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Inspiration: 10 Lovely Window Seats

by | Jun 2, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration, Details, Summer Decorating, Window Seats

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Inspiration: 10 Lovely Window SeatsHouse Beautiful

Window Seats

Winter, spring, summer, or fall …. how could you not love a window seat?

They are perfect in every season.

Inspiration: 10 Lovely Window SeatsSarah Richardson, Sarah’s House

Dining room window seats!

Inspiration: 10 Lovely Window SeatsHouse to Home

Double window seats!

Inspiration: 10 Lovely Window SeatsHouse Beautiful

Perfect kitchen window seat!

Inspiration: 10 Lovely Window SeatsCountry Living

Window seat banquette!

Inspiration: 10 Lovely Window SeatsArchitectural Digest

This is more of a window-bed!

Inspiration: 10 Lovely Window SeatsCountry Living

Perfect Sunny Kitchen Window Seat!

Inspiration: 10 Lovely Window SeatsHGTV dream house 2008

Daybed window seat!

Inspiration: 10 Lovely Window SeatsSouthern Living

Inspiration: 10 Lovely Window Seats

Our family’s beach house window seat overlooking the ocean…
its the best seat in the house!

Do you have a windowseat? I’d love to see it!


  1. domestosgoddess

    I’ve always wanted a window seat but never had the right sort of room/window combination. But on the top floor of our house, which used to be an attic and is a lovely bedroom now, I made a reading nook on the landing area, with bookshelf and a Moroccan floor cushion under a bright skylight. That was 8 years ago and one day soon I’m going to get time to sit there!

  2. Irene

    Other than sitting on the beach under an umbrella, I can think of no better place to relax and read a book than in one of these window seats.

  3. N.

    Love window seats! Any chance you can share the link to the 9th photo on the Southern Living website? I love that white cushion with the orange-red flower (poppy?)!

  4. Debbie Summers

    There isn’t a thing I don’t love about the window bed… In my fantasy world I have a sleeping porch, open up the window there and you are as close as you can get. They are all fantastic!

  5. E at Act Fast Chef

    Oh how I would love a window seat. To curl up and read a book and watch the snow fall or the rain fall. *Sigh* I wish I had a room where I could put one!

  6. Sunday Burquest

    I love my window seat, although I think I could make it even better! I don’t have a blog (yet) are you taking pics of window seats for more ideas? Love your blog!!

  7. charlotte in ID

    I want a window seat, too. My mother-in-law has one in her family room and I sewed the cushions for it. Does that count?

  8. Emily

    Window seats are such perfect spots for reading. Love your window seat overlooking the ocean!!

  9. Cynthia

    No, I don’t have a window seat always wished I did. Love them!

  10. Samantha

    I DO have a window seat but no pix currently…I’m thinking of updating it too. This is just what I needed to see :) I’ll post them soon and link back to you. Thanks for some inspirations today.

  11. Amanda Eck-TheEckLife

    oh I LOVE window seats!! so totally have window seat envy. When I was a little girl I use to daydream about having a window seat with big pink fluffy pillows and wispy white sheers and I would sit in it all day reading books! *sigh* oh wait! maybe thats my daydream NOW. LOL

  12. nanci

    When we bought this house we saw the potential in one room to add windows and a window seat flanked with bookcases to mimic the same thing in the house we built but had sold. I was determined to have my window seat again and will never be without one. Love it and so do my cats!

  13. Mimi

    Love that perfect window seat from House Beautiful. If the window seat was even longer, I could lie there while the water boiled for ravioli.

  14. Isabel

    What a beautiful post!

  15. Surf Momma

    I love window seats! I may have liked the 2008 HGTV dream house a little too much – I knew where that window seat was before I saw the caption!

  16. Stephanie

    I LOVE window seats so much…if i had a window seat, i would read my books there every day!

  17. Marilyn Holeman

    Nope–but I love ’em. I’m still trying to figure out how to add one to our small home. I’m definitely bookmarking this post!

    Thanks and blessing, Melissa,

  18. Gina

    I have a kitchen window seat that is in serious need of decor. I think I will add that to my summer to-do list and get started!

  19. Shelley

    No, unfortunately I do not have a window seat – but I would LOVE one! The first one in the red really caught my eye and I have always been obsessed with the striped HGTV dream house one! Great inspiration!

  20. Karon

    I love window seats too! Mine is full of soft pillows…I love curling up here with a good book. Even the dog loves it!

  21. Amelia

    I’m totally envious about this because I don’t have enough spaces to add some window seats in my house.But this could be arranged. I’m thinking of moving some furniture sets and transferring our old living room cabinet back to the kitchen or dining area.

    If this will push through, I will try to copy the sixth photo’s window seat. It looks classy enough.

  22. susan

    I have a nook in the dining room that would be perfect. Not done tho. Have an antique twin 4poster be perfect in enclosed porch aka ofc,that will happen first for sleeping porch this summer. :) have always wanted window seat/banquette,will think of something.

  23. laxsupermom

    My someday dream home will have a great big window seat for curling up with books, and afternoon naps. Beautiful images! Thanks for sharing.

  24. bethany

    oh that window bed is TO DIE FOR!!!!! ever since i was a little girl i’ve wanted a window seat, and i’ve yet to give up on that dream! ;) thanks for sharing!

  25. Carey

    I want a window bed!

  26. Elle

    oh, I wish I had a window seat!
    Perfect spot for soaking up the sun… not many new builds have them any more :(

  27. Midwest Magnolia - Melissa Lewis

    I adore window seats. To me, there is something just so comfortable and home-y about them. I’ve always wanted to have one in my kitchen or a bedroom. Hopefully, in my future home! Love all the collections here, Melissa.

  28. Ashley

    they are ALL soooo gorgeous! I would die to have one in my house!

  29. Tonya

    Love this post!! I have 2 spots that would be prime locations for window seats – and I’ve got hubby convinced he can build them. One spot is the living room and it has the double windows like in pic 5 above (a window on each wall but there is less space in the corner). Hopefully soon. I’m collecting pics for inspiration :)

  30. Lauren


    I have long dreamed of a window seat in my house, but am switching gears now to dream of window beds. I can’t imagine a better place to nap!

  31. HollyG

    They’re all perfect – I could just curl up with a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) and a magazine!

  32. Dr.Amrita Basu

    I think all my new homes window will be having window seats



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