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(in) Real Life

(in) Real Life

I love getting comments and emails from women who can relate to and appreciate the things I share here on The Inspired Room. It is great to have a community that not only supports me, but that can relate to each other so well through the comments and sharing of ideas around the web.

I think most of us crave finding “our people” (so to speak!). I’m always thrilled when I feel like I have found “my people,” people who get me, my quirks, my style, and my values and all. People who know my limitations and imperfections and accept me anyway. That is a great feeling, isn’t it?

Through blogging, we can share photos of our homes, tips and ideas for homemaking and decorating, or even swap stories in the comments! I love when you all get excited about a project I’m working on, or you tell me about your dog’s antics, or you laugh with me at Jack’s ridiculous behavior. I love that you send me pictures of your homes, dogs and just general little notes to share encouragement. Real life through words and pictures.

Those daily connections can help us form friendships through things we all have in common. Feeling that support when you are excited about something or in need is awesome (like even yesterday just knowing so many of you were excited for me and voting for my blog at Apartment Therapy, you know? You all feel like real life friends, even if I only know you online! You ARE my friends!).

But even with all that connecting we can do online, you probably aren’t going to invite me to coffee or stop by with soup if I’m sick. Dislike that. I’m probably not going to be able to help you paint your living room or come over to help rearrange furniture and eat cookies. NO!  I really want to go to your house and have cookies.

So, who IS going to do those things for and with you? Have you found “your real life people?” People who live near you who could be the friends who reach out to see how you are and actually KNOW when you are not really “fine?” Or what about the reverse, do you ever think about how you could be the one to reach out in real life and make someone else’s day by showing you are there for them in some way, that you really care?

One of my beautifully real online communities, (in)courage, wants to help facilitate real life connection, right in our own neighborhoods and cities. On April 28th, women all over the world will be able to attend or host their own (in)courage in real life conference in homes, coffee shops, and churches. This un-conference is called (in) real life.

The women at our church are hosting a conference location, I’m really excited about it! I hope local ladies will come, bring their friends and introduce themselves to new women in our community. I want our community to have friends like Emily, who would go to the grocery store for you just to show they care.

Want to go to an (in) real life conference or host one in your area? I hope you will sign up! Find out more information here or look for a meet up near you.

And now go check out this post on community by my friend Kristen of We are THAT Family!


(in) Real Life

Decorating a Home


Decorating a Home

Decorating a Home

Do you need tips for decorating a home? I’m here to help with my How to Decorate series!

I’ve written thousands of decorating posts over the years on The Inspired Room. And I’m thrilled that 400,000 individuals come to The Inspired Room each month to find inspiration for ways to decorate their home. Decorating is a subject I love and am passionate about! Your home is a place of refuge for you and you deserve to have a home you love.

Because there are so many helpful posts here at The Inspired Room, I have assembled a gallery of ideas and a huge list of of my top decorating tips and ideas into one place, the How to Decorate series!

This series is like one stop shopping, or “Decorating 101” for simple, doable decorating help!

If you have ideas for other things you’d like to see in this series, please let me know in the comments! Be sure to visit the How to Decorate series of posts and the gallery!