew back then in the early ages of blogging how powerful this tool could be. It is pretty amazing.

Since those beginning blogging days my business has grown beyond what I ever imagined, and in directions I never dreamed. This is something I love to do! Truly, this has got to be the perfect job for me in many ways. Besides being the way I earn a living, I have built a thriving business that just keeps growing and expanding in exciting ways, blogging is fun, creative, fulfilling, rewarding, it stretches me to grow and learn, it has allowed me to travel and be a part of so many exciting opportunities, and it connects me to companies I  respect, and friends I love and adore all around the world!

What is not to love about THAT? Yeah. It has been pretty awesome so far.

Do You Want to Start a Blog?

But do all those advantages and perks mean blogging is right for everyone?

Recently I was asked by Williams-Sonoma, Inc. Designer Marketplace to contribute a series of articles on the business side of design. My first article for Williams-Sonoma deals with an issue many designers are now considering, “Should I start a design blog?” I think you will find my suggestions for what to consider helpful no matter what your aspirations are as a blogger.

Head on over to Williams-Sonoma, Inc. Designer Marketplace to read the article and see what I’m doing over at Williams-Sonoma! I’m honored to be there!

Do you have a blog? Have you thought about starting one? Or, what has been your blogging experience if you already have a blog?
Go read my article and then come back and tell me what you think about blogging!

PS. If you are just starting a blog, or starting a 2nd or 3rd blog, you might be interested to know that the real pro, Problogger, has a brand new e-book for you! I have an affiliate link if you’d like to check it out! Pro Blogger’s Guide to Your First Week of Blogging!

If I had to start over again, I’d DEFINITELY use the tips in this book to get the blog started in the best possible way!

Do You Want to Start a Blog?