Summer Decor: The Starfish & Jute Mason Jar

Summer Decor: The Starfish & Jute Mason Jar

Simple Summer Party Decorating Idea

Remember my trusty and most often used party decoration? Of course you do. Yep, it is the humble yet oh so versatile mason jar. Here she is for summer 2011, this time all dolled up in her summer evening wear, a beautiful starfish and jute ensemble.

Wrap some jute around the mouth of the jar, tie on a pretty little starfish and you are good to go! Put a little Epsom Salt in the jar, add a small candle, and you are ready for summer parties, weddings, BBQs or even quiet evenings at home.

Sharing simple, no fuss decorating ideas, one blog post at a time.

You are welcome.


  1. So cute! And Epsom Salt? Who knew?

  2. I like simple and beatuful summery ideas.


  3. This is beautiful and would make a great friendship or hostess gift!

  4. I love, love, love this. Simple and it just takes you away to summer. Thank you for the idea. Must make this week!

  5. Love it! I love it even more now that I just discovered that you can make starfish out of clay and save big bucks! I don’t have any real starfish on hand but I’m pretty sure I can make a few out of clay! (of course not as beautiful as the real thing but my checkbook will be much happier!)

  6. This is great – so simple and elegant. I love those kind of projects and especially with the beach decor theme. Thanks for posting!

  7. Added to my file. Thanks

  8. Love it! It is so cute, it makes me want to have a beach themed party!

  9. Love the simplicity and elegance of the idea. Epsom salt – Who would have thunk!

  10. Okay, I will have to get some Mason jars! I keep seeing them used all the time – simple yet versatile!

  11. Super cute idea! Perfect for the lake house. I always say candles outside at night make everything magical!

  12. Ciara Hurt says

    So simple but really wonderful design. I love beach design decor. It’s a super cute idea! Thanks for posting.

  13. Oh very fun!! I love this! Mason jars just pretty much rock, they are so good for so much.

  14. Lovely! I tied a daisy on front for fun outdoor girls lunch – loved it!

  15. Melissa~
    I LOVE this!
    You just inspired me!
    When we go to Tofino I’m going to bring home some Chesterman Beach sand and create these!
    Love the JUTE!
    See….I told you I would COMMENT!
    Love it over here in your neck of the INSPIRING woods! xo

  16. melissa, this is definitely suitable for my table near the beach! I thinking if we can beautify it using some leaves?

  17. And didja know that if u do a bunch w epsom salts&aren’t a “soaker”, nor do you know what to do w all those salts-they will green up your lawn when it looks a little hot&tired(like us). Can make a solution&spray or broadcast&water. Good for plant life in several ways. :) same w alternate -sparkly kitty litter-makes good traction on ice. Just some recycle/reuse ideas if u do a big bunch. Thanks as always Melissa!

  18. What a cute idea. I love using the blue mason jars for everything, so vintage and simple. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Wow, that’s really cool and I could see it with sand as well.

    Where do you buy the tiny starfish? Michaels?

  20. Love this idea! I don’t have any starfish, but I can figure out something else to tie on there- a little concho or something. Thanks!

  21. I work for a doctor…one day this week, she brought her salad in a mason jar because the Tupperware lids were missing…it just made me SMILE!
    This is “The ultimate summer hostess gift”, Melissa!

  22. I am a big fan of the jars as candles. For outdoors I will usually use sand. But I have those jars all over the place. So simple and pretty. Here is one of my posts using jars.

  23. My favorite posts of all are when you share something simple that I can do in ten minutes or less. I still have a button on twine wrapped around my lamp and around a candle. This is something that I will do just as soon as I find my starfish.

    (For days I didn’t comment because the cache was not updating as it should and would’ve been putting in a post older than dirt that had already been featured. Like it’s all about me, right? Just thought you might like to know.)

  24. Simple yet FABULOUS!!! Love the use of Epson salt – gives a beautiful appearance.

    Hope you have a lovely week, Melissa.


  25. A few of my favourite things… jars, jute, and starfish… simply beautiful! Never thought of using Epsom salts… thanks for the great idea!

  26. i am always amazed by how the simplest things are the ones i salivate over. it’s lovely.

  27. Really pretty!

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