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{Redecorating & Reorganizing} And so it goes…

{Redecorating & Reorganizing} And so it goes...

{redecorate and organize}


We are very much in a whirlwind of “house project” activity at my house! Our goal is to redecorate and organize our home in the process of getting new hardwood floors! If you follow me on Instagram (theinspiredroom) or Facebook or Twitter, you probably have seen photos going out at all hours documenting the activity going on at my house! CRAZY, I tell ya. I’m sure that is what you are thinking about us, too.

In preparation for Lowe’s coming to take out our carpet for the new hardwoods (squeeeee!), we decided to repaint a few rooms. Because, you know, as long as the carpet is coming out, you might as well paint walls.

I wanted to do that anyway.

{My new bedroom paint color, above, is Glidden Polished Grey (ADORE!!) and the Family Room ceiling (below) is Glidden Wood Smoke (SUPER LOVE!). Many more photo updates on each project will be coming soon, so you’ll get to see more of the rooms and the plans for them as we go, and of course once the rooms are finished.}

{Redecorating & Reorganizing} And so it goes...

And as long as you are repainting walls and new floors are coming in, you might as well paint ceilings too, before the new floors are in.

Of course. It all makes sense to a crazed redecorating mind.

But first, in order to paint and remove carpet and the other projects you have now deemed to go hand in hand with the need for new carpet, you’ve got to clear out pretty much everything in your house.

{Redecorating & Reorganizing} And so it goes...

So you empty pantries, cupboards, dressers and shelves to be ready for the new floors and paint. Things start to get more and more chaotic. That is how it goes when you organize and redecorate all at once. Good times. But it is strangely efficient and motivating to do a big overhaul like this.

{Redecorating & Reorganizing} And so it goes...

As long as you are removing everything, you’ll of course only put back what you really love, use and want to keep.

And that means you’ll have more room for the things you may or may not have just fallen in love with and brought home from the Seattle HomeGoods grand opening preview event this weekend.

{Redecorating & Reorganizing} And so it goes...

Love how this is working out. {grin}

{Redecorating & Reorganizing} And so it goes...

Once you start getting the vision for how things will come together, you feel really empowered to rid yourself of the old and no longer beautiful or functioning  items from the far recesses of your home!

You are getting RUTHLESS.

You even start to throw away spices that expired in 1999 (interesting side note: we moved in this house only three years ago). Things are getting serious.

You are on a roll, cleaning, tearing out and organizing everything in sight.

{Redecorating & Reorganizing} And so it goes...

You mean business.

Nothing is safe or sacred when you are in full on redecorate and organize your home mode.

Before you know what has come over you, you are hauling a giant 5,000 ton 1980’s style TV down your old carpeted staircase NOW because you might as well get that dinosaur out before you have lovely new wood stairs.  You might as well, you wouldn’t want to drop that monster down your new wood staircase. Am I right?

Now is the obvious time to say good-bye to anything you just don’t want or need any more. It is time to rid your home of things you once thought you needed, but now just take up too much space. It is the perfect opportunity to let go of things that do not contribute to the order or peaceful well-being of your home and family.

And so it goes.

Good-bye, everything.

{Redecorating & Reorganizing} And so it goes...

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of our projects, as well as some fun seasonal ideas, decorating & organizing tips and cool summer giveaways!

PS. My blog was moved to its own server this weekend so things should be running much smoother and faster now! Be prepared for lots more posts this week, now that things are working again. I have lots to tell ya about!

Happy Monday, everyone! How was YOUR weekend?

Congrats to the HomeGoods giveaway winners:

Seattle winner: Susan, The Confident Mom
National winner: Amanda Gray

Both have been notified and their cards will go out this week! Have fun shopping!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway and shared their love for HomeGoods! HomeGoods is so awesome, you really must go check it out!

Summer Decorating {Bedroom Obsession}

Summer Decorating {Bedroom Obsession}

 Photo: Hiya Papaya via House of Turquoise

Because my house is in complete disarray getting ready for the new paint and floors going in in several rooms, I’m not doing much summer decorating right now. But I’m not complaining! I am just about busting with excitement over how much cleaner and brighter might house is going to be in the next few weeks! That is kind of like summer decorating, only a little more intense.

Today is the day my bedroom is being painted and next week the carpet will be ripped out and new wood will go in! You have no idea how happy this makes me.

Meanwhile though I’m scouring the interwebs for great decorating ideas for my soon to be newly freshened rooms.

And naturally I like to show you what I find because it is much funner (more fun?) to talk about these things with people who like to be inspired like I do.

Summer Decorating {Bedroom Obsession}

Hiya Papaya via House of Turquoise

This house is kinda my obsession right now. Er, my inspiration.

OK, I’m slightly what you might consider a stalker of this house. I’ll admit it..

I click on the pictures every day.

I think Erin of House of Turquoise must love me because I visit her blog all the time just to look at these pictures. I click through all of the posts about it multiple times. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I’ve posted about this house at least twice but I don’t think I’ve obsessed over the bedroom here, until today.

So, there you go, it had to be done.

And this might not be the last time I talk about this house. Warned ya.

I really would love to have this bedroom. But, I’m quite sure mine will look nothing like this, unfortunately. I can’t do yellowish walls because my floors are kind of yellowish.

But I am  inspired by this room even if I can’t duplicate it.

At all.

The shape of my room is kind of like this. Kind of. But way smaller and less windows. And no where near as lovely.

My door frames are similar, and I do have a vaulted ceiling, though. I wish I had white painted wood ceilings in my bedroom but that is a project for another year. That fan looks so much more cool than my fan too. And by cool I mean awesome. And a yellow barn door to the bathroom? That would be COOL too. 

I do love this summery inspiration room.

That is all for now.

Do you have a current favorite inspiration room?

PS. My blog has been extremely slow in loading and I am trying to get it fixed. I apologize for the annoyingly slow loads and inability to pin my photos. I am aware and I’m hoping it will be fixed soon. Sadness. Thanks for your patience and BIG THANKS for all your kind words and love for my newly redecorated office!! I’ll post sources as soon as my blog works better.