5 Inspiring Ideas:: 4th of July

blue and white striped towels on numbered hooks

1. Have fun with easy & carefree summer organization.

5 Inspiring Ideas:: 4th of July

2. Make the best summer memories with your kids.

5 Inspiring Ideas:: 4th of July

3. Hang your laundry out to dry in the fresh summer breeze.

5 Inspiring Ideas:: 4th of July

4. Pile cupcakes high.

5 Inspiring Ideas:: 4th of July

5. Make sure mason jars steal the show for every occasion.

Thanks Martha! Images & Ideas: Martha Stewart

What are you doing for the Fourth?

I’m working on my outdoor room projects & having friends over to watch fireworks on the lake!

More 4th of July Inspiration:

Flags on Houses


  1. Ziba Anne

    Hi Melissa,
    Being that I love the sea, blue with white spells summer. I love those striped towels. The bike is amazing ready for a parade. The cupcake center-piece is adorable very lovely.
    Hope you have a Happy July 4th…

  2. Fairfield House


    The image of the decorated bicycle transported me to my childhood — complete with cherry ice pop stained lips and legs covered with scrapes from evil Knievel stunts and mosquito bites.

    Have a happy holiday!

    Your Friend,

  3. Deanna

    We are traveling nearly 4 hours to pick up a pony for my younger children! That will be a happy 4th!

    I hope we get back in time to set off fireworks!


  4. Gina

    We won’t be doing anything for the 4th, as my younger peeps are going on a massive camp-out and the two olders will be working ): But the laundry photo made me smile, as I have layed down the law on not using the dryer this summer. I don’t know about it smelling fresher, but it’s definitely lass costly and rather pleasant on my patio for the few minutes it takes me to hang it and then take it down. Maybe we will make a few cupcakes, tho – that looks good, too!

  5. Jennifer

    Cute ideas and wonderful reminders!

    Have a very Happy Fourth of July holiday!

  6. JanMarie

    I love towels and sheets fresh from the clothesline! It reminds me of when we lived in Sicily and had no choice but to dry everything on the line!
    The cupcake display is so pretty and mason jars are simply wonderful for every occasion!
    Have a great 4th of July ~ God Bless America!

  7. Teacup Lane

    Great red, white and blues! Isn’t that bike too cute! We’re relaxing at home just Hubby and me plan to barbecue hot dogs and steaks with fresh fruit and corn on the cob. I may even make cupcakes and decorate them with red, white and blue frosting. Today I’m getting all our flags out. Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  8. Leslie

    Great ideas! Have a great 4th of July!!!


  9. Michele

    Great images! Have a happy 4th weekend!

  10. Veronica

    LOVE the inspiration for this great weekend!!

  11. Jessica and Holly

    This is such an adorable post, perfect! Have a lovely 4th!
    -Jessica & Holly

  12. susan

    Going to see momma&[email protected] home :( sure wish they cud be home, with Dad on the USMC float&mom in an antique car with her WAC cap. But reality is what it is, and she’s tough! She fought her way thru 10days in ICU (3 on vent, God&all his angels intervened&changed the orders back or I wud hv lost her) & even sedated on the vent,about broke my hand when I talked to her about daddy,and sang old HankWms songs she sang to me when I was dinky&she was hanging out the sheets-“I love you, a bushel&a peck…” or when I was finishing off her baking with a “daddy pie”–“Hey, good lookin’, whatcha got cookin’…” Had to peel her fingers loose&hv the bruises to prove it! So yep,momma wore army boots, & daddy the gruff old Marine was tearfully jubilant when she came back. Have been running fever&cant go see till it breaks :( cuz cant be sure is lupus. Am heartbroken&miss’em terribly. And I PROMISED rootbeer floats! Doesnt that sound festive? :) gotta slug maalox&eat ibuprofen. :( Have a JOYOUS&thankful FREE holiday! -s-

  13. Alicia

    Hi! Just wanted you to know I mentioned you in me recent post. You had posted a beautiful BHG picture and it inspired to try to recreate the window treatments. Hope you’re having a Happy 4th!

  14. Alicia

    Hi! Just wanted you to know I mentioned you in my recent post. You had posted a beautiful BHG picture and it inspired me to try to recreate the window treatments. Hope you’re having a Happy 4th!

  15. tara

    Hi there!
    I have not been by to visit in so long!!!
    It’s great catching up on your blog posts…
    Happy 4th!

  16. Sarah

    We always hang our laundry out in the garden when we can but today it was soaked when we had a really heavy rainstorm out of nowhere!

    No 4th of July celebrations here (I’m in the UK) but an American neighbour had a huge flag hanging out of his upstairs window all day! :)


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