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Great Home Organizing Ideas {Inspiration for Creating Designated Landing Spots}

Great Home Organizing Ideas {Inspiration for Creating Designated Landing Spots}Paper Organization Ideas via BH&G

I need to get better organized. We have a lot going on in our lives and around our house. Like many of you, we are trying to master the art of juggling many things well. We run businesses and charitable organizations online and in our community, work with several groups and host events each week, we have three children, two dogs and lots of stuff to keep track of. Slowly but surely over the past number of months we have been figuring out systems and organizational plans for how to manage it all. We have made quite a bit of progress, but there is more I want to do to get my house and life organized.

I was on the hunt through Better Homes & Gardens website yesterday looking for some great ideas specifically for organizing my home office. Having a redecorated and organized home office is a really important part of my plans for how to juggle life. I’m so excited to be making my office not only a place I enjoy being in, but I really want to focus on fixing some of my organizational trouble spots so it never gets out of hand again. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fully organized home and office? Well, maybe you already have that. I’m still trying to get this house into shape using many of the systems that have worked for me in the past.

Great Home Organizing Ideas {Inspiration for Creating Designated Landing Spots}

I’m so excited to create designated landing spots for several items in my home office! Landing spots are places for things like papers, invitations, reminder cards, post it note reminders, purses, cameras, chargers, keys, bills or other items to go that otherwise would just clutter up your counters or desk.

A place for everything and everything in its place! That is the plan.

I REALLY REALLY loved this idea, above, of a wire with labeled clips for each day of the week or whatever category you want. Genius! We get so many papers, invites, appointment cards and post it notes all over the house. This system would rally them all and give them a place to land. I actually bought a wire hanging system like that from IKEA for our church nursery to show off the kids pictures and artwork, so now I just need one for home too!

Great Home Organizing Ideas {Inspiration for Creating Designated Landing Spots}Creative organization tips BH&G

I also really love the idea of creating specific landing spots for things like keys and purses or whatever else you tend to bring in from the car with you. Right now when I come in the door, my purse is set up on our highest kitchen counter because if I put it anywhere else, like a chair or the floor, YOU KNOW WHO {J-A-C-K }will grab it, run, and have a joyous time chewing gum, eating paychecks and breaking all of my pens. Same with bills or pretty much anything I bring home and set within his reach. Nothing is safe.

My thought moving forward is to put my purse (and all that other stuff) in my office when I come home because Jack will not be allowed in that room now that it is getting all fancied up. But because I don’t want my office to get cluttered, I’m thinking a couple of designated hooks in my office will be the perfect safe and sound landing spot for tote bags or purses. Plus, it will keep my kitchen counter cleared off! Double bonus. Plus, I just love hooks. You can never have too many.

Great Home Organizing Ideas {Inspiration for Creating Designated Landing Spots}Cookie sheet memo board BH&G

And then this little idea I have seen before but it just reminded me of how genius and easy it is. I love the organizational possibilities of memo boards, so I’m going to go find a couple of shiny new cookie sheets in my office. I’d use the ones I have but they aren’t pretty enough (but on the plus side of using what I have, they might smell like cookies). I can see having several of these and assigning each one a specific purpose (like menu planning or school calendars) or creating one for each member of the family.

Great Home Organizing Ideas {Inspiration for Creating Designated Landing Spots}Electronic charging station in a bread box BH&G

And then this brilliant idea for a charging station created from a breadbox is so very awesome! I have a real issue with all the electronics we use every day so I’m pretty excited to figure out a good system for how to keep my brain computer, phones and camera fully charged and ready, without the unsightly tangle of cords across my desk.

If you need more creative organizing ideas, there were tons of great ones I really liked in this BH&G home office organization album! Go check it out!

So where do you set all your stuff? Do you have good designated landing spots for papers, purses, and electronics?

Thrift Store Antique French Iron Garden Chair {Home Office Makeover}

Thrift Store Antique French Iron Garden Chair {Home Office Makeover}

I have been on the lookout for a unique non-traditional chair for my desk for quite some time, but hadn’t run across anything special enough. So this weekend I had some family visiting and we were poking around looking at fun things in a local antique mall thrift shop when we stopped dead in our tracks right in front of this little iron chair.

Thrift Store Antique French Iron Garden Chair {Home Office Makeover}

Well hello there, lovely. We admired it from all sides. Every way we turned it, it was gorgeous.

It was definitely not a run of the mill ordinary every day chair.  A wee bit garden, a wee bit industrial metal, a wee bit antique and a whole lot of fabulous. Of course that meant it had to come home with me. I offered to take it off their hands for about 30% less than they were asking and next thing I knew it was MINE!

Thrift Store Antique French Iron Garden Chair {Home Office Makeover}

I know nothing about this chair or its original origins. The shape is so eye-catching and unique right down to the amazing little swan or goose head detail on the arms. I searched high and low on the internet but couldn’t find another one just like it. The closest pieces I could find were similar and were labeled as French garden chairs from the early 1900s.

Whether my chair is an antique or not, the craftsman ship is beautiful, the iron is heavy, the chair is sturdy and I love it! I have plans to freshen it up just a bit with a new seat cover and possibly adding some antique brass casters to the feet in order to make it a wee bit taller and easier to glide across my rug. I’ll let you know what I come up with but I think it is going to be just what I’m after.

My office is coming right along and I’m super excited!

I’m really enjoying mixing the things I already had like my dark bookcases with special new pieces like my tufted Cute as a Button chairs, new Anthro curtains with my vintage sea life prints and unique finds like this iron chair because I know no one will have an office quite like mine!

There is something so rewarding and creative about mixing up a room that will be fresh and fun and one of a kind.

So what do you think? Is this really an antique French iron garden chair? {Don’t burst my bubble if you saw these mass produced last year. HA! Let me keep living the dream that these chairs used to be in a lovely little garden in France. Or England. I’d be OK with that.}

 See the chair in the finished office!