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3 Summer Spaces To InspireBH&G

Wouldn’t you like to have lunch on that screened porch?

I bet it is cool and comfortable!

Inviting outdoor rooms inspire you to venture out on a nice cool summer evening or lovely summer day to enjoy the ambience.

I love the combination of the weathered green chairs and dark wood table  and floors, and the sunny yellow throw rug.

The mood is relaxed and charming!

3 Summer Spaces To InspireBH&G

And this funky front door, LOVE IT!

The mustard yellow paint with the over-sized zinc numbers tell guests they are at the right place,  come in and stay awhile!

3 Summer Spaces To InspireBH&G

Turn to the left of that front door (above) and here is a really fun front porch.

I love the mix of fabrics for added drama and the eclectic use of furnishings!

Meanwhile back at my house, I’m still working on my own porch and some fun simple garden areas around the yard — I’ll be showing you more of those projects this week, and in the weeks to come.

We’ve had some rainy days but I’m hoping for a nice long period of good weather so I can finish up some of the things I’ve started. I’ve been having a blast outside every chance I get and the results of just a little effort are paying off in our enjoyment of our yard.

I didn’t do much gardening at my last house (we had too many indoor projects to work on), so it has been a few years since I had a yard I’ve really worked in! I’ve forgotten how much I miss just puttering around with plants and creating outdoor spaces. It is so therapeutic for me! I might have a black thumb, but I enjoy gardening and creating outdoor rooms anyway!

Do you enjoy creating summer spaces as much as I do? I know it has been quite hot in many parts of the country so I suppose some of you are inside by the air conditioner! Not here in Washington, we are still just gearing up for the real summer weather. I think. I hope.

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  1. Kim H

    I love that porch! In 11 days we’ll move into a beautiful old Victorian with a huge wrap-around porch. Right now it is full of white wicker and I’d like to change that. This photo inspires me!

  2. Franki Parde

    Heat index today of 115 degrees…good grief. It’s a lemonade kinda day. franki

  3. rooth

    Those porches look lovely – now if only the weather would only cooperate so you could sit outside without sweating buckets

  4. marie

    LOVE the screen door. i’m trying to figure out where i can put one in this house… i just WANT one. :o)

  5. Glenda Childers

    I love the porch and those green chairs . . . oh my! My back porch is my favorite summer spot. Usually I can go out in the early morning to read and study. But right now . . . it is too hot.

    Seattle area really has not had much summer, my friends keep telling me. Wish I could send a good 20 degrees your way.


  6. heartlandfarmhouse

    YES, YES & YES!
    That lil’ screen door is ON my list!
    I’d like a green one! Green…the color…not bamboo or anything like that! ;)
    Thanks for sharing! I enjoy your little space over here!!!


  7. Mindy

    I love that screened porch with all my heart. It seriously is AMAZING.
    This NW rain is really starting to get to me. I wore a sweater yesterday. In JULY.
    I’m obsessed with gardening and enjoying summers on the deck. I just did a post yesterday with photos of my deck & patio.
    Now if the rain would stop, I could get out and enjoy them!

  8. Barbara (WA)

    Oh my, I love that screened porch and, yes, the dark wood and weathered green chairs… We get mosquitos badly every day after 3 p.m. so even though we have great outdoor spaces we end up inside. July here in Western WA has been strange but I am thankful we aren’t part of the excessive heat. I heard that some places had a heat index of 131 yesterday!! I’d rather deal with cool & cloudy than that!

  9. teresa

    Love outdoor spaces- I find when I’m feeling a little down…working in the dirt helps to make me feel better.
    All the inspiration photos are fabulous.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Alicia

    Oh that porch is so cute!! I really like it and it just looks like it would be so relaxing to spend time out there!!

  11. Mary Beth

    The house I grew up in had a huge front porch and a back porch off the second floor and a deck off the game room…I loved them all. We used to have sleep outs and look up at the stars on hot summer nights…such good memories. My house now has a small front porch…only plants and a fountain fit out there. I do have a sun room…no sky views from there but still nice to get the outdoor feel.

  12. Susan

    That screen in porch is scrumptious! That is one thing my home doesn’t have, but I wish so much that it did. What an awesome space, and beautifully decorated. The green chairs are so fun. And the Pelligrino makes it look luxurious. :)

  13. Karen

    I love the screened porch and the screen door in that space. There is something so relaxing about a space that is outdoors without flying insects. :-)

  14. Karon

    I can’t imagine living in a house without a front porch! Porches are the perfect spot to sit with your kids and read a book, or take a nap after working in the garden all day. Very nice pictures!

  15. Shelley

    I would love to have a screened porch! The temperature is going to be in the high 90’s for the next few days here in NJ!

  16. Leslie

    I adore the porch! Makes me miss my house back in my hometown. I now live in a big city in a 700 sq ft apartment with not so much as a yard, let alone a porch. Oh, how I miss my hometown.


  17. Jodi

    I am in LOVE with that screened porch. I can just hear the squeak of the door when it’s openend and the sound of it slamming shut when a child runs outside! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  18. Melissa

    I love that screen too, I’ve been wondering how to get one for my door. I love that sound of the creek and SLAM too. :-) Feels like HOME!

  19. Sarah

    I live in the south, so I don’t do much outside in the summer, but I just got back from visiting family in the mid-west, so I enjoyed eating outside, especially at the 4th cookout. Eating out on the 4th seems much better than eating inside.

  20. Anne

    I would think I had died and gone to heaven if that screened porch were mine. How scrumptious!! Love the table, the chairs, the cabinets, the door, the floor, the linens, the shells, the sign, the rug…. sigh. Back down to earth and back to my house.

    Thank you for this beauty of a post.

  21. carol ann

    I would love to have that screened in porch!

  22. Kasey Jackson

    Love this! What fun summer ideas in this hot weather!

  23. Christine

    I love every aspect of it! Do you happen to know where I could buy a lantern light just like the one in the last picture? I’ve got to have it.

  24. Carla

    I love the outdoor spaces and the screened in porch brought back memories at my grandmothers of drinking lemonade or ice tea with cookies. Dang now I’m hungry and thirsty. I’ll have a porch at my new home I’m moving to next week but it’s plain plain right now. Besides the fact that weather in Houston is too HOT and muggy to think about sitting out right now.
    Always enjoy your inspired spaces.

  25. camille

    Oh, these are delightful photos. Ready for spring to actually arrive so that we can enjoy the short window of bearable temperatures down here in Texas. Just lovely, Melissa!


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