Dreaming {Architectural Details}

Dreaming {Architectural Details}BHG

Dreaming {Architectural Details}

It has always been a dream of mine to design and build my own home. I love the idea of planning every single personal detail, from the floor plan to the finishes.

Being only twenty years old, I haven’t quite had the chance to build my own home yet. I have, however, built many dream houses on The Sims (but obviously that doesn’t count.) There’s just something about building a dream home on The Sims that isn’t as exciting. Maybe the fact that it’s on a computer and I can’t actually live in it? Yeah…that’s it!

One thing I know is that if I ever get the chance to design and build my own home, I’m going to go crazy adding architectural details (wherever my budget allows, of course!). Board and batten, archways, box beam ceilings, built-ins, special doors…any of these things would be more than welcome to be part of my dream home.

Dreaming {Architectural Details}Lauren Leonard Interiors

Dreaming {Architectural Details}BHG

Dreaming {Architectural Details}

Dreaming {Architectural Details}BHG

And maybe, just maybe, an architectural detail like this will be incorporated somewhere in the design.

Because come on, who doesn’t want a top secret passageway in their house?!

Confess. What special architectural detail would you want in your dream house?

written by Courtney Michaels


  1. I believe that one is never too young to build their dream home at least even in their minds… your inspiration pics are all lovely. I love the entry hall.

  2. Loving that kitchen picture from BHG..so white and crisp! I bought my first home when I was 25 and man oh man if I knew then what I know now about design. My tastes have changed so much as I have gotten older but my dream home now would be full of planks, moldings and old but charming elements. Oh and of course I would need a beach home so that would be a coastal pottery barn retreat and oh, a lake home which would be a log cabin. Geeeeez, I have a bunch of dream homes in my mind :)

  3. Courtney, I love that you are dreaming about the details – it is a lot of fun! A lot of the photos have transoms – I think they are beautiful and a terrific way to add light to a room. {And a secret passageway would be so much fun!!}

  4. I love detail – all of it! I honestly don’t know which ones I would settle on if I could build my own house. For now I use the ones I have and build a home around them!

  5. Love the doorway & the arch over the shower! We actually dreamed of a Secret Room behind a bookshelf when we were building, and now we have it! The kids love it!

  6. I have a 1960’s ranch style home now…. I would love to give it craftsman detail inside and out! Love your pics.

  7. oh, HI Courtney! Great post!!!
    Hmmm, well. I am a sucker for transom windows, thick (and I mean thick) moldings, deep deep windows or those gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows that open almost like doors {like the ones that are in Europe… I am sure there is a technical name, but I have not heard it!}. I also am a firm believer in solid wood doors : )
    I Love dreaming about Architecture! I even have a Pin-board that is all about it: http://pinterest.com/fieldstonehill/architectural-elements/
    Thanks for sharing this fun post.

  8. Melissa, I confess that I’d want crown molding in every room. But not just one layer. I like the look of several types to build one cohesive (read mighty) molding at the ceilings and as floor boards. Like substantial molding around the doors as well. I love plenty of nooks and niches in some of the walls and a few major archways here and there. But that’s just a start. I won’t bore you with all the many details.

  9. I always dreamed of architecture and floor plans when I was young! Ok, I sill do :-)I’d want wood ceilings and transom windows and lots of built in bookshelves and window seats!

  10. We got so lucky when we bought our house. While it was only 9 years old at the time, the family that built it included a ton of architectural details. Crown moulding, transom windows over the kitchen doorways, built-in bookcases in every bedroom, etc. But I’m like you…I’d still like to add more.

  11. I bought my first home when I was 23. It was an itty, bitty, one bedroom apartment, but it was mine. Nothing fancy, but I decorated it very prettily on a budget :)

    I would love a bookcase hiding a secret passageway!

  12. I love all of the architectural elements you mentioned. The pictures are gorgeous. It’s not all that special or unique, but I dream of having French doors somewhere in my house. I like clean, straight lines, so curvy archways aren’t my thing, but a box beam ceiling? Oh yeah! That I would love!

  13. Love this posting! I’m lucky, I get to spend lots of time talking with people about their dream home and we just finished building our dream home. Details I especially love? Windowseats (with builtin deep drawers) overlooking views…one by the soapstone stove, one in my study. Giant fir Timberframe details throughout the house- finished with linseed oil. A huge , round cathedral cedar ceiling with a 5 1/2 center skylight. 8 1/2 thick walls, so deep windowsills everywhere. A large opening window level with the wide sill of a two person tub.
    A particularly special moment connected with creating a dream home? The first meal that I cooked in the kitchen I had fully designed, thinking about every aspect of flow- and it worked!

  14. Jessica B says

    Transom windows above every doorway! Super high ceilings!

  15. Courtney,
    So happy to meet you…love your mom’s blog. I think you are wise to dream now, when you feel home building is a ways off…there are soooo many details involved you will be ahead of the game when the time comes. And I’d guess you’ll be surprised at how some of your “must haves” become secondary.
    Love the entry!

  16. Wow! What a pinworthy post! I grabbed no less than four of those photos for my boards. Great job pulling together a post full of inspiration! I love the entryway. My architectural dreams always involve wainscot and moulding. :-)

  17. Hi there!!
    Totally agree, I love detail!! I loved all the pics!!
    Good luck with building your dream home, one day :)


  18. Hi Courtney. I have to say when I was in my early 20’s architechtural design was the last thing on my mind…lol. I was too busy reading fashion magazines and reaping no long term benefits. You have hit upon so many details that I would give my eye teeth for. I am fine with out the mystery door. Little creepy…he, he, he. However, being a lover of outdoor living, expanding or extending my home with a great covered or partially covered living space,m Maybe a patio/deck would be great. The lighting would be crucial and maybe there could be some copper roofing/flashing involved. Not a totally conventional blue and white theme..something a bit warmer, cozier while maintaining clean lines. Built in storage box/seating among other things. I keep thinking of the ceiling and lighting as making the area “pop”. Oh I had better stop just tossing around random thoughts…lol. Hope to read you again, soon.

  19. My neighbor has a great house- they have the “secret” bookcase that leads to a secret poker room.

  20. This is a great post, Courtney! I know that when my husband and I build our dream home (someday) I want a completely custom kitchen. I want to choose everything! Right now I’m just choosing on Pinterest, lol. ;-)

  21. If you look closely at the first photo in the post, you’ll see a Dutch door. I would love to have a Dutch door in my house! It could be a glorified safety gate when the kids are toddlers, then grow up with the kids as they play “house”, or be used for a play store or restaurant counter, even puppet shows!

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