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Sweet Dreams, Sleep Well {Tempur-Pedic Giveaway Contest!!}

Sweet Dreams, Sleep Well {Tempur-Pedic Giveaway Contest!!}

Sleep Well! via Design Sponge sold at Kin Ship Press on Etsy

This post is sponsored by Tempur-Pedic. Tempur-Pedic can’t wait to hear about what you accomplish with a better night’s sleep.

I have a super exciting and huge giveaway contest for you at the bottom of this post! Sweet Dreams, Sleep Well {Tempur-Pedic Giveaway Contest!!} I don’t know about you, but I need my sleep before I can conquer the world.

I don’t necessarily need a lot of hours of sleep, but good quality sound sleep makes all the difference in how much I accomplish the next day and how I feel!

Sweet Dreams, Sleep Well {Tempur-Pedic Giveaway Contest!!}

Adorable sheep pillows! via Design Sponge sold at Kin Ship Press on Etsy

A better night’s sleep and less counting sheep means I am more cheerful the next day, move more efficiently through my to do list and have more clarity in my thinking! I’d say sleep is pretty important for busy moms and dream chasers, wouldn’t you?


Sweet Dreams, Sleep Well {Tempur-Pedic Giveaway Contest!!}

Last week I was able to make one of my daughter’s dreams come true by presenting her with a Tempur-Pedic bed.

So often my job provides us what we need and more and I couldn’t be more grateful or feel more blessed.

I was offered a Tempur-Pedic bed as a part of this promotion and when I called my girl Courtney to let her know I’d be giving this mattress to her to replace her broken bed, she practically jumped through the phone to tell me getting a Tempur-Pedic bed was her life long dream {second only to seeing a whale leap out of the water.}

Who knew a Tempur-Pedic was her dream?! Not me! That girl cracks me up. She is always a ray of sunshine. She has willingly and without complaint given up every entire weekend of her three years of college to travel an hour from Seattle to help out with church and other needs, so she is truly deserving of a special gift like this.

But she is not the only one who is loving this new bed!


Sweet Dreams, Sleep Well {Tempur-Pedic Giveaway Contest!!}

When she is away at college it is now apparently her brother’s dream come true as well. Busted. 

So, what would YOU do with a better night’s sleep?

Here is the contest!

Answer the question above in the comments below and you might win a queen size Tempur-Simplicity Mattress (estimated retail value of $1,199) with a basic Ergo Adjustable Base (estimated retail value of $1,300). Total value  approximately $2500! Pretty awesome,  huh?

*For all the prize details and judging criteria, please see the Tempur-Pedic Official Contest Rules.

  • The prize is a queen size Tempur-Simplicity Mattress (estimated retail value of $1,199) with a basic Ergo Adjustable Base (estimated retail value of $1,300). Winner will be given the option to select the firmness of their mattress (soft, medium, firm).
  • The contest is for adults 18+ in the Continental US only
  • The last date to enter the contest is May 20, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. ET
  • One entry per person, must answer the question in the comments below:
    “What would you do with a better night’s sleep?”
  • A panel of judges will choose a winner based on creativity and originality of the submission (50%) and submission that best responds to the question (50%).
  • The potential winner will be announced on May 24, 2012.

Sweet Dreams, Sleep Well {Tempur-Pedic Giveaway Contest!!}

This giveaway is now closed! Winner will be announced on May 24th.

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

Layering Bedding – BHG

Now and then I let myself dream a little bit about my future bedroom makeover. I haven’t done anything to my bedroom in this house. Not even paint on the walls. I just have had too many other projects going on in life and around the house (such as finishing up my office!!) to work on my bedroom.

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

Layered Bedding via Sarah Richardson HGTV

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

Layered mint green bedding BHG

Honestly, although it feels like a far off dream, my bedroom is actually a room I need to work on in the upcoming months — for my sanity. Bedrooms are so important to me. They are where we spend so much time, where we retreat from the world. Our bedrooms should feel like an escape, not a place we want to escape FROM.

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}Teal and white layered bedding BHG

The truth is I don’t like my room at all. Not at all. Mostly I feel I need to give my room a makeover because the carpet is yucky (old dog/puppy) — I’m just ready to rip it all out and start over. It is a project that really cannot wait any longer.

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

Red white and blue and patterned bedding via House & Home

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

School House Electric

Besides getting rid of the nasty carpet,  I’m excited about getting new bedding. My bedding is not something that is an emergency to replace, it is more of a “I want.” I’ve had the same bedding for maybe 12 years. I can hardly believe I’ve had it that long (how does time fly by so fast??).

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}Fieldstone Hill layered bedding

Of course, it is awesome that so many years ago I went with a classic soft white matelasse coverlet that is always in style. And fortunately the quality was excellent and so it still looks good! It was all money well spent. But, I’m just ready for a new look. I think after 12 years of the same bedding I’m entitled to a bedroom makeover, right?

So if it is in the budget, I’m hoping to update my bedroom — but first I want to replace my flooring. It is always like waiting for dominoes to fall to get things done around here!

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

I love this striped headboard! Kerrisdale Design, Inc.

Good thing I like thinking about what I want to do even though I can’t get started yet. It helps me to process what I really want and hopefully helps me from making hasty decisions.

One of the things I know I love for a bed is a layered look. Always have.  Mixing and matching patterns gives a bed so much personality. I also love the informal feeling of layers, it keeps the bed from looking too stiff or stuff. And I don’t think I’m a formal kind of girl so this style suits me well.

Layering a Bed {9 Lovely Bedrooms}

West Elm layered bedding

I really adored this bedding at West Elm when I was in their store recently. This is the bed that reminded me of my love for layers and got me thinking about wanting to get new bedding! I should never go shopping. It is always dangerous.

So how about you? Is your bedroom just like you want it be?

What would you want to change if time and money were plentiful?

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