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Fall Nesting Party 2011!

Fall Nesting Party 2011!


It is Time For Fall Decorating!

My quick and easy fall mantel

Girls, it is TIME! Time for letting go of summer and saying HELLO to fall.

Yes, I know some of you are still in parts of the country where the sun is still hot and you can’t imagine a cool breeze blowing through your window. And I know that some of you don’t even have the change of leaves where you live.

But around here, at The Inspired Room, Fall is a state of mind. It doesn’t depend on the climate or where you live. It is the time of year when we slowly evolve our homes and minds towards comfort. Nesting. Making our homes a cozy welcoming place.

Fall Nesting Party 2011!

You don’t have to do this all at once. Seasons evolve slowly.

Today I realized I needed to take my own small step towards fall. I hadn’t done any fall nesting yet.

And honestly, my house was in a bit of disarray because we have had to barracade half our house to successfully potty train Jack (the puppy, and it was worth it, he is pretty much POTTY TRAINED NOW!).

I didn’t feel like nesting when it meant hurling myself over a baby gate or wall of chairs.

But, in spite of what felt chaotic around me, I knew I needed to get back to what I love, puttering around my house getting ready for Fall.

Fall Nesting Party 2011!


So, this afternoon, I took down my summer mantel, dusted everything off, and brought out a few things from around my house that felt fallish. My dark framed mirror, the pumpkin lights bought from Target many years ago, a masor jar filled with tiny red apples and clothes pins, pretty books, candles, basket and other assorted bits of fall.

You know how I roll. I’m not fancy or a genius crafter like so many of you are. In this season of my life, I don’t always have time to do something spectacular. So, no surprise, I didn’t take out a glue gun. I just puttered around with this and that I found in my own stash of goodies until I felt I had enough to add a small dose of Fall on my mantel.

Fall Nesting Party 2011!

I didn’t feel I had to do the whole room today. I just zeroed in on one area I could work on.The mantel decor is simple and it got done lickity split. I can add and rearrange it as I please.

Just seeing a little bit of fall reminded me that soon I’ll be sipping hot cider and reading a book by the fire. Ah. Happy sigh.

I’m ready to see YOUR Fall Nesting! Did you put away summer accessories? Did you make a new wreath for your front door? Did you bring out your fall curtains? Did you bake some pumpkin bread? Whatever you did, I’d like to see it. Inspire us.

Fall Nesting Party 2011!

Ready. Set. Go! Let the Fall inspiration begin.

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Fall Porch Ideas: 5 Ways to Add Fall Color to the Porch & Garden

Fall Porch Ideas: 5 Ways to Add Fall Color to the Porch & Garden


Fall Porch Ideas

Are you chomping at the bit like I am to embrace all the gorgeous colors of fall?

Here are some fresh and fun fall porch ideas and inspiration pictures for bringing fall color to your porch and garden. They are sure to get you in a fallish mood!

Fall Porch Ideas: 5 Ways to Add Fall Color to the Porch & Garden

via Apartment Therapy

1. Embrace fall color with paint.

Doors, planters, and benches could use a fresh new pop of orange, yellow, red or green!


Fall Porch Ideas: 5 Ways to Add Fall Color to the Porch & Garden


2. Add natural fall elements to bring color to front porch decor.

Now’s the time to fall-ify that front porch with pops of natural autumn colors. Colorful mums, gourds, pumpkins, pine cones and plants are the perfect fall greeting at the front door.

Fall Porch Ideas: 5 Ways to Add Fall Color to the Porch & Garden

Photo: The Inspired Room

3. Go over the top and add colorful cascading fall vines and flowers to window boxes and planters.

Say good-bye to your fading summer flowers and hello to fall with pops of cascading green, red and yellow foliage!

Fall Porch Ideas: 5 Ways to Add Fall Color to the Porch & Gardenby Jamie Durie via HGTV

4. Arrange fall colored pots like works of art.

Groups of colorful planters is an artful way to bring the beauty of fall to your yard. You can spray paint tired old pots and make them colorful and new again.

Fall Porch Ideas: 5 Ways to Add Fall Color to the Porch & Garden


5. Grab a rustic container to fill with fall goodness.

Rustic containers just scream FALL. This is SO EASY and perfect for your porch. Grab an old metal bucket and fill it up with a fresh combination of fall color! This could work with pumpkins, corn, gourds, mums or any colorful fall filler!

Friday we begin our Fall Nesting! Do a quick fall project, switch out some summer decor, or inspire us with fall ideas you shared last year….or simply come and see what others are sharing. You can link up your posts on Friday or the entire next week! Please link back to The Inspired Room from your post so everyone can enjoy the 4th annual FALL NESTING PARTY!

Let’s all chime in, come out of lurking one and all.