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Girls’ Day Out in NYC! {& a Camera Bag Giveaway!}

by | May 22, 2012 | giveaways

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I‘m a blogger. And, I’m a mom. Both of these roles sometimes require toting a camera around and snapping photos. I have had my Canon Rebel for about a year now. And, I’ve carried it back and forth across the country in a tote bag to conferences and events and to every school band performance.

Why did I carry it in a tote bag? I’ll confess. It is because I thought camera cases were all ugly. Honestly, I just didn’t want to carry around an ugly camera bag and a purse and maybe even a tote bag all slung over my shoulders like an awkward tourist, a geek or crazy picture taking blogger mom. I’m not the most fashion obsessed girl on the block, but I do have a little pride.

As I was preparing to go to NYC for a week, I started to wonder how I was going to carry everything around a big city efficiently and stylishly. In NYC you don’t just “run back to to the hotel” to grab an umbrella, you know what I mean? Most of the time you have to plan ahead and carry what you’ll need for the entire day, cause it is a big city!

So before I left Seattle, I found a stylish solution for all my travel carryon stuff. A Clover Epiphanie Bag! This teal beauty (pictured above in teal) had plenty of room for everything I needed. I carried my umbrella, my wallet, my gum and lip gloss, my sunglasses, phone and there was still plenty of padded compartments for my camera — and every other little thing I needed to carry around with me!

Granted, the Clover not a tiny bag. But the beauty of this particular bag is it is compartmentalized inside, so you don’t lose things down in the black pit at the bottom of the bag. Everything had a place and I could find things quite easily. And even if my bag was dropped or smashed, it still protected my camera much better than my tote bag would!

I may decide to get a smaller camera bag as well, for times when I don’t want to carry so many things or need to carry something a bit smaller. But, I have to tell you that I literally carried this around NYC on my shoulder with all that stuff in it and it worked out great! It fit perfectly under the seat in the airplane too, so it was the perfect carryon bag. No purse or extra bag required!

And someday, when my dream comes true and I get my own iPad, it will slip right into this bag and all will be well with the world.

Girls’ Day Out in NYC!

One of the other fun days I had in NYC was a “girls’ day out” with Kate from Centsational Girl. We had a great time! You might have seen a few of the pics of the amazing things we saw via Instagram or Facebook or in my other posts so I’m going to let her show you the rest including an AMAZING fabric store! Check out her Spring in NYC post here!

Giveaway time! {now closed}

I like my camera bag so much, I arranged for YOU to have a chance to win an Epiphanie Bag of your choice! YAHOO! So leave a comment on which one you’d choose  and I’ll select a random winner on Friday! Good luck!

Epiphanie is not a sponsor of The Inspired Room, nor was I paid for this post. But they did give me a bag at no charge! As always, my opinions are my own.

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  1. Jen F

    I would pick the first one! Love it! I have little boys and I bet I could have an action figure compartment as well!!!

  2. Caroline Nagy

    LOVE the clover Bag! I need a camera bag so badly!!

  3. AmyLynn

    Drooling over the teal Belle!

  4. Kristina

    Love the Clover in grey and the Belle in teal…very cute bags!

  5. Sandy A

    All these bags are gorgeous–I really like the Clover in Red…

  6. mfranti

    I’m so easy, I’d take any one of those bags and make it work with whatever I’m wearing. Camera lens, that is.

    They’re all gorgeous. Though, the Clover teal might be my favorite.

    It’s hard to choose.

    BTW. First time I’ve ever 1. commented on a home/diy/decorating blog and 2. entered a giveaway.

    How did you do that? :)

    • Melissa

      :-) SCORE!

  7. Teri bell

    Love the Belle bag!

  8. Amber Eames

    I really love the Clover in Teal.. or Gray.. I can’t decide! I really need one of these, though. My camera bag sucks and it’s time for a new purse. This would be the perfect bag for both purposes!

  9. Amanda

    The stella looks perfect! Although I have to say they are all gorgeous!

  10. Laura

    What an incredible bag!! I would pick the Ginger Caramel. Love it!!
    Thank you for such an awesome giveaway!

  11. Mary

    These bags are beautiful! I love the Lola bag in red! My camera would LOVE to live in any of these bags. Thanks for a chance to win!

  12. jessica

    I love the teal one!!!! But anyone would do :) hehe. Thanks so much.

  13. Kathy

    The Ginger in caramel is just gorgeous! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  14. Ronda Batchelor

    It’s a toss up between the plum bag and the Lola in red. All way gorgeous.

  15. Laura Mo

    I fell in love with Ginger. Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. Amber

    Oh my! Gorgeous bags. So stylish *and* functional! I would love the Belle bag :) Thanks!

  17. Jennifer

    Oh, I’m lovin’ the Lola bag in teal and I could really, really use a new camera bag that can be used as a purse. Right now I have a very small, ugly, mannish camera bag.

  18. Sue Staum

    I would choose Clover in red! WOW!

  19. Jen Carl

    I would love the Irene! I have been using my sons old diaper bag and I am desperate for a camera bag! Thanks for the giveaway:)

  20. Beth

    Lola Black sounds wonderful. I love the compartments. Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway.

  21. kristin

    Love the pink LOLA, so cute!

  22. Jenn F

    I would love to have a lyric bag, just gorgeous!

  23. Lorese

    love the ginger carmel

  24. Kathy W

    I would definitely choose the Stella but would be happy with any of them. They are all so stylish.

  25. Kim

    I think my favorites are Ginger in brown and Paris in black, love that pink lining!

  26. Jennifer Ott

    The Clover in gray is amazing!

  27. Paigewhitley

    I love the lyric and would love a chance to win this bag.

  28. Angela

    I think I would choose a fuchsia one, but I can’t make up my mind. I would love to have any of these bags for my semi-new camera!

  29. Leigh Ann

    Thank you so much for sharing! i have too been searching high and low for a cute camera bag! sadly have yet to find one for my Rebel! I have to say i cannot decide, I really would be so tickled to have any one of them!

  30. Mary DeCoste

    The clover bag is the most wonderful, and, teal is my favorite color! Clover in teal. Yes, that’s the one!

  31. Sarah

    I’m loving the Ginger bag in Caramel! I soooo need a nice camera bag! It’s embarrassing what I’ve been carrying my camera around in!

  32. Finesse (Lynda)

    My first time, too!

    I am loving the Lola, no, the Paris. Ok, I’d like the Lyric, please!
    No such thing as a too big bag!

  33. Suzan

    It’s Lola for me, in red!

  34. Teresa cates

    I would pick the red one…” I always wish i had my camera with me when I Stumble upon a perfect photo opp! Great give away! Nglad u got a free one! May have to order one myself :)

  35. Melissa Danker

    I love the Clover in teal. It is one of my new favorite colors. I have little pops of it all over our haouse. I have a new grandbaby and need to carry my camera all of the time.

  36. Lyndsay

    I haven’t seen these bags before and now I have to have one. Oh my goodness, how cute are they–and so functional! I would love to win the GinGer bag in Caramel. Thank you for the chance to win this amazing and generous giveaway!

  37. Kim Herman

    I think that I love the Epiphanie Clover in black but they are all super cute I too fist got back from NYC and would have loved to have such a cute bag!

  38. Vanessa

    I would love the Ginger Caramel! :)

  39. Fonda K

    I love the ginger!

  40. Michelle

    The ginger caramel for sure! I have been missing out on some priceless photos lately because I’ve been leaving my camera at home as my current case is awful!

  41. Suzan

    I love the Clover in teal!

  42. Weedwacker

    I would pick the ginger bag in caramel. I could really use a bag for my camera gear!

  43. Shelly

    Love them all but would pick clover in red!

  44. Suzanne T

    That ginger caramel bag is the one I LOVE! I’d pick it in an NYC minute!

  45. Susan

    My camera is really squished into an ittybitty and not very pretty bag. A new bag, especially something as cute as these, would be a total treat.

    My fav- the first one!

  46. Adrienne

    The Clover in teal would look smashing hanging on my arm…

  47. Jenni Pertuset

    Wow, that teal one is a beauty!

  48. Teresa

    Clover or Ginger – who could possible choose????
    This is such a generous giveaway – thank you so much for sharing this great company with us!

  49. 1LuckyMama

    I LOVE the Ginger bag….in any color! Beautiful!

  50. Lissa D

    Holy cow, I have to pick just ONE?!?!
    I like Belle in the melon and Clover in mushroom, but I think my favorite has to be Stella in purple/magenta. Squeee!!

  51. Kim

    They all look really fun, but I think the third one down is my favorite. Love reading this blog. :)

  52. Lauren Davison

    Ooooh! Either Ginger in the ivory color, or Lola in the teal! YUM!

  53. Dana

    Lola in red. Definately!

    • Dana

      Oops, definitely, that is! I’m up too late to spell correctly.

  54. Jan

    I adore the teal. Though the mustard yellow could be super fun, too. Love these bags!

  55. Kimi

    love the Belle!

  56. Leilani

    I really like the red Lola. So stylish!

  57. Sarah

    I think I would pick the same one you did! Beautiful!

  58. Debra C

    I love the Clover in red or taupe!

  59. Lori

    I love the Lyric in mustard!

  60. Angelika Rauth

    The turquoise, brown or purple bag are my faves! Someone mentioned a mustard colored one – I didn’t see that! Sounds cute though!
    So glad you had a good time in NYC! You know, hauling so much stuff around when I’m in the city or on the go totally stresses me out – I go digging for lost items in the bottom of my bag, or my bag gets heavy as the day wears on and I get all hot and bothered (in a bad sense, of course!). Lots of times I’ve just brought bare essentials with me and skipped a purse or bag just out of comfort. Glad you found a perfect one! They sure are adorable.

  61. Alexis

    I could really use a pretty bag for my camera – I love the Ginger bag in slate blue!

  62. Kara

    I love the clover bag in teal!

  63. Jaime

    Love the teal belle!!!

  64. Gina

    Having just got back from New York I know exactly what you mean, unfortunately I had the “man bag” all weekend. Functional, but oh so ugly!

    I love these bags…I think Lyric is my favorite.

    Great giveaway!!!

  65. Laura

    I love the brown one! Looks so roomy and stylish!!

  66. Anne

    I’d choose the teal one!

  67. Sreekala Nair

    Hi Melissa,
    I just couldn’t believe when I saw your post. I had despaired of never finding a bag that fit all. As a marketing professional traveling to various locations, my biggest grouse is that most often I have to leave my camera behind for lack of space in the bag. Laptop and professional literature takes up all the space. And I’m stuck with trying describe with words the places i have been to. Many thanks for this post.
    I am a regular follower of your blog and enjoy the simple practical advises. More power to you,

  68. Sreekala Nair

    And of course, clover teal is my favorite…

  69. Melissa

    I like the red one! Thanks for sharing a great bag solution!

  70. April was in CT now CA

    I really like the Clover bag, but I also like the Ginger. Too many cute choices!!!!

  71. Laurie

    Love, love, love the RED one!! Carrying stuff for the kids, husband, everything I need …. and looking fashionable is certainly a challenge!

  72. Wendi

    Ginger or Clover? Clover or Ginger? ??????? Love them both!!!! This October I am going back to MI to shoot the wedding pictures for the daughter of my friend of over 30 years. (The only reason I can endure shooting wedding pictures that require so much editing, and you only get one chance at each shot. Fun, but stressful.) This would be a fun way to carry my camera and accessories all weekend. Three and half years ago I shot the wedding pictures of her oldest daughter and I had my traditional, cumbersome camera bag; this would be much cuter and stylish. Love it!!

  73. Sherina

    I love the slate blue Ginger. Perfect way to get back into wearing cute purses after just using the diaper bag for everything!

  74. Susan

    The LOLA BAG >>> I’m in love with it’s red, sassy styling. It’s me…the me I want to be! :)

  75. melissa stover

    I love the clover in carmel.

  76. minutedeco

    Great bags. I love the second one.
    Have a nice day,

  77. Christi

    I would love to have the Clover in pink! :) What a great giveaway!

  78. Jo-Anne

    What great bags!…..I love the Stella Plum.

  79. Kristina

    Love those giveaways, but maybe I’ll never win. Anyway, those bags are gorgeus, I really want to have one, because all camera bags are so ugly! Ginger looks comfortable :)

  80. MeLissa R

    The Belle in teal! So cute!

  81. Melanie O'Steen

    I love the Lyric bag!

  82. Kim

    The Ginger Caramel!!! It kills me to be carrying around my super expensive camera in my diaper bag wrapped in a towel.

  83. Eli

    The Lola in black would be sooo perfect for my Nikon ! I really want one, they look so handy yet fashionable ! What a change, my usual camera bag is so ugly compared to these… Thank you for this giveaway, I cross my fingers !

  84. Lora W.

    Such a great giveaway! I love the Stella bag in gray.

  85. Niki


    Belle is my favorite (any color)

  86. Jennifer

    The red bag is fantastic!!

  87. Chrissy F

    I love the Bella bag. It’s been on my wish list for ages!!

  88. MArtha

    Clover is lovely! What a fun time you had-don’t you love NYC?

  89. Lorraine

    Love this giveaway! I would choose the Belle bag!

  90. suzivp

    Definitely the teal, it is a beautiful color!

  91. Vicki I.

    I would LOVE to own the Lola bag. Thanks for the chance to win!

  92. kimj


  93. Michelle

    So hard to choose just one. Any of these would be great. I love to take my camera with me everywhere, but hate the ugly camera bags.

  94. Emily

    Oh, man do I need a bag like this! I love the Ginger bag!

  95. Beth

    They’re all great, but I think I’d go Ginger in slate blue!

  96. Eileen Scott

    Love the teal & brown! Modern, stylish, & practical! What a great find!

    Love the blog with my morning cup of coffee.

  97. Lori H

    I like the Ginger first, the Lyric second. Oh, and all the others too. :) Great choices!

  98. Kim c

    So hard to pick a favorite, but I do love the Lola in red!

  99. heather dundore

    I love the teal Clover bag!

  100. Maureen

    I love them all, but really like Clover in Teal. You chose well!

  101. Shary

    The Lola or Lyric bag in teal would be my choice!

  102. Kathie

    I love them all but I think the teal Clover bag is my favorite!!

  103. Kathie

    I love the teal Clover bag, they are all beautiful though!

  104. Jo

    I adore the lyric bag in grey – stylish and functional too! Thank you for the awesome bag giveaway

  105. Sherri

    Love that bag (teal is a favorite color) and I’m always looking for a better way to stash camera (s) and needed items in one bag ….. might be the perfect one!

  106. Sherri

    Love that bag (teal is a favorite color) and I’m always looking for a better way to stash camera (s) and needed items in one bag.

  107. joanne

    I love reading your blog every morning with a cup of tea, great way to start the day I love them all LOL but I am leaning towards Lola which happens to be one of my beagles name maybe she’ll bring me luck.

  108. Joanne at Frutto della Passione

    Wow, what beautiful bags. I love them all, really hard to choose, but if I must then I’d go with the Clover in teal!

  109. caroline

    would love to have a Clover bag! {it was so much fun to see your instagram pics of NYC!}

  110. Corinna

    I love the happy Fuschia-ey colored bag (the 1st one) :)

    I would definitely rearrange my entire wardrobe to accommodate wearing this cutie everyday.

    Have a wonderful day! Thanks for loads of inspiration!

  111. Laine

    I’m loving the Ginger in caramel, though the slate blue is a close second!

  112. Ashley

    It is so hard to choose a favorite, they are all wonderful. I would probably say Stella or Ginger.

  113. Karen in Brookville, Oh

    I’m thinking possibly the Stella Plum. They are all beautiful. I would love to be able to get all my stuff in one, beautiful bag!

    PS, I can’t get the Epiphanie website to work :(

  114. Andi T.

    Love these bags! I would choose the Lyric bag

  115. Elizabeth G.

    I love the BELLE one.

  116. Anne Marie

    I love the Clover in teal.

  117. Angela Bailey

    I love the teal bag you chose!

  118. sangeetha

    Love Belle

  119. Cynthia

    Love that Ginger bag! Thanks!

  120. Cathy

    Oh I’m getting a new camera next week and need a cute bag for it! I love Lola! So super cute!

  121. missy june

    Dying for one of these! Clover in fushia, I think.

  122. Donna Attaway

    Hey..they are all great….but love love the red!!!! so tired of my generic Best Buy camera bag
    love your blog :):):)

  123. Jere

    Love the Bella!!! Love the color Fuchsia!

  124. Beth

    Beautiful bags! I love GINGER in caramel!

  125. Karlene Garner

    I love them ALL but I think the Pink Bag is my favorite! Although I like the Red one too!

  126. Jill

    I love Lola in Red!

  127. Debra Bashaw

    Love the teal bag because it has compartments. Everything always goes to the bottom of my regular purses. Could it be because I carry my life in my purse?

  128. Kandi

    Oh, I love the teal Clover bag! Gorgeous!

  129. Tara

    I love the Lola bag… so chic! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  130. Kristen

    i LOVE that Lola bag. especially the teal. so gorgeous.

  131. Kathy Roloff

    Making a choice would be difficult, but I would be up to the challenge.

  132. Suzanne

    I would pick the brown one!

  133. Jennifer G

    I love them ALL!! The Clover in Teal or the neutral tan is classic.

  134. Heather

    I love the clover and lola bags– it would be a hard choice!

  135. Jill

    It is so nice to have a pretty camera bag option! Loving the Lyric in Slate Blue.

  136. stephanie

    It is a really tough decision, all of these bags look awesome. I can’t decide between the stella (in grey) or the clover. Maybe it’s the braided handles I’m being attracted to?

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  137. Heather Nash

    These are all gorgeous… My favorite would be the Lola in Red! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  138. Angie

    Anything in any shade of blue will work for me!

  139. Angel L

    I can’t decide! I love the Stella and the Clover. Both are great.

  140. Linda Adkins

    I love the Teal and Plum ones but I will take whatever if I win!!! Great purse.

  141. Emily

    I love the Belle bags.

  142. Jessica

    The Lyric is on my list!! Thanks!

  143. Jennifer Hayes

    I love the LyRic in that yellow color. That’d be an awesome bag to have!

  144. molly

    I have been looking for a protective and stylish camera bag. I absolutely LOVE the yellow and brown Lyric bags!

  145. Hollie

    It was hard to pick between Lola and Clover, but I think Clover in Red might be my favorite.

  146. ShannonK

    The teal is beautiful, I would love the chance to win it. And if I don’t maybe I can figure out a way to DIY a large purse to carry my camera around. thank you!

  147. mary

    a new camera bag is on my list! here’s hoping. . . .

  148. Drea

    The Clover in teal is gorgeous! Definitely my favourite :)

  149. Becky

    What a stylish way to carry around your camera!! I hate lugging my ugly camera bag out with me but LOVE to capture pictures of my beautiful twin girls :)

    All the bags are amazing but I’m in love with the Ginger in caramel – what an amazing giveaway!! Thanks :)

  150. Erica F

    Love camera bags that can be disguised as purses! I’d have to say my favorites of these are the Ginger Clove or the Stella Plum

  151. Tammi D

    The Lola in black would be so awesome for my old school Canon!

  152. Gay B

    It would have to be Belle in that lovely orange color.

  153. DebE

    So hard to choose, but if I must I think the fuchsia Lyric is awesome.

  154. Lauren

    I LOVE the Clover Bag in Teal, the braided straps are sooo cute!

  155. Lindsay Lee

    I am obsessing over the STELLA! Fingers crossed! :)

  156. Stephanie

    I would pick the Lola in red.

  157. Terri Garrett

    I have had the same camera for two years and carry it around in just an old tote too! I love the pink one!

  158. Nolly Murray

    My rebel would look stunning riding in a red Lola as I chase around my 6 beautiful grand babies! And I love a long shoulder or cross body strap.

  159. Amanda

    I love them all! I change my mind all the time about which is my favorite. Maybe the clover….or the belle?

  160. Nolly Murray

    My rebel would look stunning riding in a red Lola! And I love the shoulder/cross body strap!

  161. Lori

    They are all so cute! I would probably choose the Ginger. Thanks for the chance!

  162. Stephanie

    Love this! Most of the time I have my camera in the black hole of my tote too just to avoid the awful camera bags. This would be perfect!!

  163. Samantha

    They are all so cute, but if I had to pick I like the Ginger Clove or Teal. Much better option than a not-so-cute camera bag!

  164. Jessica P.

    I love the Teal Clover. Great choice! They are all pretty fantastic, though!

  165. Jan

    I love the Teal clover bag…trying to minimize what I carry in my bags, but my Canon G12 is also a larger camera that needs a little more protection.

  166. Morgan

    I Love the Teal Clover one also!!! It is so cute, they are all amazing though!

  167. MeliD11

    I would choose the Lola in red. I just got a rebel t3 for mother’s day!

  168. Alyson

    Wow, thank you so much for the chance to win this beautiful camera bag! I love the clover one in teal. Can’t wait until Friday!

  169. Shelly

    LOVING the teal Clover bag!!

  170. Kristen

    CLOVER grey! Love love it!!

  171. Ellen Bingham

    The Stella in Plum is my top choice–I LOVE little pockets!

  172. Vanessa

    I love the lyric bag!!

  173. Abigail

    Mmm, love the Lyric bag – in yellow! Those lookbook photographs sold me.

  174. Kim

    I LUV the Teal bag – sooooo pretty -leaving in 2 weeks for vacation and would stuff that puppy full!! Love your site – so many great things about it!! Hope you are having fun in NYC!! The best place to be with a girlfriend!!!

  175. Karen

    Stella, plum!

  176. Sherry

    Clover, or Paris, or Belle, OH MY! Ilove Belle’s small size but it’s hard to resist the black Paris with pink lining. I would be extremely happy with so many of their bags.

  177. Heather

    I love Stella in slate blue. Gorgeous!

  178. Laura

    OHH…Love the Stella in Plum! Stylish and functional and oh so cute! Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

  179. Susan Brown

    Gotta’ have the Clover bag in teal!

  180. Kathy

    I love the Clover in black. I think these bags are amazing. So stylish and practical. Thank you for doing such a great giveaway.

  181. Lindsay

    I think I like the clover or the belle the best. So fun that a ipad will fit in there too.

  182. Angie Jerde

    I would take any of them. But love the style of the Lola bag!!!

  183. Gwen

    I would chose the LOLA new red strap, I could eat it, the color is so yummy

  184. DEBBIE

    I love them all – but if I had to pick I would say the teal or the ginger… either would make my very happy! Thank you!

  185. Sue

    I would pick the teal colored one, it is beautiful! Thanks for sharing about this camera bag.

  186. Tina W.

    I would choose the Lyric in mustard. Lovely!

  187. Allison White

    I absolutely LOVE the teal bag, and right now I really need one. My grandson was recently playing with mine (without the camera) and dropped it in the lake we were taking pictures at.

  188. Brandy E.

    I love the Clover bag for a practical reason, it zips so it can be locked and the straps would be hard to cut. (both important when traveling to questionable countries). I do however love it in the very impractical pink. :)

  189. Stephanie

    OOOH! Clover clover clover.

  190. Erica

    I love the colors if the bags as well as the practicality of them!

  191. Emily

    I love the Lola! I have been looking at these bags for a while, but haven’t taken the plunge. Thanks for the chance to win!

  192. Jessica

    Definitely the Clover in Teal–beautiful!!

  193. Melissa B.

    They’re all so beautiful! I love the belle series…but it’s hard to decide on a color. I’m not good at stepping outside the box of black or brown accessories…but I do love the real color! :)

  194. Jannette

    I would “love love” to rock the brown vintage style camera bag! I need one of these to keep my camera stuff organized, plus you cant tell its a camera bag, “how cool is that?” Thanks for the chance to win!

  195. Jennifer

    The LOLA bag in teal would be a dream come true! :) Love the entire Epiphanie in line. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity!!

  196. Andrea

    Love the Clover in red! Thanks for hosting the giveaway, and for providing a review as well.

  197. Liz

    The Lola in red… fingers crossed. :-)

  198. Janice

    Stella Plum is a dream come true….I hope! Please pick me…holding my breathe until you do…

  199. sarah

    i’ll take the bell please……i’ve always had a thing for short handled purses.

  200. Jenny

    Paris in black. So practical and pretty and it would be so nice not to have to carry 2 bags around with me all the time!

  201. Suzi

    The Lyric is fantastic! My husband and I have hardly any photos because neither of us ever wants to lug around a camera. This would be amazing!!!

  202. jessica w

    I would love the clover bag in the grey color!

  203. Stacey

    Ooh, the Clover in teal, for sure! What an amazing find! I have been all over the camera stores looking for something that would hold a slim laptop and two bodies plus lenses.

  204. Liz

    i <3 the lola in pink, but if i won i would totally let my good photographer friend choose which one she wanted! fingers, toes, and legs crossed! thanks for the giveaway!

  205. Gayathri

    Ginger Caramel, love the name and the bag !!

  206. Karen

    OK, you finally got me to leave a comment. I would choose the Clover bag in teal or red–would be great for a carry on when traveling to hold camera equipment + my laptop.

  207. Beth

    Would love to win the Lyric in mustard. Great giveaway!!!

  208. Amy

    Clover in turquoise. This would be perfect for my job, I am constantly running around taking photos and using my tablet to write stories. It would be nice if I didn’t have to carry three different bags for everything.

  209. fitzwoman

    Clover teal

  210. Irene

    I am IN LOVE with the Stella bag in Slate Blue! My camera would fit perfectly for my frst trip to NYC in October!

  211. Rachel

    PARIS IN BLACK PLEASE! :) So cute and plenty of room for my gear!

  212. Jenne

    I would love the Red LOLA it looks like an amazing bag! It would be perfect for my D5100. I am a mom too with three teenagers :)

  213. Caroline

    I have my heart strings set on a Lola in pink! :D Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  214. Tali G.

    I would love to win the Caramel Ginger!!!

  215. Melissa

    Ginger in slate blue!

  216. Gwynne B.

    If I had the chance, I’d choose the Lyric bag! I love it (and I think my camera would too ;D)

  217. Angie Green

    I would love the Ginger in Slate Blue. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  218. Erin

    I’d love the Clover in black or red.

  219. Angie

    I’m torn between the Belle in tangerine and the Ginger in bisque ….decisions decisions. Love those bags though :)

  220. LivLaughEat

    It would have to be the Lyric in brown!

  221. Kelley S.

    I am in love with the Stella in plum!

  222. April

    I love the Stella in Plum! I definitely need a camera bag, my gear needs somewhere to hang out together, instead of scattered throughout the house.

  223. Dawn

    You pick – I will just love it!

  224. Pat White

    I’d love the red bag as I have a “thing” for shoulder straps.

  225. Carolynn F

    The Belle bag in Fuschia takes my breath away….awesome.

  226. Pat White

    The Stella in plum is, also, beautiful.

  227. Allison

    I so need a bag like this. I had no idea that you could buy camera bags this cute! I have an old black, very manly looking bag. I love the Clover in Teal! Teal is my new color!

  228. LLauderdale

    Ooh, Clover in grey. What a lovely thing for Epiphanie and you to do.

  229. Dakota

    The Ginger in Caramel is gorgeous!

  230. kristin

    love the belle in pink!

  231. Tinachicky

    I would love the Stella Plum Front one! Gorgeous!

  232. Lauren

    Love love love the Lyric in Mustard! So much fun!!!

  233. Charisma

    I would love to win the Clover in camel! We had also planned to be in NYC last week (my dream to visit since I was 7) but had to cancel, maybe next year :). So inspired by you, your ministry and your blog. I just received my first dslr camera and would love to have a bag to carry it in!
    – Your neighbor on the Olympic Peninsula, Charisma :)

  234. Jennifer C.

    Clover in black! Love it! I also love it in grey and teal!

  235. Traci

    I love, love, love the Clover in Red. All the bags are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for this chance!!

  236. Hanna

    Love the lyric bag!!

  237. Shannon Russ

    I love Lola in red, so nice! Thank you for the chance!

  238. Angie

    I would LOVE to get the Paris bag in black! It’s perfectly perfect!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  239. Krissy

    Lyric in Yellow is my favorite! I’d love to replace my “ugly” camera bag with this beauty!

  240. Amy Dean

    I’m diggin the red bell!!! Love love! :)

  241. June Jones

    I’d love the Stella in gray. What a great giveaway!

  242. Tiffany

    Beautiful bags. Thanks for the giveaway. I’d choose Belle in teal. :-)

  243. Holly

    I love the Belle in teal and Lyric in plum! But I would love to have any of them over my ugly, generic camera bag!

  244. Carol Hobbs

    I can’t decide!! Probably I’d pick Lola. But then perhaps Ginger. I love them all!!

  245. Emily

    The belle in the pink is super cute

  246. Charity Mackenzie

    I would choose the Lola in teal! (I think!)

  247. Susan Cox

    Clover in teal suits me!

  248. Margy

    I’d use any of them! I love them all!!!

  249. Missy Douthit

    I LOOOOOVE the Lola bag!!! She is gorgeous and looks like she would be sooo roomy!!! I constantly have this issue of wanting to tote along my camera but not having enough arms to carry everything I need for me, my accessories and my 2 year old. Thank you so much for sharing such an AMAZING giveaway!! <3

  250. VICKIE M.

    Wow! What great bags. I am not very great with a camera, but my friend and wonderful neighbor is. She is amazing! I would love to win this bag for her. What a great gift for a great friend.

  251. Jennifer M

    I’m with you….I would pick Clover, too. With Belle a close runner-up!

  252. Sophie~Bug's Mom

    I love the Belle bag!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!!

  253. Gina Smith

    The Lyric in mustard … Yes Pleeeze!

  254. Josanne

    I LOVE the Stella in grey!!! These bags are gorgeous!!

  255. Sarah VM

    I’d love to have the Stella Plum bag.

  256. Lisa

    I love the Clover bad in Teal. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  257. Sherry Morris

    I would love the Clover in black! I need this so much! I going on my first vacation ever and this would be perfect! What a great giveaway! Thank you for the chance!

  258. kelly

    I am kinda a teal sort of girl. But that fuchsia is awesome!!! In fact, I’m kinda surprised that I’m saying this, but I think I would want the fuchsia. Wow…I feel like a traitor. I’m sorry teal, I still love you…..

    Thanks for the chance to win, Melissa. By the way, I would totally put this bag to good use when I travel all the way from Canada fro ALLUME in october!!!

  259. Lillian

    Wow! I didn’t know gear like this existed! I love the Clover in Teal. Great style and color. No more excuses to resort to the phone camera with this bag!

  260. Robyn

    I would pick Lyric because I love the two outside pockets and because it just speaks to my soul that it would work well for me.

  261. Kristi

    LOVE the Ginger bag!! And the light blue is so pretty :)

  262. Tracey

    I have been looking for one of these. I agree with you the big black square bags are not stylish… I would love the stella in plum…. YUM!!!

    Love your blog!!!

  263. Breanna

    I really love the braided handle and the cute pockets and zippers of the Stella. Plus, I went to high school with the photographer/model in the picture. How wonderfully random.

  264. Diana Odom

    I’d love to win the Slate or Plum Lyric Bag!

  265. linda (burlap+blue)

    Such a hard choice! Though I love both the Clover and Lola bags:0

  266. Andrea Crane

    I love the teal bag! The braided handles are a nice touch.

  267. Jessica F

    I love the Ginger!! What an awesome giveaway!!

  268. Teresa C

    I love the Clover in teal or black!

  269. Michelle

    Ginger caramel, please! I just purchased a car with “Caramel Bronze Pearl” being the color. It’s a sign, don’t you think? Thanks.

  270. Missy

    I love the Clover bag in teal too! It’s beautiful!

  271. Ingrid

    Ohlalalalalala! I love the cheery mustard yellow Lyric bag! Awesome!

  272. Pam

    Oooo great bags! I’m liking that Belle bag in tangerine perfect for California. The fact that it holds my iPad too is amazing. Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  273. Rachel C

    Love the Ginger Caramel. Just got a new camer yesterday…this would be great!!!

  274. Pam W

    Oh decisions, decisions….I love them all!! But the Ginger bag is definitely a top contender! Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing bag-I know my nikon would be so proud!

  275. Kellie M

    I’d choose the Lola bag – it’s my daughter’s nickname :) And, I do like the bag too.

  276. Barbara

    I’d love any of them, but my favorite is the clover bag.

  277. Gayle

    I would love the Stella bag. The room and organization would be wonderful.

  278. Amy Chaffin

    The red Lola. But I take anyone if it is given to me. Thanks for the chance.

  279. Patti

    Oh my gosh, what a beautiful bag and way better than a typical camera bag!!!

  280. Teresa S

    The teal bag is so pretty…I really like the braided straps. Thanks, your blog is cool and I really enjoy it, especially Jack’s adventures. Our Cat is named Jack…he didnt break a lamp though, just the shade…I love him like all getout.

  281. StaciM

    Wow. I’ll take one of each, please!!! The Stella and Ginger are particularly fun, but this beggar isn’t choosy :) Great giveaway from a great blog. Thanks!

  282. Alicia

    Ginger has always been my fave. So lovely!

  283. Jennifer

    Oh, I think Lola in pink would be the perfect addition to my camera gear!!

  284. Sarah S.

    My fave is the Ginger in blue. Thanks for the chance to win!

  285. Jennifer

    Love the Lola bag…probably because I have a daughter with the same name!

  286. Amy K.

    Oh, so hard to choose, they’re all so lovely! I think my first choice would have to be the Ginger bag, in the caramel color for its timelessness. Thanks for the opportunity, I appreciate it!

  287. Suzie Kormos-Davis

    My wonderful boyfriend got me a wonderful SonyNEX-5 for Christmas. It’s been wonderful using it around the house and slinging it on my neck to take some shots around our wonderful town, but when my wonderful son graduated high school and I had to travel to wonderful Colorado with it, it was NOT so wonderful throwing it in to the bottom of my purse! Now I have a “wonderful” scratch on it from my keys–( which also end up in that “wonderful” pit in the bottom of my purse! I went to Epiphanies website so I could really get a feel for which one I might want and well, WOW!! How wonderful they really are!! The GINGER would work so well for me– I love how you can customize the inside to fit your stuff! I think I would just use it as my all around bag and finally be able to carry my camera with me always and never miss the next wonderful shot! Thanks for your inspiration here … And the giveaway– it’s… well, I have to say it… WONDERFUL!!

  288. Mandi

    I love these bags! I would have to say the Lyric in Slate Blue, but that Clover in red looks pretty amazing. Ha

  289. Ruth

    I am such a picky purse person and I need plenty of pockets or compartments.
    My choice is the “belle”.

  290. Krista

    Oh I LOVE the Clover in teal or grey.

  291. Tamara

    I’d love a Clover in gray!

  292. D.Clover

    What a tough decision with such a beautiful selection to choose from! With a last name like Clover that seems that bag would’ve been the obvious choice for me, but then I was torn between Ginger and Lyric. I’m a professional photographer and would LOVE wearing something this stylish on a photoshoot! My final choice would have to be the Lyric in Slate Blue, mainly because the 2 outer zipped pockets would make my batteries and flash cards super accessible in a hurry. Hoping my 4-leafed last name will bring me some extra luck to win this lovely bag! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  293. Melinda Stanton

    The blue one. Always the blue one!

  294. Heather Smith

    It’s a toss up between the Clover and Paris. Can I have them both? LOL I need one that will hold my MacBook Pro as well as my camera… and just in time for BlogHer too!!

  295. taryn

    Love Stella in the grey color.

  296. Kindra H.

    I like the Lola :)

  297. Kindra H.

    In blue… :)

  298. Stella

    The Clover in red is hot, hot, hot!

  299. Allie

    A Pink Belle bag would be amazing! I agree that the typical ones are super ugly.. and I would love an awesome way to carry around my Rebel T1i for kid adventures and other shots.

  300. Jennifer

    I’ve wanted a LOLA for years, but I also love the Stella and the Paris. Thanks for this giveaway!! : )

  301. Ashley Urke

    I would love the clover! All their bags are absolutely gorgeous!

  302. Diana Camden

    I would get the Clover or Lola in red, just gorgeous!

    Diana C

  303. Beth

    The Lola Black would be awesome to win!

  304. Guerrina

    They’re all gorgeous! Love the Ginger Caramel to go with everything!

  305. hayley

    I have been dying to get my hands on a lola bag for ages!

  306. Angela

    I love the lola bag in turquoise.

  307. Laura Smith

    The Belle in pink looks amazing! Well they are all amazing, but at the moment I’m craving pink!

  308. Jenn

    I would pick the brown one. That way I would have some hope of my husband carrying it for a while! Thanks for highlighting these!

  309. Lisa Retherford

    definately the stella in plum, i have been looking for a camera bag!!

  310. d

    Its hard to choose between the clover and the stella, I like them both. If I had to pick at this moment I’d pick the clover.

  311. Carmen

    I love Ginger in the beige color.

  312. Stefanie

    I just spent way too long deciding, like I’d already won and it was super critical that I pick the right one! Crazy. I think I’d have to go with the clover. Love them.

  313. Sue M.

    I like them all but wuld use a more nuetral bag…going with the lovely ginger caramel.

  314. Carmen Goddard

    I want or should I saw NEED one of these bags – I have been eyeing them! They are all awesome but I would probably pick the Lola or lyric style. Thanks for the give a way!

  315. Karla E.

    Oooh how cute is the Stella in Plum!

  316. Mary Riemen

    I would love a teal Lola or caramel Ginger!

  317. Karen Mary

    Oh, I’d choose the Clover, no doubt. The color, ummm, can’t decide. Yet. As soon as I win I’ll figure it out though! :)

  318. Cecy

    I love Ginger in a lavender color.

  319. Georgia B

    I’d choose the Clover. Thanks for the opp.
    What a find!

  320. Jesseca

    I think I’d go with the ginger carmel, although it’s just a fancy name for brown! Totally my style.

  321. Michelle

    Belle is beautiful!! Just what I need for my Rebel – thanks!

  322. kelly

    Belle Fuchia for me….love that color!

  323. Beth R.

    Ohhh I would go with the Ginger in Caramel. Gorgeous!

  324. Jolena R.

    I would choose the clover teal bag. Love this blog! Many great ideas. Thanks.

  325. Keri A.

    I have been dreaming of a more stylish camera bag and these are so perfect. I think my favorite is the Ginger in Camel.

  326. Karen B

    No black hole? Ginger Carmel for me please!
    Thanks for all your amazing blogging.

  327. Stephanie

    Love them! I’d pick either the giner in carmel or the belle in fuschia!

  328. Tina

    They are all awesome but I would go for Stella -in pink!

  329. Megan's Cookin'

    I want the Lola bag in red so bad. I’m going to a conference in July and as you said, this would be the perfect carry-on on the plane! Love it!

  330. Liz

    This was insanely hard…it would either be the Paris or the Belle…they are both so beautiful…
    I was just commenting this weekend how I miss my original Canon AE1 camera…But the one I have now would love one of these bags as their new home…Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  331. Kim Vaccariello

    I would love the Lola bag in pink! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  332. Laura

    These bags are exactly what I am looking for…hate looking like a tourist/nerd with all of my camera’s and stuff. Brilliant! Love the green bag, tres chic!

  333. Sarah

    I like the clover bag, but the Lola is nice too

  334. Joy

    If I win I’ll let my daughter pick her favorite. She is a photographer and she would love one of these bags.

    Thanks for the give away.

    • Megan

      The Clover is my favorite, but I like the Lola in black since I know my sister would love it- she’s been carrying around this enormous ugly camera bag for too long!

  335. Kathleen Peterson

    I love the Belle bag in blue! I need a new camera bag.

  336. Nicole Eason

    I love the Ginger! So cute!

  337. Rachel

    Love the Lyric in yellow!

  338. Charissa

    The lola (red hot strap) is beautiful! In love!

  339. Janelle

    love ginger & lola

  340. A.Smith

    How wonderful, these are just stunning!! I would love the Stella or the Lola, oh dear I’m so indecisive, lol. Have a fantastic day and thank you for such an amazing opportunity to win one of these gems.

  341. Kristina

    My current favorite is the Lola in red. Ok, I admit it, I’m OBSESSED and really want one of these bags.

  342. Kate Theriault

    Slate Blue Ginger is my dream bag! I could carry my camera and diapers in one!

  343. Jessie Quinn

    I have my heart set on the mustard lyric!!

  344. Jeri

    I would love to be able to win the Clover! My poor nikon is so tired of being wrapped up in a hand towel and thrown in my purse lol. Thank you for the giveaway =)

  345. Paula

    Hello from Canada! I would love to have a Clover or a Belle, something girly for me! I had 3 little boys now 5,4,3 in 22 months and I always take my camera! Pictures are so important as I don’t have any of me when I was little my sister took them all when our mom passed away ;(* I would love to have something “girly” for ME ! I already have to carry around a “boy bag” so my husband will carry it too, he won’t carry anything pinkish or girly! thank you Paula!!

  346. Alyson

    I’ve been DYING for a Stella! So, so gorgeous. And, just like you.. I’m toting my DSLR around in a tote bag (thank goodness it’s cute at least) for the past year. Mama needs an upgrade and my camera sure deserves it.

  347. amy g

    I’m in love with the lyric in yellow. What a fun bag.

  348. Ceci

    I’m from Uruguay, and we don’t have that type of camara bags here. I find the m lovely, but here, I carry my camera around in a dull and boring black case. I’d love to have one of those!

  349. Julianne

    I love the little red bag! I am a photographer and have always complained about how ugly and cumbersome my camera bag can be, these bags are fantastic! Finally a camera bag I can take everywhere.

  350. Patsy J Lander

    I am absolutely in love with the Clover in turquoise!!!!

  351. Joanna Boyes

    I love the Ginger in Caramel – perfect for professional jobs as well as casual days.

  352. Kristin T

    Oh a pink Belle would be lovely

  353. sara toro

    Love lyric mustard.!!!! and ginger caramel!!! FINGERS CROSSED!

  354. Rebecca

    I love the Ginger in brown. So cute!

  355. Trisha D Waters

    I have wanted one of these bags FOREVER and go to their website frequently to look at them…if I could ever afford one, I think it would be between the Belle and the Red Clover…I love both of those bags :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  356. Colleen Easley

    I’m loving the Lola in red.

  357. Nicole

    I love the red lola!!!

  358. Heather M.

    I would love a Clover bag!

  359. Kailen

    I would love to have the lyric in plum!

  360. Laura

    I LOVE the Ginger in Caramel!

  361. Jamie

    I have been dying to get Ginger in Slate or Caramel

  362. Stephanie R

    I love, love, love my black Lola.. but I wouldn’t mind having the Belle in pink!

  363. Jana

    I have been carrying my camera in a ugly black camera case from the late 90’s. It’s very dilapitated and worn. It has to go! I wouldn’t use it except I’m afraid of damaging my camera. I love the Ginger. I love the Lyric. I love the Stella. I love the Lola. Is that too many? :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  364. Dionne

    I would love Lola in Pink. They are all fabulous!

  365. Theresa Abbots

    The Ginger Caramel please.It sounds good enough to eat and looks just delicious.I’ve yet to see one here in North Cornwall , ever ! Thank you for the giveaway.

  366. Eileen

    I’d love the Lola in black! If I had one it would make me think fondly of my grandmother too (because Lola means Grandma in the filipino language).

  367. Juanita

    Love the Lyric in brown or slate blue, I think :P

  368. Ami

    Love that Belle fuschia you have pictured. Thanks for sharing how you used your Lola, gave me a good sense of sizing…

  369. Jennifer M

    I love the teal clover ;-)

  370. Amanda Land

    I want a belle in teal!

  371. Tasha Phillips

    The Belle in Teal or Tangerine are absolutely LOVERLY! :)

  372. jaimee mcallister

    I love the Paris in Plum! it looks absolutely gorgeous!

  373. Kristin

    Wow I’ve always wanted to go to NYC! I bet it was so much fun. My favorite bag is actually the very first photo you posted! Love that one :)

  374. Dana

    Im in love with all the bags!! :). If I had to pick one, I would pick clover
    I agree w/ you about ugly bags!! I have a canon rebel as well & between carrying that bag, I also have 3 small children, so there’s always their bags as well as my purse! I feel like a bag lady!!

  375. Heldy

    Beautiful bags! I’m in love with the Lyric in Chocolate:)

  376. Celeste S

    Red Lola, you are the one for me.

  377. Lea

    I have been coveting the Ginger in caramel for quite some time now :)

  378. Julie Weller

    I LOVE the BELLE in Teal!! ♥♥

  379. Susan

    I have dreamed of the Stella in red since the first time I saw it in person!!

  380. Melissa S

    I am totally in love with all of the Epiphanie bags, but right now I am all about the bisque Ginger bag. Or the camel Clover….. lol. It would be a hard choice!

  381. Nancy

    Lyric in Mustard :)

  382. Heather

    I’m all over the Clover in teal! :::Crossing fingers::: :)

  383. Elizabeth

    Stella in Grey! Love love love!

  384. Mary Sue Scott

    A blue ginger, or a brown one. Or a blue lyric…..plum is gorgeous too! Black Lola…..nice. I have been drooling over them all morning and have decided that I can’t decide. I would be thrilled with any! Surprise me, lol

  385. Erika W

    I love Belle in Teal (or Tangerine) or Ginger in Slate Blue :)

  386. Tanya Phillips

    Oh I have been wanting one of these! I would choose the Belle, love it!

  387. Alma

    Red! Love that one!

  388. Ashley Pendleton

    I ADORE the Lyric bag in plum.

  389. Malerie Veillon

    Thank you for the opportunity! I would love the pink Lola!

  390. Kristen

    Seriously, how’s a girl supposed to choose? These are awesome. I’ve gone back and forth for some time now, which is pretty hilarious considering the chances of my winning are like one in 10,000. :) But, if I won, I think I’d go with the Belle in the teal. Love!

  391. Sandy

    I love the Lyric bag in mustard!

  392. Blanca Dockeyr

    I would love to win a Stella or Lyric in any color! :)

  393. Amanda C

    Adore the Lyric in mustard!!!! Fingers crossed!

  394. Amanda C

    Adore the Lyric in mustard! Fingers crossed!!

  395. Judy

    I so NEED that bag! Mine literally fell apart from over-use! Thanks for the chance.

  396. Karen

    I have been coveting the Clover in any color for some time now, but I’m really digging the teal today!

  397. Kristen

    Oh man how I love the lyric in yellow!

  398. Trena E

    i love the lyric in mustard <3

  399. Bethany

    I love the Lola. It’s so cute! But I can’t decide what color. Black because it’ll match more, or pink because it’s gorgeous? That’s a toughie.

  400. stacie

    love your site glad I saw the link. I would love the lyric in yellow!!

  401. Nenna

    I love Paris on Black :)

  402. Karen

    That Lola bag is LUSCIOUS!!!! And would look sassy on my shoulder during BlogHer, just saying :)

  403. Kelly Murphy-Mick

    I love the Stella in any color!!!

  404. Heather

    The Clover Teal would be perfect for my new Canon Rebel…the plastic shopping bag just isn’t cutting it!

  405. Staci G.

    I am in love with the Stella in Pink!

  406. Donna Czarnik

    I would love to win a new camera bag from Epiphanie! I’m loving the Lyric in slate blue! Thanks for the opportunity.

  407. Tasha S.

    I would love a pink Belle Epiphanie Bag! I <3 their bags!

  408. Kathy m

    Right now I have a crush on the brown lyric. Thanks for the chance to win.

  409. Tanya

    I’m torn between the Clover in gray and the Ginger in caramel. They’re all so beautiful how does one decide. Thanks for the great giveaway been dreaming of one of these for a while.

  410. Robyn Liebelt

    I sure would love the Lyric in yellow!!

  411. Samantha

    I would love the Ginger bag! The chance to win one is amazing thanks so much!

  412. Melinda T

    Ooh, I’ve been wanting the Lyric in brown! Would so love to win so I can carry my camera and ipad in style and most importantly, safely! Thanks!

  413. Barbara Luef

    I own the teal Clover, and I <3 love <3 it! I'm thinking about getting one of the 'smaller' ones as well… a Lyric or Ginger would be so nice. :)

  414. Julianne Q

    I’d choose the lyric bag!

    julianne.queensen [at] gmail [dot] com

  415. Marcie S.

    Love the Ginger in brown! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  416. Valerie B

    I love the Stella bag in pink! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  417. Sarah C

    I would love a black Lola!

  418. Shanna Uptergrove

    I like the Stella and the Ginger!
    shanna.u at gmail dot com

  419. Sugar + Shake

    i’m in love w/ the pink stella!! thanks for the chance to win one!

  420. Stephanie

    I always have a hard time picking my favourite bag! But I think Stella, in grey :)

  421. Kristin Cooley

    I would LOVE the Belle in Teal.

  422. Chris P.

    I love the Lyric in slate blue!

  423. Jennifer Cashin

    I love Lyric and Clover- I can not decide which one I like better- I hope I have to make up my mind ;)

  424. Caitlin Kubitschek

    My favorite is the Stella in slate blue!

  425. Joanne Unrau

    I’ve had my eyes on the Stella bag for quite some time. I’d love it in grey.

  426. Lauren M

    love the lyric in brown!!

  427. Jane Jones

    THE Stella!!!

  428. MsDarkstar

    The Slate Blue Ginger is my current obsession…. I love the Clover, too!

  429. Claudia

    Love, love, love the grey Stella!

  430. Sierra Lynn

    This is amazing! Thank you for offering this :)

    I love the Lyric in mustard <3

  431. Theresa J

    I would love to have the Ginger in caramel

  432. laurie

    Love the Clover Teal! What a great idea.

  433. debbie d

    love the belle in tangarine

  434. Angie

    I’m head over heels in love with the red Lola bag. Pick me because my birthday is this weekend and I REALLY want this bag!

  435. Amo

    I am in love with the Lyric in yellow! Thank you for the contest!

  436. Jessica Jones

    I would LOVE to win the Clover in gray! I am about to move to a big city like NYC and will also need to carry my day’s supplies around with me. Plus, obviously, I want a stylish bag that will protect my camera! Thank you for the opportunity =)

  437. Steph Calvert

    Yowza, I’d love all of these!! I especially did the Lola and the Ginger!

  438. Manjila Nakarmi

    I would love the stella in plum or belle! Thank you! I’m so excited yay!

  439. Trish

    S-T-E-L-L-A!!!!!! In pink makes my heart skip a beat! I WANT HER SOOOO BADLY.

  440. jan B

    I would love to have either the Lyric or the Lola. It is a hard choice.

  441. Kelly W

    I love the clover!

  442. Janel

    In Love the one in Plum! I just got a Nikon D5100 and need a camera bag, what a great opportunity!

  443. Sarah

    The Paris one is really cute! :-)

  444. Autumn Brown

    Decisions, decisions … the teal Lola or slate blue Ginger

  445. staci

    clover in red! love the look of them all

  446. Susan K

    Love, Love, these bags! I would love to have the Belle in Teal!

  447. Nicole

    I love the Belle in teal!

  448. Cyndia Montgomery

    Oh these bags are gorgeous! What a find. The compartments are perfect. I love the bag you chose, but my favorite is the Lyric in Plum. Thanks for the opportunity!

  449. Marrissa Lindsey

    Looking for a Lola. Just got to figure out a color.

  450. Belinda

    I’d love to win the clover in grey coz of the cute pink inside.

  451. Elizabeth

    Love Stella in grey

  452. Janaki

    Great bags—I love the Belle in fuchsia! Thanks for the giveaway.

  453. April

    I love Stella!

  454. Donna

    I love the Clover in red. Gorgeous bags.

  455. Gerry McArthur

    I love the Clover. I think a red one would be a beauty.

  456. Jenn

    I love the Clover bag in grey! I’ve had my eye on it for such a long time!

  457. Becky Caskey

    I love the Lola and the Clover,decisions to dream about!!

  458. Michelle

    I really like the Belle bag!

  459. Mary Beth

    Ooh…Ginger in Slate Blue is really pretty.

  460. Sara

    I like the Ginger – in the blue. These are awesome!

  461. Brittney

    So hard to pick, but I think I’d have to have the Lola in turquoise. Thanks for the change to win!!

  462. Heather

    Wow! So cute & functional! Love the Belle!

  463. Quyen

    Love the Lola in RED!!!

  464. Christa

    Hmmm, I have loved Clover for quite some time now but it’s a tie between grey and teal. Thanks for this opportunity!! Carrying around my equipment is always a hassle without beauty. :)

  465. Vaeda

    It’s so hard to choose, because they are all so wonderful but if I had to choose, I would pick the Ginger in slate blue. Or could it be caramel? Hm… no, I think slate blue. I have been longing for one of these for some time so I am keeping my fingers doubly-crossed! Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  466. Rachel

    These are fantastic! I think my favorite is the Stella in gray… but it’s a hard choice!

  467. Amy

    Such a tough choice between the lyric and clover.

  468. Kari George

    I’d absolutely LOVE to have a red Lola! Pretty please…?

  469. Kathy Watson Waterbury

    I like the Ginger in brown, I like the fact they have the short and long straps plus all the pockets. I do not like purses where everything is all mixed up. I need pockets and lots of room :-)

  470. Carol Karl

    I love the one you bought – the clover. I’ve been trying to think of a solution to the camera toting solution for some time and when I saw your photo I was oh so jealous. The only decision is do I get the teal which is beautiful or the hot pink to go with my new winter coat (I live in New Zealand). I think the teal as maybe pink coat and pink bag would be just too much. Please, please pick me to win. Btw I love your blog – it inspires me every day.

  471. Julienne

    Ginger in brown is nice!

  472. Lau

    I think Ginger and Belle are both gorgeous and seem to have all the compartments and also style I’d go for. Thanks for doing this! xo

  473. Donna

    I have wanted one of these bags for a long time. I’d be happy with any of them; a fun bright color would be great. ginger perhaps. :)

  474. Megan Broutian

    I would come over and clean your toilets for a month if I win the Clover bag in pink. I’m serious… about the winning the bag part :)

  475. MaryP

    I love the clover teal – the colour and all the compartments.

  476. Mareshia

    I’d love a Belle in Coral!

  477. Ayako

    I love Grey Stella! Thank you for this chance to win :)

  478. Anna

    i absolutely love the teal epiphanie bag and it is definitely on my wish list as a photographer!! i have heard nothing but great reviews about this bag!

  479. Melissa N.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed :) Love it!

  480. Melissa H.

    I love the Lyric bag!

  481. Julie

    I love the ginger bag in brown!

  482. Geraldyne

    Thanks for the chance! I love the LOLA in Red!

  483. Georgina Vinas

    I love Epiphanie Bags! My favorite is the Lola in Teal!
    Fingers crossed!

  484. Kathryn

    Love these bags! It’s already on my wishlist!

  485. Ashley

    Adorable bags! I’d love to give one to my sister-in-law.

  486. Jill Flory

    That is a really cool bag – you will love it I know! I bought my camera bag from Copper River Bags – it is made in the usa and is 100% leather which my husband loves! If I were to win this one I’d give it to my sister – she would LOVE it!

  487. Lisa Deck

    I love the Lyric in Plum!

  488. Jennie

    Tough choice… Maybe the Belle in teal?

  489. Tammy Skipper

    I would LOVE a Ginger in Caramel…got to hang out with a photog friend today who has an Epiphanie and I want one even more now :)

  490. taraO

    I love the clover in grey!

  491. Kayelani

    I love the Lola in black

  492. Erin L

    I would love to have the Lola in black!

  493. Debra

    I love the Ginger in Brown. It would be great when I photograph our Equestrian Ministries Drill Team.

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