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Zig Zags, Chevron, Stripes and Ikat {Tired, Trendy or Timeless}

Zig Zags, Chevron, Stripes and Ikat {Tired, Trendy or Timeless}

Tommy Smythe Living Room

You know what? I have always loved stripes, and any sort of chevron, zig zag, or Ikat pattern.

When my girls were young, like 15 years ago, their rooms had both striped walls and a zig zag carpet! I was a wild and crazy decorating mom. Heh heh. And in our kitchen in that same house, we had Ikat curtains (you can find that story on my curtain post). It wasn’t in vogue to decorate that way at the time, I just was in love with pattern. 

For quite awhile now, chevron, stripes and Ikat have been very trendy, of course, but they are basically just classic patterns that can endure for years — if you love them. Right? That is how I feel about them, they can ebb and flow with the times if you are careful how you use them. I mean, these patterns have been around for centuries, so I’d say they have stood the test of time!

Zig Zags, Chevron, Stripes and Ikat {Tired, Trendy or Timeless}

No need to fear a trend that has actually been around forever. People’s whims and tastes come and go, and retailers would like us to move on once we all catch on to the trend. But when you find a style you love you can make it work in moderation, regardless of what everyone else is doing at the time. Timeless and classic are always in style.

But yes, it can be quite humorous and even annoying to discerning creative people to see chevron on EVERYTHING right now. Kind of like the “put a bird on it” video. If you put a Chevron on it, it is probably going to be a big hit on Pinterest. Am I right? If that is your goal, of course. Ha!

I think that is what gets annoying to trend-avoiders more than the pattern itself, is just the sense that you don’t always have to really be creative or innovative to get noticed, you just have to use what is “in.” That “overdone” factor can make creative people not want to use it at all. 

I’m going to give stripes, chevron, zig zags and Ikat a little grace because I really do like them. Still.

Zig Zags, Chevron, Stripes and Ikat {Tired, Trendy or Timeless}

Yellow and white striped shower curtain via West Elm

So, I’m kind of in love with that yellow and white striped shower curtain.  That might just have to come live with me.

Zig Zags, Chevron, Stripes and Ikat {Tired, Trendy or Timeless}

A more subtle pattern, striped napkins via Pottery Barn

Zig Zags, Chevron, Stripes and Ikat {Tired, Trendy or Timeless}

The Land of Nod Zig Zag Baskets

Zig Zags, Chevron, Stripes and Ikat {Tired, Trendy or Timeless}

West Elm poufs

I saw these poufs at West Elm and really loved them quite a lot for the big bold statement they make. Especially love that red and white striped pouf. Kind of nautical and fun, perfect for summer.

Zig Zags, Chevron, Stripes and Ikat {Tired, Trendy or Timeless}

Dash and Albert Striped Rugs

Dash & Albert rugs are my all time favorite area rug. I have one in my kitchen and it just makes me happy. My big goal coming up soon is to replace our carpet (eh hem, dogs have ruined it) so mark my words, there will be more Dash & Albert rugs in my house — as soon as I have more hardwood to put them on.

Zig Zags, Chevron, Stripes and Ikat {Tired, Trendy or Timeless}

Zig Zag Bath Mat

Zig Zags, Chevron, Stripes and Ikat {Tired, Trendy or Timeless}Color Blocking via Martha Stewart

And then, of course, we have the trend of the moment. Color blocking. Thoughts? Love it? Not sure?

So, tell me. Let’s talk about this topic of trends.

Does it drive you crazy to see the same trendy patterns over and over again on everything? Or do you want to have fun with and give a little grace for what is trendy at the moment, but still something that can endure?

My Son’s Baby Nursery {Fresh Color Scheme and Theme}

My Son's Baby Nursery {Fresh Color Scheme and Theme}

Fresh and Fun Colors for a Baby Nursery!

You know what is kind of sad for me sometimes? Remembering so many projects and fun things around my house that I never blogged about! All the pre-blogging years! Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchen in several houses and gardens and flagstone paths in our yard and all sorts of projects we did over the years that I didn’t really get to show you.

And that is what I think is so awesome now, as bloggers we can open up our homes and lives and it is almost like you are our real life neighbors. I love that we can chat about things we are doing and things we love and keep connected every week as we go through life. That is pretty cool.

So speaking of past projects, I recently got the opportunity to write about one that is near and dear to my heart! Even though I don’t have all the awesome blogger reveal pictures of the room or the step by step things we did, I am excited to talk about my son Luke’s nursery over on My Colortopia today. He is almost 12 now, and we’ve long since moved from that house, but we had so much fun creating a special nursery for him! He was a very much wanted little boy, and what a cute he was and still is!

I’m glad I have the opportunity to give you a little blast from the past! I might have to just pull out my grainy blurry non-blogger photos of projects and show ’em to you more often, cause it is kind of fun to go back in time and remember pre-blogging projects!

Even though I didn’t get all the right photos or lighting or style all my pictures or have any of the right photography equipment, I loved creating rooms in our home just as much back in the day as I do now!

So, come on over and check out the theme for my son’s nursery and a see picture of my cutie patootie boy over at My Colortopia! You can leave comments there and ask questions about your own baby nursery too!

PS. I’ve got some AWESOME NEW STUFF going on at The Inspired Room that I’m going to reveal in the upcoming days! I am so excited. I adore blogging and how things can grow and evolve to be better every year! I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to get reorganized to be able to share more of what I love with you all! So more on that soon!