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Subconscious Design Influences

by | Apr 17, 2012 | Decorating Inspiration

Subconscious Design Influences

Better Homes & Gardens

OK so check this out.

I just noticed something.

I adored this Better Homes & Gardens image, above, last week.

Subconscious Design Influences

And then I subconsciously brought together those same colors and textures in my accessories this weekend.

Funny how that happens, huh? 


  1. HeatherI

    I find something similar happening with my kids’ outfits (or at least it happened when I had control over what they wore each day). I’d get my self dressed and then get them dressed and stand back then realize we were all dressed alike. What i felt like wearing (colors especially) trickled down to them, as well. Then I’d have a “oh gosh” were very “mommy and me” today, but then we’d need to get out the door so there was no turning back (-;

    • Melissa

      :-) maybe that is why some couples dress in coordinating colors, the wife picked everything for her man!

  2. Diane

    Hi Melissa – I love the image of the kitchen you posted last week and I, too found myself buying turquoise -in the form of dish towels at Target last week to hang in my kitchen. :) It is a fun color and adds an instant update. Your vase looks great against the striped wall and as an accent for the map wall.

    My best- Diane

    • Melissa

      Thanks Diane!! It is a fresh springy color to liven things up!!

  3. Kathy

    I thought it was very cute and the basket is what they used to collect eggs on a farm, but fishing basket idea was cute too…..except the slime might leak through LOL…..very nice! I had a similar basket I used to put all my eggs into, nothing better than fresh right out from under a hen eggs! Nice touch and colors I probably would not have thought to put together. Love it!

  4. kelly at talk of the house

    That is just too freaky! Guess that is how all the advertisers out there get us to buy their things…it is all working on our subconcious minds! We don’t even know we want/like something until it gets planted there. I find that happens to me seasonally too…if it is fall I want warmer colors in decor, but in the spring and summer I want lighter and whiter….which just goes to prove I should have two houses! ha.

  5. Grace

    Well done – you were inspired by a magazine and it didn’t result in a complete kitchen makeover. You put your own twist on it.

    • Melissa

      Ha, that is so funny and so true. Kitchen remodels can be avoided :-) SUCCESS!!

  6. Ginny

    This was my first visit to your blog, and I must say I LOVE your style. The map border in the picture you posted really spoke to me (for my boring office). Do you have more photos and/or details about that?

  7. Karen

    You had best heed these subconscious attractions…turquoise and yellow accents could work in one of your rooms, right? :-) The two examples are so fresh and seasonal.

  8. Franki Parde

    They are the “perfect” accent colors! YES! franki

  9. Ruth Chidley

    I really like your basket find. I too have collected different and unusual baskets. I started back in the late 70’s and early 80’s when it gained popularity at that time. I’ve made several moves and decorator changes since that time but kept my baskets albeit in boxes. I feel inspired :) to get them out and do some (re)decorating with them. Thank you, Melissa!

  10. Angela

    Yellow and teal are pretty much my favorite colors to pair together right now. They are so energizing and cheerful!

  11. Jana

    It’s true! I think we are more influenced by things we see than we may think. I have been trying to pick out fabric for my own Euro pillows and it changes everyday. Now I think I know why. Thanks for sharing.


    Love your interpretation!! That lamp is wonderful, love it! Kathysue

  13. Kathrryn

    What a combination of colors.. The texture of yellow looks definitely cool and relaxing for me.. Thanks for the idea here..

  14. Erin

    do I spy map wallpaper in your foyer??? Did I miss that reveal post? I would love to see more!! I big fat heart {love} maps!!


  15. Sue

    Love the brigt colors, have you ever tried teal with bright orange? It looks amazing for Spring or Fall.

  16. JaneEllen Jones

    Loving that egg basket. I only know what that basket is due to looking at lots of country deco zines years ago. No matter it’s purpose can I have it? Just kidding. Your color choices are outstanding, so pretty, summery, bright and cheery.
    We’re finally going to get a T.J.Maxx in Grand Junction, CO. Can’t be too soon for me. I read about all the great stores you all get to shop at and I’m jealous. This area is slow to catch up. Course this is somebody that used to live in San Diego where there’s one of everything around the corner practically.
    When we moved to Helena, MT area from S.D. I about had culture shopping shock. We had a Gibsons and Kmart and the mall. It took until we were about ready to move away before we got any of the “good” stores.
    I feel very displaced having never been to an IKEA. Sure wish Grand Junction would get an IKEA, yeah.


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