2012 Home Decor & Fashion {Am I On Trend By Accident?}

2012 Home Decor & Fashion {Am I On Trend By Accident?}

2012 Trend Report via Kate at Centsational Girl

Hey ya’ll! How are you? My friend Kate did a little post on 2012 Fall fashion after she visited New York. You know how home decor styles often follow fashion trends, right? So if something is popular in fashion you probably will see variations of it in home decor too.

Even though I’m not much of a trend follower and always prefer to just do my own thing, it is interesting to see how connected fashion and home decor actually are. It is fun to see if we all start following along in our home decor preferences too!

Kate put together a collage of a popular color combinations and styles she saw everywhere in NYC. She is a good trend spotter, so I thought I’d take a peek at her post to see what is up in the fashion world. See one of her collages on electric blue, above?

Here is what she said about it:

Electric Blue.   Wow this color was in 80% of the stores, I couldn’t believe how much of electric blue (or royal blue) was on display in both men’s and women’s fashion, and it was mostly paired with black.  It’s a saturated or vivid version of cobalt and it’s everywhere.

So, first thing that I thought about after reading that? Hello, my vivid blue office walls and black desk

2012 Home Decor & Fashion {Am I On Trend By Accident?}

Yeah. If home decor follows fashion, guess I’m getting my trend on by total accident. I do love my office paint color (Rich Navy by Glidden), it sets such a happy mood when I walk in my office door. I didn’t choose it to be trendy, just chose it because it looked fabulous with my curtains. But my black Pottery Barn desk was in there because it was what I already happened to have. Cause that is how I roll.

2012 Home Decor & Fashion {Am I On Trend By Accident?}

I had no idea I might be all trendy color-wise with my use what you have office. I was just trying to have fun with something a little different! Maybe it is so different it is about to be IN?

So now I’m thinking maybe I should dig around in my closet for that blue and black dress I used to wear back in the day, the one with the removable shoulder pads? I loved that dress. What goes around comes around, right?

Or maybe shoulder pads should just never come around again.



  1. You are the trendsetter! Maybe a little leopard thrown in? Nah. Do your own thing right! Decorate with what you love! I think we will see a lot more home decor with studs and chains though, doncha think? I saw a lot of chevron and ombre too, like we’ve seen in home design for the past year! Thanks for the shout out, NYC shopping is a blast!

  2. Love this wall color! I’m pretty sure I pinned your pictures that lead me to your blog!! Beautiful color, glad you posted the color, I really want to use it in my son’s room on something!

  3. Melissa, last year I did a post on my color choice of color for the new year and I chose cobalt as my personal color and this year I chose kelly green. I think you are totally fashion forward in your home!! I can only claim that in fashion as far as colors go. Let’s see how much Kelly green we see next year, lol!!!
    Love your blue room and with a touch of black, it is perfection. I even have a pinboard, black,white and blue all over lol!!

    • Ha well maybe cobalt blue is over and we are on to green again. Green has always been my favorite. I think green could work with my curtains too so maybe I’m safe either way :-). I actually have seen a bit of green so that sounds about right. It almost feels like any color is in right now? Or not? I see so many it is hard to know :-)

  4. I was in my first year of college during the great shoulder pad debacle. I put HUGE shoulder pads in an outfit, and my then-boyfriend’s (now husband) youth pastor asked me if I had broken my collarbone! Then he noticed it was just my shoulder pad. So I’m thinking that is one trend I will not be sporting again!

  5. Love the blue! Just did my office a deeper blue. Inspiring me to start finishing the room today : )

  6. your wall looks great! I didn’t think of this color of interior design before, but now I kinda love it!

  7. Take out the shoulder pads. Wear the dress. Enjoy revisiting the past!

  8. For sure you need to nix those football player shoulder pads!!!!! :D
    Your office is amazing…trend or not!!
    But…when I saw the first part of the post I thought about that coffee table you painted in a bright blue that seems to have made its way around the world in print and online.

  9. We moved into a new home two months ago and the garage was half painted with this color, walls and ceiling. I liked it and ask my husband if we should finish the job. He was hesitant, saying it might be too feminine for him. I was surprised by this.

  10. You are so trendy…look at you go! I have LOVED your office…totally a fabulous way to use a rich dark color. Nicely done!

    ~ Jillian

  11. hope that color is still in fashion next july. I bought a dress for a wedding at TJMaxx and it is that color. Good to know I will be able to get matching shoes by then!!!!!

  12. Funny….I just went to a “party” and three of us had on….”Kelly (emerald) green!!” franki

  13. Love your curtains!!!! Are they custom?

    • Thanks!!! :-) No, they aren’t custom, in the original post there is a link to them. They are from Anthropologie but there is fabric out there that has a similar vibe. There is a link to the similar fabric in one of the posts where I talk about the curtains, I’m on my phone or I’d look it up!

  14. I must be on trend also – I have that color or variations of in three rooms of my house. Blue is just the best. Now those curtains are what I’m really coveting!!!!!

  15. I don’t love the football shoulder pads either but ….for us with sloping or rounded shoulders a light shoulder pad is a must…slims you and makes you look more regal…lol..or so I think….

    Love your blue office and wow on those curtains…go girl you are so good!!!

  16. Love your blue with your curtains. I did my living room this spring in the colors that we love and choose from my favorite upholsterer (my brother ) without thinking about trend colors which I think can date a room to quickly. Afterwards ever magazine cover and almost all articles had the same green, yipes! Sometimes it just works that way.

  17. You are way beyond cool without even trying – love the blue!

  18. Colbalt blue is just a great color… both in fashion and in home decor; I don’t think it ever goes out of style :)

  19. Colors, fashion, decor are all cyclical. There’s nothing new under the sun. I was looking at the home decor in a 1965 McCall’s magazine the other day – everything old is new again.

    Shoulder pads are only appropriate on football players, and for a few other sports enthusiasts.
    Contorting our bodies to satisfy eglomaniac fashion designers is ridiculous.

    Let’s celebrate the unique, natural, and beautiful shapes that we have been given!:)

  20. I love how the wall makes the blue birds from the curtain pop out, as well as bringing out that interesting blue and white crane pillow. Your statement really struck me, “I had no idea I might be all trendy color-wise with my use what you have office. I was just trying to have fun with something a little different!” Well said! It’s when we are not trying too hard and we just let are heart and creativity guide us that we do the best work.

    • Ah, thanks!

      So true! I do much better when I just create something I think looks pretty together! If I’m trying to get “a look” it gets way too contrived and obvious :-)

  21. So funny, I actually wrote a post awhile back about cobalt blue’s popularity in fashion, and my curiosity as to why we’re not seeing more of it in home decorating. I searched high and low for inspiration pics of cobalt blue home decor, but came up with very little (except transferware and blue glass). Not long afterwards, I saw your office reveal and was like, FINALLY, a cobalt blue wall!! Trendy or not, your wall color is fabulous! ~Kerri, A Pop of Pretty

  22. Your office is gorgeous! I love the curtains. I’m thinking of doing interesting curtains like that for my living room instead of the basic brown/tan/red stripe I have going on right now. Yours are perfect paired with that blue! I have a similar colour in my one bathroom, paired with bright white.

  23. Kate Middleton might have started it with the dress she wore when she was engaged to Prince William. Nonetheless, I love your office. At first, I wasn’t crazy about the drapes until I saw it hanging up against the blue walls. Perfect!! I absolutely love them now. I love cobalt blue and used to collect glasses and bottles in that color.

  24. Hello, Melissa! My name is Alana and I am the newest member of Darlene’s Master Designer Blog Roll. I’ve been going down the list, introducing myself to all of the talented women, like yourself, that I’m honored to be a part of. I blog at Domestic Bliss Diaries about the making and managing of home: http://www.domesticblissdiaries.com.

    I have stopped by your blog of and on for at least a year or so now and I am always inspired by your down-to-earth style in both your writing and your home. Btw, I can relate to this post: if I’m ever on trend, it would be by accident! LOL

  25. I love the blue in your office. I once read that people who predict trends consider what colors people are buying. So if they see an upswing in turquoise carpet, paint, painted furniture, etc., they take notice. Unlike fashion selections. Where we have to pick from what’s available on the racks, people who buy paint and carpet have unlimited choices. Interesting huh?

  26. Oh boy do I remember those crazy shoulder pads. I had a gorgeous electric blue shirt dress made with a nice light floaty fabric, got my money’s worth out of that dress. That gorgeous jewel tone blue has always been/still is one of my favorites.
    Never been brave enough to use it on walls though. The blue is so pretty with your curtains and think a real teal green would be gorgeous with them also. Love those curtains.

  27. I bought 2 electric blue frenchy style chairs at a thrift shop and worried that I might be crazy and since then I find a bright blue upholstered piece of furniture in every decorting mag I look at. The cover of House Beautiful has a blue velvet couch on it! I am going to paint the poorly refinished wood/cane parts with black milk paint, but I am crushing on the blue velvet fabric! Follow your heart.

  28. Unsure whether it’s you are me, lady! I have started using a very dark grey around my home – one wall here, one wall there…… and now I see it cropping up in other people’s homes too. Why? How? Anyway, your office is lovely and remember – You got there first!!

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