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Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

by | May 1, 2012 | Bedrooms, Decorating Inspiration | 29 comments

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

Layering Bedding – BHG

Now and then I let myself dream a little bit about my future bedroom makeover. I haven’t done anything to my bedroom in this house. Not even paint on the walls. I just have had too many other projects going on in life and around the house (such as finishing up my office!!) to work on my bedroom.

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

Layered Bedding via Sarah Richardson HGTV

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

Layered mint green bedding BHG

Honestly, although it feels like a far off dream, my bedroom is actually a room I need to work on in the upcoming months — for my sanity. Bedrooms are so important to me. They are where we spend so much time, where we retreat from the world. Our bedrooms should feel like an escape, not a place we want to escape FROM.

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}Teal and white layered bedding BHG

The truth is I don’t like my room at all. Not at all. Mostly I feel I need to give my room a makeover because the carpet is yucky (old dog/puppy) — I’m just ready to rip it all out and start over. It is a project that really cannot wait any longer.

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

Red white and blue and patterned bedding via House & Home

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

School House Electric

Besides getting rid of the nasty carpet,  I’m excited about getting new bedding. My bedding is not something that is an emergency to replace, it is more of a “I want.” I’ve had the same bedding for maybe 12 years. I can hardly believe I’ve had it that long (how does time fly by so fast??).

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}Fieldstone Hill layered bedding

Of course, it is awesome that so many years ago I went with a classic soft white matelasse coverlet that is always in style. And fortunately the quality was excellent and so it still looks good! It was all money well spent. But, I’m just ready for a new look. I think after 12 years of the same bedding I’m entitled to a bedroom makeover, right?

So if it is in the budget, I’m hoping to update my bedroom — but first I want to replace my flooring. It is always like waiting for dominoes to fall to get things done around here!

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

I love this striped headboard! Kerrisdale Design, Inc.

Good thing I like thinking about what I want to do even though I can’t get started yet. It helps me to process what I really want and hopefully helps me from making hasty decisions.

One of the things I know I love for a bed is a layered look. Always have.  Mixing and matching patterns gives a bed so much personality. I also love the informal feeling of layers, it keeps the bed from looking too stiff or stuff. And I don’t think I’m a formal kind of girl so this style suits me well.

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

West Elm layered bedding

I really adored this bedding at West Elm when I was in their store recently. This is the bed that reminded me of my love for layers and got me thinking about wanting to get new bedding! I should never go shopping. It is always dangerous.

So how about you? Is your bedroom just like you want it be?

What would you want to change if time and money were plentiful?

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  1. Maryann Interior Salvage

    I’ve been working my way thru my outdated dressing area and into the bedroom using Anthropologie as my inspiration. This post is so timely for me. I’m finally getting into the bedroom and bedding! Love the first picture from BHG, the striped headboard, and the West Elm bedding. Thanks for the great inspiration! Check out my faux painted plywood farmhouse floors!

  2. Deanna

    My bedroom needs to be decluttered! That will make it feel more restful, then I would like to do some freshening of the bedding – I do layer and it makes me happy to see a beautiful bed! I have had my bedding for about 7 years or so…time does fly!

  3. Heather

    My bedroom is on the “must be done, but later” list. It has 80’s wallpaper mixed with my more contemporary bedding from the other house. But there are so many other things that need to be done in the public spaces first – like the kitchen. So I’m like you – dreaming of the day.

  4. JoAnna

    I love the look of the striped headboard as well! I have a gorgeous handmade quilt that was a wedding gift from my grandmother. So I LOVE that part about my bed (I also purchased some awesome shams from Anthropologie) BUT I had a limited budget for the headboard so I settled for an old brass one that I spray painted green. It works for now – but if money were no object I would have a gorgeous upholstered headboard!

  5. Debi

    The pictures you posted are great. I also love layered bedding. I also understand about your floors. Have you looked under your carpet to see what is underneath. Sometimes there are beautiful surprises waiting for you. We have a cousin who found beautiful hardwood floors waiting for her. They just needed some loving care. My aunt had wood underneath, and since it wasn’t as wonderful she whitewashed them to hide the imperfections. By the way your quilt sounds beautiful, like a wonderful starting off point. Just add additional bedding from there. I love your blog, it is beautiful and full of lovely ideas.

  6. {darlene}

    What a FUN surprise. Here I was, minding my own business… daydreaming about climbing back into bed {hmmm. wonder if anyone else daydreams about that when looking at a perfectly beautifully made bed??}… when what do I see but one of my designs? Girl, you definitely made me giggle at myself! Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

    Anywho, I love all of these beds. There is something SO wonderful about a dreamy bed, full of layers. And practical too. I get the extra blanket. Hubby gets the extra pillow. perfect!

  7. Peggy

    My master bedroom is “okay”, but not at all what I want it to be. We bought this house 2 years ago and it still hasn’t moved up anywhere near the top of the rooms-to-do list. Your post has inspired me, though! Maybe it will move up a notch or two. I especially love the West Elm bedding and I am going to be near one tomorrow…hmmmm…might have to take a look. Thanks for the great post!

  8. Franki Parde

    The bedroom is “one place” that you can personalize to your “heart’s content!” Not “a lot” of people drift into your bedroom. I love, love, love my bedroom and like you, layering, it’s all about layering! I “change out” our bedroom (AND the guestrooms) mixing and matching…”that” is fun. Keep us aprised of your “dream room” (bedroom.) franki

  9. Mimi

    I love the green and white bedroom by BHG. The color palette is soft and there’s a crispness that I like in a bedroom.

  10. Jill Flory

    NO! My bedroom is NOT what I want it to be! We have been remodeling here and there on our home for 15 years. In the last several years our bedroom has become a store room for all the stuff from elsewhere while we redo those. I am SO tired of sleeping in a store room! I’ve even started calling it that instead of our bedroom. I’m slowly finding places to put the stuff we HAVE to keep and getting rid of everything else. I want to have a sanctuary not a store room!

  11. Linda Stoll

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that old brass headboard!

    After years of hunting for something well-used and loved, I finally gave up and bought a white metal headboard. The bed is layered with quilts, old and new. I just love the blue/green/gray walls and vintage oak furniture that define the room …

    You can take a peak here

    My husband usually will paint a wall ONCE, but he graciously tried THREE colors before I found the one that clicked for me. Five years later, I still smile inside when I walk through the door to that restful room!

  12. Ashley

    Love layered bedding! Our master has tons of throw billows and throws, definitely makes for a cozy space!

  13. Diane

    I have had my current bedding for 16 years….yikes! I actually bought two comforters. The second was found on a huge markdown and I thought it would be a good thing. I’m glad I did. The rest of the bedding looked great when the comforter looked worn…so it has been a great thing to do. But, I digress. When we moved I didn’t want the same thing. I was sick of it. So, I switched with the guest room. It looks good….I can still add to and freshen it when I have the funds. But, my white matelasse coverlet feels fresh and new and I feel like I have a new room. My guests don’t know the dif. And the price was right!

  14. michelle

    Such pretty rooms. It makes me want to do something to my bedroom. My bedroom was one of my 2012 projects but for now it’s on hold. We may be moving so all projects are on hold. But I am inspired now to do something whether it’s here in this house or in a new one.

  15. Dessie Coyle

    My bedroom is not how I would like it to be. I would change everything. I would paint the walls, put some picture frames, new carpeting, and new comforter.

  16. Karen

    Hi Melissa,
    I believe being forced to plan while funds become available is the best. Not that I’m a pillar of patience, but it gives me time to define what I truly LOVE for a room. Good luck.

  17. Rene

    I love layering linens! Beds-in-a-bag make me whince:) And my bedroom is in constant transformation mode.

  18. Erin

    Ha! My bedroom is a bed, dresser, and extra storage for our tiny apt! And decorating it in the new house is last on the priority list, in favor of rooms other people will see. :-/

  19. Richella at Imparting Grace

    It seems like I’m always working on a bedroom. Just got the guest room done (which took forever, but at least it’s done now!) And I’m tweaking some things in my master. But my bedding is going to stay for awhile, I think. I used to have a gorgeous, wonderful matelasse coverlet. The dry cleaners shrank it–it went from being a king size to a queen size. They reimbursed me and I got another coverlet, also beautiful. But over the years it shrank, too, until it finally wouldn’t cover the whole bed. I finally MADE myself a humongous coverlet out of a taupe-colored matelasse fabric. So far, it hasn’t shrunk! So it’s staying, for at least a while longer. I have to say, though, that I was glad to get a new bed that doesn’t take a bedskirt or dust ruffle. I like the look of a beautiful bedskirt, but I love the CLEANLINESS of not having one. I no longer shove things under the bed! :)

    I need to work on the walls in my bedroom–changing some art, adding some art, thinking about a sort of gallery wall. There’s always something, isn’t there?

  20. Becky

    If money was plentiful I think I would lighten up my bedroom. My current bedspread isn’t dark – it’s a medium rose color with big roses on it. It’s really pretty and I don’t want to get rid of it. But for the warmer months I think it would be pretty to have light blues and aquas and greens, paired with my favorite – white. :)

  21. jessica

    You always have the best pins! Miss Darlene and I have joined forces to make over my master bedroom :) I can’t wait to see what she comes up with! I added some of your inspiration pics to our pinterest board. Thank you!

  22. ana frazee

    I’m aiming to have my bedroom completed within a month, so I can enjoy summertime without any home projects.

  23. Mary S

    Such a timely post! I started my hunt for new bedding this last weekend. I cut out a picture of layered bedding from the Sears ad! Thanks for the inspiring ideas and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  24. Jillian {Her Split Ends}

    Loving these images. The first image grabbed my attention immediately. I love the shades of neutral with color pop…simply lovely!

  25. franky

    Wow i really like the kerrisdaledesign bedroom photo. Its cozy, bright and simple. Great post! Do you think its necessary to keep the bedroom bright and open during summer time and during winter season keep the room more on the dark palettes or just 1 theme throughout the year?

  26. cassie

    hi melissa! i just saw that you featured my son sawyer’s star wars room and i had to come say thank you! what an honor!

  27. Sarah HI

    I totally hear you about the bedroom! Because it’s a private room, it tends to get the backseat to places of gathering like the living and dining rooms. My walls have some damage (plaster, lead paint, wall paper, more paint) that is costly to fix. And nasty carpet. And no drapes. And no night tables or lamps. And old bedding, though we have a GORGEOUS handmade bed that was a wedding gift. It’s basically just a bed and piles of laundry. *sigh* We are getting a new bathroom this year, so I cannot complain, but I do long for a beautiful place to dream in.

  28. Linda Leyble

    Hi Melissa…I loved these ideas. I have to get started on my bedroom as well – for sanity! I have done just about every room in the house – except for our bedroom and Master Bath. So – these images will kick me into gear, I hope. I am going to look at your other post on Designing your dream bedroom as well.

    I know what I want our bedroom to look at – I just have one stumbling block. On the long wall where our bed is, we only have 1 window. Ugh…and my husband says it will be too expensive to add another one so that it’s symmetrical. I have thought about doing a desk/vanity and mirror with a canopy type idea over the mirror and draping down in a matching fabric (to the lone window!) – so that there’s some kind of symmetry. But he doesn’t even want that! I think I have to start putting my foot down,,,or esle our bedroom will be in limbo!

    Thanks for posting!


  29. Kim Moore

    Okay, I’m pathetically stumped. I love the look of shams, but what are you supposed to do with them at bedtime? And where in these gorgeous photos are the pillowcased pillows my face likes to sleep on? When I was a kid there were bedspreads. They generously covered your pillowcased pillows. Today’s comforters do not, hence the need for some shams…on pillows you don’t sleep on…covering the pillows you sleep on? I vote that comforter manufacturers stop making shams–which are overpriced anyway, and start selling dynamic pillowcase designs to go with their bedding. Wouldn’t that be cool?


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