Multi-Functional And CUTE! Command Center

Multi-Functional And CUTE! Command Center


Organizing for Back to School!


It is that time again, BACK TO SCHOOL! My son doesn’t actually start back until the sixth, so we are just starting our transition to thoughts of backpacks, school supplies and lunchboxes. And of course, the inevitable need for renewed efforts on our organization.

I love that this command center has a mixture of cork, dry-erase, chalkboard, pegboard and magnetic surfaces. It packs a lot of function and personality into a relatively small space on the wall. I like it.

Are you excited about “back to school” routines around your house? 
We’re still enjoying our summer sun and lazy morning schedule!


PS. Here are the winners’ comments for the last two giveaways on The Inspired Room. Winners have all been contacted! Thanks for entering!

Four DaySpring winners:

Comment: Amy in PA says I’d certainly pick some cool things for our family room which is pending an update – perhaps that weathervane or one of the cool signs! Glad to hear your daughter is better!!

Comment: KO says I love the Phil 4:13 from Urban Soul. So happy your daughter is on the mend. God is faithful!

Comment: sangeetha says the bird cage

Comment: Pretty Inspirational says I’m hope your daughter is doing well and experiencing a full recovery. I really enjoy your blog! I would love to win the bird cage card holder for my little girl’s room. I had a mural painted with the theme being “Kylie’s Secret Garden”. It would look adorable in her room and would be a great way to hold all her mementos. Thanks. -Melissa

One Apartment Guide Winner:

Comment: Crystal says This is so exciting! I would use the money to create two beaded lanterns for my new apartment, and I’d also buy fabric to make curtains. Woohoo!


  1. I love back to school.
    It is the nerd-at-heart in me!
    cute command center. how I love a good nook!

  2. Love this!!

  3. hey melissa,
    I love how you find and post the best inspiration pics!
    Btw, I am wondering if the giveaway winner is me…..I did not find the email but sheepishly I do admit that I get a lot of junk and just delete emails from addresses not known to me.
    If I did win, I would be SO SO excited as this my first time. If I did not, I am going to try again because seeing my name up there has made me inspired :).

  4. Hello,
    The command center is so cute! Love the colors and the excellent use of the small space. For me, this time of year brings out the need to organize even more than the beginning of a new year does.

    Even though my “kids” are twentysomethings and living away from home, I still find myself browsing the back-to-school supply aisles at Target and Office Max. For those of us who can’t resist buying, most towns now have ways to donate school supplies for children whose families just simply can’t afford to purchase them. Check with your church or school.

  5. I’m loving your blog! Here’s a few more spring into autumn/back to school inspirations –

  6. I miss back to school….with the children all grown….sometimes I lose track…but now that we have some grandchildren close by….I think I will be more aware of what is going on in the school world.
    I love the command center….I’m so in need of doing something new in my “desk” area.

  7. I LOVE back to school time! While I have a 4-legged “child”, this time does bring back awesome memories of my own back to school days. Also, I am a big fan of school supplies: notebooks, pencils, pens, bags, etc. Also, great nook! I am thinking of how I can pull that together in my kitchen that has a nook-less counter. Have a great day!

  8. Our summer sun has been in the triple digits for most of our south Texas summer. Nothing lazy about it. I look forward to “Back to school” because my freelance editing business picks up. Weatherwise, there are two seasons in south Texas: summer and “not summer.” Not summer arrives anywhere between October and mid-December. I am so looking forward to “not summer.”

    • Ha! Not summer?!! That is funny, I’ve never thought about your seasons in south Texas that way! How can you live without a FALL? LOL?!

  9. I love, love, love this command center! Thanks so much for sharing!

    I just wrote a post on back to school organizing tonight! My kids go back to school tomorrow & Thursday.

  10. Ahhhhh…. organized work spaces just make me so happy! I would have never thought to use pegboard!

  11. I need an area like this in my house! love it!

  12. I am so totally inspired.

    This is such a great blog Melissa. I only just discovered it today. I love the room tours. I will definitely be visiting again.

    Blogging isn’t so popular in Australia it seems. Well I haven’t come across many inspiring ones here.


  13. This is perfect! I have a super small apartment with my office in my small bedroom where I have just enough room for a tall skinny bookshelf and tiny tiny desk! love this

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