{Gather} A Summer Picnic

{Gather} A Summer Picnic{Gather} A Summer Picnic

find the the sweetness:

1. Terrain
2. Anthropologie
3. Heath Ceramics
4. ModCloth
5. *via Luxe Yard (affiliate, free to sign up and shop!)

{Gather} A Summer Picnic

{Gather} A Summer Picnic


  1. Oh, these are cute! Love that modcloth bag, and are those the tear off napkins from Anthro? The picnic basket is wonderful…could use that one in my collection. Everyone talks about summer picnics, but it is always too darn hot here to eat outside, so our outside summer picnics really need to be on a porch with a fan! We do better here with fall picnics.
    Nice gathering!

  2. Love this! Courtney is so talented! Thanks for sharing…my hubby and I will have to partake in a summer picnic before these beautiful months are gone! :-)

  3. I’ve got to be honest with you, I’ve never seen the appeal in sitting on the ground, close to the bugs, with food so as to attract them? It seems a little like you’re asking for trouble. But my kids do beg me to, so I suppose I should get off my rump….

  4. Cute picnic finds. I’m heading off on a picnic at the beach tomorrow and can’t wait. These pretties put me in the mood.

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