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Anthropologie Dishes

Oh, Anthropologie.
How you pull me in and tempt me.

Sigh. Give me the new Anthropologie table top design tool over Farmville any day.

Don’t have too much fun now.  It is a little addictive, I’m warning you.

Now if only I could hit the “buy” button and bring these beauties home.

Anthropologie Table Top Design Tool


  1. Deanna

    Oh.My.Word. I don’t play any of those fb games but I could get addicted to this!

    • Melissa

      Ha, me either, no facebook games! :-) But oh yes, I could play with dishes all day long ;-)

  2. AJ

    No kidding!! I saw this yesterday and played make-believe for a while until I started to feel depressed (sigh – whimper – snivel – whine).

  3. Andrea . Charcoal and Crayons

    Wow, what a neat tool! The examples that they show are really neat as well. I am wishing that I could hit that buy button too.

    • Melissa

      There are some super creative ones, I couldn’t believe all the fun people were having with their patterns! Ha!

  4. Amy

    Be still my heart! I love those plates. I have anthro plates from when we got married, and still love them, but I would trade them in for some new ones any day!

  5. Franki Parde

    Those are the DREAMIEST DISHES ever!! I, too, daydream about “all the possibilities…” franki

  6. teresa

    Oh to dream—-love that place.

  7. hollyG

    I’ve got an Anthro birthday month coupon burning a hole in my pocket. I doubt my husband would want to go to Anthro for Father’s Day – ha. One of these days before the end of the month.

  8. Allie

    I haven’t played the game but I did splurge on a set of dessert plates from Anthropologie! I love love love them and they were worth the investment!

    • Melissa

      Oh yes I agree! If you love your plates, totally worth it!


    I love those dishes … I’m off to check out the game/tool on their site. Have a nice weekend!

    • Melissa

      You too, have a great weekend!! :-)

  10. LoveFeast Table

    The girls at LoveFeast Table have a soft spot for “tablescaping” ~ now we can do it virtually? sigh…
    Loves it! ~CA & K

  11. Jess

    First Pinterest and now this! I am never going to get anything done!! :)

  12. i like anthro

    did you know melissa that Anthro is my middle name? yes ma’am and once they figure out that i am probably related to them….then i’ll split the inheritance with you.

  13. Nichole

    YEP. Anthro gets me every time. I think they have some kind of direct connection to my thoughts. Maybe some fancy new satellite/human gps technology?

  14. Talia

    What lovely dishes. Dishes are my downfall. Some women like shoes, others clothes, me? Dishes. And these are so much fun!

  15. lisa

    I swoon for these dishes. and the stacking tea cup measuring cups I saw there too. oh the coveting! :)

  16. Kayla

    Be still my beating heart <3


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