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One of These Things is Not Like the Others {Winston’s Birthday & Weekend Fun}

by | Mar 24, 2012 | My Life

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One of These Things is Not Like the Others {Winston's Birthday & Weekend Fun}

The last seven days have been packed with fun and activity! Winston had his 17th birthday party, complete with party hat and cupcakes. Cutie patootie he is, but he would NOT hold still for a picture. This was the best I could do!  HA! He looks kind of horrified — but really, I think he enjoyed his party!

One of These Things is Not Like the Others {Winston's Birthday & Weekend Fun}

Then my hubby and I got away for a couple of days without the kids or the dogs! We spent some time shopping (Anthropologie, anyone?), ate tons of great food and traveled around on ferries like we had not a care in the world. I even got some cool drive by photos for you of some houses I liked in Port Townsend (I’ll get them loaded up and show you later this week)!

One of These Things is Not Like the Others {Winston's Birthday & Weekend Fun}

Then we came home to hang out with our awesome kids, eat more great food, do some painting around the house (my office and MORE!) and to top off all the fun of the past week, we got one of our 10 year old cars repaired! WOO HOO!

{One of those things was NOT as fun as the others. Can you guess which one?}

So, we ARE making progress around the house, slowly but surely. I’ll have an office update soon, the paint looks AH-MAZING so far! One coat down, one to go! Then the real fun can begin!

Hope you are having a great weekend, minus the car repairs of course!


  1. Susan

    Happy birthday to Winston!

    It sounds like you had a fun getaway – I’m sorry about the car repairs, though :(

    • Melissa

      Thanks Susan :-)

  2. Karen

    Congratulations on all accounts. Glad you had some well earned fun too. can’t wait to see more of what you’ve been up to! God bless x

  3. Franki Parde

    Seventeen in doggie years…oh, my, he looks (all of you!) fantastic! franki

  4. Heather

    Sounds like the perfect week – minus the car repairs. Isn’t it fun to get projects almost done? I’ve been working on my guest bathroom for what feels like ages and it’s finally coming together.

  5. teresa

    Winston is very cute. What kind of dog is he?

  6. Vee

    Cute kids! All four of them.

    Ugh. What a car repair bill…

  7. teresa

    Man what they want for labor….holy cow. Glad you had a fun getaway anyway.
    Happy Spring

  8. Anne

    Happy Birthday, Winston! Sounds like you had a great time. I’m going away soon with my family. I hope I’ll be able to relax and actually take time off. It’s great to get away.

  9. Fairfield House


    I am so happy you posted about Winston! I have been wondering about him lately and so happy to read he just celebrated another birthday. He has a place in my heart because he reminds me so much of Buster. :)
    I’m glad you and your husband were able to get away and spend some time together. Thomas and I are looking forward to doing the same.
    Currently I am working on our bedroom…and my office…and my studio…and my kitchen…and my gardens…and my…
    I’m sure I will get everything completed just in time for my children to inherit it all! :/
    Happy Spring!

  10. Karen

    Happy Birthday, Winston! Wow, 17 years, isn’t that like 100+ years in dog years. Nice that you and the hubby got away for a bit…we all need a vacation now and then. Happy weekend,

  11. NanaDoll

    i would be so bummed with that repair bill! all the things it could otherwise pay for…we once had a little shih tzu that lived to be 19…she was such a good little girl–still miss Mitzi…so glad you got your getaway, vitally important…can’t wait to see more of the office as you document your progress!!

  12. Sandra

    That is a HUUGE bill…bitter with the sweet.

  13. Stella

    I’m fairly new to your site, but seeing Winston made my day – I’m a Westie Mom too, of 3 LWDs named Abbie (14), Charlie (7) and Sadie (7), the last two of whom are rescues.

    • Melissa

      Aw, I love Westies! Winston has been the best dog ever.

  14. susan

    Oh bless Winston’s sweet 17yo heart! I am SO glad you shared his adorable self :) just <3 that pic :-) will someone please smooch him for me? Sorry about the car repairs, facing some myself.otherwise sounds like a great weekend & tickled for you. :-) Love the bridge pix. Have some old beauties here and some neat pix, but need more of the extra-specials, like swing bridges instead of lifts. But beautiful old industrial marvels! Hugs to pups & smooches on Winston's head! :-)

  15. michelle starling

    Awe! Winston is so cute. Happy birthday to him. And your children are very cute too. Your son and daughter with dark hair look like you.

  16. jessica

    Did I read that right? Is your dog 17? WHaaaa!? Cutie pie :)

  17. Grace

    Aren’t car repair bills the worst. You think where you could have traveled for that amount of money. Sigh. Well at least you got away for a few days by yourselves anyway.

  18. Laura

    I have a westie named Winston too, best dog EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Gloria

    Winston is so cute. I have two Westies – Max (age 12) & Maggie (age 6). They are both so sweet.


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