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{gather} Red + White + Blue

{gather} Red + White + Blue

{gather} Red + White + Bluered, white & blue from:

1. High Street Market
2. Toast
3. High Street Market 
4. Terrain
5. Brook Farm General Store
6. West Elm

 {gather} Red + White + Blue

Hello, HAPPY! {4 Cheery Summery Spaces}

Hello, HAPPY! {4 Cheery Summery Spaces}

Country Living Book Nook

Sunshine is a fairly surefire way to feel HAPPY, don’t you think?

I know I’m always happier when the sun comes out. Maybe because we don’t get quite enough sun around here to fill up our happy tanks year round. As I always say, sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy. :-} Even though summer is supposedly on its way, we can’t always count on SUN here in Seattle. So I’m thinking the next best thing to the sun coming out is to dress up a room with a little summery cheer.

Are you with me?


OK, so that book nook (above)? Is that fabulous or what? That fabric and paint has HAPPY all over it. The perfect place to kick back and enjoy a good summer novel! I’d be ever-so-happy in there. Wouldn’t you?

Hello, HAPPY! {4 Cheery Summery Spaces}

Country Living


And how relaxing would it be to snooze on that hanging bed on a nice summer evening? I can almost feel the sway of the swing and the breeze zzzzzzzzzzzzzz lulling me to relax and drift off to sleep. Even if it wasn’t a hanging bed, the fact that it is painted a bright coral? Completely HAPPY.


Hello, HAPPY! {4 Cheery Summery Spaces}

Southern Living


This room is all dressed up in its summer finery of color and pattern! How could you NOT smile in a room like that? HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. I love that it retains a cozy feel by the way the furniture is arranged, but still feels as alive and happy as the summer sun shining through the windows. HAPPY = Seeing this room.

Hello, HAPPY! {4 Cheery Summery Spaces}Country Living


And last but not least, I’d cast my vote for this room as the HAPPIEST breakfast nook, ever. The cushions are just the right plumpness to draw you in for some OJ and some tasty summer berries with your cereal. And the light fixture? The bright little yellow tulip candle holders are happy all by themselves. This whole space is bright, cheery and yes, full of HAPPY.

So how do you get the look of HAPPY at your house?

Start with 3 coordinating but not matching colorful fabrics for pillows or curtains and/or a bright and cheery paint for a furniture piece. Spread the happiness around the room. Enjoy!

Do you crave a little more HAPPY in your house in the summertime like I do?