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  1. Seriously! I need to print that for my fridge!

  2. Words to live by!

  3. Patty Esposito says


  4. Love it! We do spend waaaaaay too much time doing just that instead of focusing on improving ourselves. I like the word “refining”!

  5. Wonderful!!!!

  6. I need to print this and keep it next to my monitor! Nice!

    • I need to print this and put it beside my text messaging button….jusy sayin.

      Wish I would have read this on Friday. :-X

  7. Words to heed and spread. Thank you.

  8. Thought of this quote all weekend and PINNED it today. Perfectly stated.

  9. JaneEllen Jones says

    For somebody that says she’s not a DIY’er you sure manage to do alot of great diy projects and planning/setting up parties. I’d be a nervous wreck and my house would never look good enuf to me to have people over. You are to be applauded for your talents. We all have our own things we’re good at and it looks like you have alot of talents. Have a good week. I love your blog.

  10. Hi Melissa! I am so happy you shared this. It’s resonated with a lot of people and I’ve been overjoyed to see it featured on wonderful blogs that I might not have found otherwise. Thank you again! – Lauren

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