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The Dangerous World of Homemakers

by | Jul 21, 2011 | Domesticity

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Ready for a laugh? This video cracked me up.

We homemakers do have rather risky jobs.

I knew there was a reason I quit ironing.

Safety first, fellow homemakers.

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  1. Lisa

    That’s a good one Melissa! Yep – that’s why I don’t iron! (Downey Wrinkle Release spray – the safe way to iron!) :)

  2. Nicole Gebhardt

    Awesome! Don’t watch this video while you’re eating or drinking. Things could get messy.

  3. Vee

    Pretty cute! My ironing board is more like a table at the right height. Hmmm, perhaps I could invent something…

  4. Mary Beth

    Oh my goodness…this one made me truly laugh out loud….I think we need to boycott all ironing from this point forward and make wrinkles the fashion statement of those in the know. : )

  5. susan

    good stuff! i don’t like to iron, now i can use a safety hazard as my excuse! thanks :) susan

  6. Connie

    I always love a good laugh! This is great. I don’t mind ironing once I get started….it’s just getting to that “start” phase that’s so hard. LOL!

  7. SJN

    all true and such a funny presentation. I’ll think of it every time I iron…. and laugh!

  8. Fiona's Mosaic

    I love Brian Regan!! He’s great! If you haven’t seen them, watch the “Me Monster” and the “ER” sketch. Too funny!

    I always out my iron in the bathtub to cool after using it so the puppies don’t knock it off the board and hurt themselves, or start a housefire. Jack take note!! lol


  9. Deanna

    Wow! He has MY ironing board! hee hee


  10. Karon

    Hilarious! Thanks for starting my day with a laugh.

  11. Tracey

    I have seen this before and still watched the whole thing and laughed just as hard.

    We were introduced to the hilarious world of Brian Regan this year and haven’t stopped laughing. Thanks for today’s belly laugh Melissa!

  12. nanci

    Love him…he is hilarious. This was so good I had to post to facebook for a friend whose iron just caught fire! Thanks for the laugh.

  13. carol fiorella

    very funny, Ill never look at my ironingboard in the same way again. Thanks

  14. teresa

    We love Brian …our grandchildren walk around telling his jokes…the cup of dirt and say 8 are their favorites.

    Thanks for the laugh today.
    Happy Day

  15. deb

    Got my laugh in for the day…everything he said is so true but I am an iron nut…I iron everything, well almost everything! Ironing will never be the same…I will have a smile on my face while doing it thinking of this! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Julia

    Love it! That awful screeching sound my ironing board makes when it opens drives me crazy. Loved his reenactment. :)

  17. Paula

    Permanent press clothing, baby. I have long had a fear/aversion of irons and of ironing. Just never quite mastered this skill, lol. Great clip. (Haven’t had a lot of luck with the hand held steamers either.)

  18. Jennifer

    Hilarious! But, seriously, my mother-in-law was ironing when the phone rang and well she answered the iron. Literally burned her face! Luckily it didn’t scar! (she said the worst part was trying to explain how she got the giant burn on the dude of her cheek)

  19. Jennifer

    *side That’s SIDE of her cheek. Thanks autocorrect.

  20. Karen

    Thank you for the laugh! In our home we have one of those ironing boards that folds up into a box on the wall. The first time I tried to use it I didn’t make sure the board was extended all the way and half way through ironing my blouse it ‘fell’ into place and I nearly dropped the iron in fright! I was glad no-one was there to witness my embarrassment! It’s funny now in retrospect…

  21. asian home decor

    I always love a good laugh! This is great. I don’t mind ironing once I get started….it’s just getting to that “start” phase that’s so hard. LOL!

  22. be your best

    Brian that is really funny. Try sitting and ironing on a shaky ironing board and have the iron fall in your lap :(. Pain, Pain, Pain.

  23. be your best

    Brian, There is so much comedy in the household especially if you have young children; however, your video was one that I had not thought about. It was really comical. It had me rolling!

  24. Carolyn S. Cawthon

    My sister nearly broke her neck when the ironing board attacked and tripped her. We believe that to be domestic violence! (joke)

  25. Tiffany

    Hahahaha this was very funny. Yep I don’t iron for that very reason ;). Great video. This Brian Regan guy is funny!

  26. Richella at Imparting Grace

    This is ridiculously funny. Like, laughter-holding-both-your-sides kind of funny. Honestly, I think OSHA might be sending us all letters soon; ironing may be life-threatening!


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