White Appliances {yes, you can}

White Appliances {yes, you can}

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White Appliances {yes, you can}


White Appliances {yes, you can}


White Appliances {yes, you can}

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White Appliances {yes, you can}

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  1. So so true….and refreshing after the sea of stainless (guilty as charged)

  2. WWWe still have our white appliances–and when e need ne ones, they’ll be white again. It just looks cleaner and fresher to me.

  3. Oh yes, and I do! We had to replace our oven last fall, and I was soooooo tempted to buy the stainless one – knowing that the 26 year old refrigerator might one day die and I could replace it in stainless too. But the more I looked, I liked the cohesiveness of my white cabinets with the white appliances (might still do the refrigerator in stainless – although it may outlive me.) You can see my kitchen here in all its white appliance glory ha ha http://www.talkofthehouse.com/phases-in-the-life-of-my-kitchen-part-2/

  4. I am in love with the old-fashioned rounded refrigerator in the second photo!

  5. Our house had been flipped just before we bought it 8 years ago and included stock white cabinetry and scratch and dent white appliances. Although the quality is not what I would have chosen (my dishwasher is quite possibly as loud as a locomotive), I don’t think I would go stainless at this point if I were to upgrade. I really like how the appliances recede and blend with my cabinetry. Since we don’t have a dining room, our kitchen is truly our hub for everyday meals and entertaining. The white gives the illusion of more cabinetry while sitting in the space.

  6. I still prefer stainless steel but I don’t mind the white when they are newer or vintage appliances. I also love when people paint their appliances chalkboard paint, so fun!

  7. Bluezette says

    I’m restoring a 1924 home and trying to remain period-appropriate, so I’m sticking with white (though I can’t afford the gorgeous stoves and refrigerator in these photos). Now that my toaster oven needs to be replaced, though, I’ve noticed that the only choices for small appliances these days are stainless, black or stainless and black. For decades, as color trends came and went, white was a mainstay. Now we’re being forced to buy stainless unless we’re willing to buy the low end models with few features or we can afford the exclusive brands with out-of-reach prices.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the manufacturers start offering more options, if they aren’t already! We’ve seen stainless for so long I think white is looking very fresh right now!

  8. white appliances, white cabinets, white dishes, white towels, white walls …

    looks like everything old is new again.

    i love it!

  9. So happy to see this! We have all white appliances. I’ve never liked stainless steel and when we ordered our white oven a couple of years ago, it took them 3 months to deliver it. Apparently, they had to paint one white specifically for us. I’m hoping these come back into vogue.

  10. Beautiful pictures. Love them and I agree with you.


  11. I just bought all new white appliances. Friends assumed I would get stainless but in my old house white looks more vintage. I actually looked for a stove that had chrome rings around the burners for a more vintage look and I had to buy the cheapest model as the upgraded ones had black under the electric burner. I would love to get the new vintage looking ones but 3 appliances would run over $10000. Since I would rather get new cupboards and flooring (that look old of course) I decided to get the most basic white appliances thinking someday I could upgrade to my dream vintage looking ones.

  12. Melissa,
    This is a “trend” I’m thrilled to see. I love stainless but there will always be a soft spot in my heart for white appliances.

  13. I love the look of an all white kitchen. My husband does not. Thankfully the house we bought has a renovated kitchen with mostly white cabinets. Yeah for me! The island has medium brown cabinets. Yeah for him! We have a black dishwasher and stainless steel fridge and stove. The dishwasher was already here and my husband picked out the appliances since I got the white kitchen. It works. Would I buy stainless again? Not so sure.

  14. Yes! Thank you! After spending the last 8 years of my life fighting smudges on stainless everything, what I really miss is the textured white or almond appliances from the rental apartments we used to live in. Stainless and polished granite are just such frustrating surfaces in a house that actually gets lived in by real people. I can’t wait to see them go!

  15. Three cheers! I still love white appliances. Stainless steel looks really cool, but honestly some days I long for my old white appliances–so easy to clean and maintain!

  16. stellans says

    I’ve loved white appliances since being a teenager during the avocado/harvest gold years, LOL! We are in the throes of a kitchen reno right now in our new (to us; it was built 1982) NC house, and I had to practically stomp my foot to insist on white because everyone kept throwing stainless at me. I like the clean, crisp look of white, and I like how my appliances blend in with my white cabinetry. I lived with dark oak in our old house for too long, and crave the fresh airy look of white!


  17. Yes, indeed you can, and I did!! I have always had white appliances in my home. I have seen, the harvest gold, avacodo green, coppertone, almond, black, appliances come and go, but my tried and true white always stayed a classic. I think stainless will also stay tried and true, but maybe a little less in the future since we have been so inundated with stainless and granite kitchens. People are always wanting something new and different. Great examples of white appliances. Had to pin the vintage Wedgewood stove, that is my dream stove!!
    Happy Tuesday,

    • I think when you’ve seen the trends come and go enough like many of us have, we realize it is all a trick :-) Funny how stainless is already looking dated to some people and white seems fresh again! :-) Sigh.

  18. Our old kitchen (remodeled completely and then we sold the house) was white cabinets and white appliances, it was so nice. Very clean looking and refreshing. Currently we have stainless by choice. Works better with the dark cabinets and dark granite. Still love the look of white, but then I love my stainless also.

  19. We have a cheap-o white stove, and our fridge is “bisque”. I was really worried the different colour would look silly, but I just really loved the pretty bisque fridge when I was standing in the store! And it turns out it looks great. I don’t think I would want stainless steel unless I was actually purchasing fancy professional grade appliances.

    I love that you don’t encourage people to follow trends for trends sake!

  20. Gorgeous! All of them!

  21. I too have always had white appliances.I love them and stainless has no appeal to me.I was a cook my working life and NEVER want to see stainless in my home…:)

  22. Thanks SO much for posting this. I have (and love) my white appliances, but sometimes I feel kind of guilty for being so out of touch! Glad to see it can be thought of as beautiful, too!

  23. LOVE this post! White kitchen and appliances are my absolute favorite! Where can i find a fridge like in photo #2 the vintage style?

  24. Our house was a spec home and built in 1997 and at the time I loved our white appliances. Truly there is only one thing I HATE about them. If there are any plastic parts they eventually discolor. The surround of the ice and water dispenser in our freezer door is plastic and where the water has sometimes dripped down the back it has discolored to a nasty combo of yellow and ochre. Keeping it clean did nothing to prevent it (though we didn’t try the OCD approach – wiping dry after every use). I’ve tried bleach, peroxide, scrubbing with baking soda…all to no avail. I even looked for a replacement part, but they don’t sell it (short of buying a new freezer door). We’ve had similar issues with white plastic on the interior of our dishwasher.

    If anyone knows an answer to the discoloration, I’d love to hear it. But yes, if I could find/afford them without cheap plastic parts, I’d buy white appliances again…but also considering stainless steel as an option for next purchase.

    • SoCalLynn says

      Try using Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser on it. It completely removed the stains in our water dispenser area. I use it on the handles, too, because it works whereas 409 or any other cleaner did not.

  25. Thank you for doing this! My mom said to me once that she thought stainless steel would be seen as the trend in the future (much like we see green refrigerators now…) I’m still not sure if she’s right about that, but I love love love that you can show us the beauty in a white fridge (especially because I HAVE one, and no money for anything else! Ha!)

  26. I purposely went with white appliances as well. I just like the look.

  27. Hmmm. I never thought I’d see white come back. We have stainless now but we are preparing to replace appliances because the ones we have are old and failing. Let the decision-making chaos ensue!

  28. I really like the photos where the island has some wood in a nice stain. That warms up the space enough and makes it look comfortable and inviting. The other photos are just too white for me. I currently have a stainless fridge and stove but a bisque dishwasher. I’m in no hurry to replace it. It comes off fine. I would like to see some more appliance colors come out, like they have in the washers and dryers. They seem to have a much larger color spectrum.

  29. Thanks for the validation! We just bought all of our kitchen appliances in white. Both my husband and myself really like them with the wood cabinets. We feel it gives our kitchen a crisp, clean, uncluttered look. The salesperson asked us to seriously consider stainless since we were purchasing 3 new appliances… but.. we are pleased with our choice.

    Looking forward to your office reveal… and… how is the living room re-purpose coming?

  30. Melissa, like your article but I have a question; my cupboards and trims are painted Creamy White W-D-710 from Behr. We need to buy new appliances and I thought that I should avoid white and go with the stainless steel. We have not update them yet because of the price; need to upgrade on a tight budget and are waiting to save enough. My question is – would white appliances go well with the color of my cabinets? My style is cottage.

    • I’ve mixed whites and creams in kitchens before and it can work but it kind of depends on a few factors that may or may not work in your case. But I have seen bisque appliances that are just a softer white, maybe that would work with your creamy cabinets if you didn’t want stainless? If the appliances blend in with the cabinets that can give a nice clean look you might prefer over too white or stainless!

  31. Love white appliances. I am not too keen of stainless steel or black. Love all these kitchens – that gives me some ideas

  32. I have stainless, which I love, but some of those pictures are really attractive. I don’t dislike the white like I used to.

    • I think many of us are starting to see white with fresh eyes again. I’m happy with my stainless but it does seem to feel a little 2000 to me :-)

  33. So glad to see I’m not the only one who likes white appliances. We moved to a lovely old home with white cabinets and stainless appliances and I will be replacing them with white. I can’t believe how spotted/finger smudged stainless gets and the black side of the fridge is huge eyesore. I’m happy to buck the trend on this one!

  34. What a nice change in color? we see stainless steal appliances as the high end appliances of choice. White appliances are so beautiful and it really brightens the kitchens here…

  35. ann weisman says

    Being old enough to have been through every color appliances known, I am back to white and so happy..Looks great with my white cabinets and fifties era house. And so easy to clean. Love them.

  36. Stacey Agnew says

    Can I say I love you? We moved into a house with white appliances last year. I hated them. We have had stainless in our last couple of houses – yes we have moved a lot with my husband’s work. I am almost finished painting our kitchen cabinets white and gray, and I have to say the white is growing on me. If I could replace all of my appliances tomorrow, I would not pick stainless. I am in the already looking dated camp.

  37. Thank you for posting this. Before we remodeled our kitchen (and we didn’t have plans in the works to do so), we bought a white fridge when our old one died. My brother, who is a carpenter, gave me flack for keeping our perfectly working and fairly new white appliances instead of getting stainless steel. I’m glad we kept them. With our white cabinets they look seamless!

  38. I thought I would love stainless (and I do, in theory) but everyone I know who has it, has such a hard time with cleaning. Major deal-breaker for me.

  39. I so hope this signals the beginning of the end for stainless steel appliances. I have never liked them and refused to entertain the idea of using them. It’s always been preferable for me to have white. Just reminds me of “clean” and “fresh.”

  40. Great job! I really really love white and have for 40 years now. Timeless! Thank you so much.

  41. Is that a white Viking in the top picture, I am in love!

  42. So many fun pinnable whites in this post. That white Viking had me at hello!
    Congrats to your daughter. That is a HUGE get on the internship.


  43. I think steel appliances looks cold and have never fit my style, as I like traditional/ country kitchens. In a modern kitchen steel might fit, and cool in e. with black cabinets. For me I´m sticking with white. ;)

  44. Soooo late in this conversation, but we live in a 100 year old farmhouse with tiny, tiny rooms. Even with our addition to the kitchen means our kitchen is still 9×18. Small. We kept the old cabinets b/c they had gorgeous molding at the top, and old glass panes. Everything is white and I opted to keep white appliances. I didn’t want my appliances to stand out, and I love it. But people are often surprised that we didn’t stainless steel the kitchen. Anyway, I am glad for this post! :)

  45. Meredith says

    Can anyone tell me who makes the fridge in the first photo?

  46. I am so happy to see white come back! I have never been a fan of the stainless steel from the start and when we bought our home 7 years ago white is what we bought and so happy I did! I now have painted my cabinets white and could not be happier with my all white kitchen. :) go with your gut and not just what a trend is unless it’s something you love yourself! ;)

  47. I liked the second photo! I have an obsession in the color white. I feel like it is very clean and very pleasing to the eyes. Thanks for sharing this great ideas.

  48. Hey there! Loved this post!! It helped me in our decision making process for appliances in our little red house kitchen (an 1866 farmhouse we are renovating). I referenced this post in my own that chronicled our appliance decision making process on my blog Smalltownolgy!! Thanks so much!
    – Kate

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