Tangerine Tango {For the Wee Ones}

Tangerine Tango {For the Wee Ones}

 Want to find a delightful gift for a stylish baby & mama?

Look no further, we’ve got you covered!
We’ve gathered up some fresh and stylish baby gifts from giggle,
all in the season’s hottest new shade,
Tangerine Tango! 

Oh yes, we know what all the stylish babies & mamas will want this Fall.
You are welcome.

Tangerine Tango {For the Wee Ones}

1. Dwell Studio Blanket 2. Vintage Style Socks 3. Chalk Table 4. Draper Striped Rug
5. Better Basic Striped Collection 6. Grano Glider Recliner 7. Giraffe Rocking Chair

Tangerine Tango {For the Wee Ones}

And for an extra giggle, add a giraffe, or two …

with a striped giraffe and receiving blanket gift set

Tangerine Tango {For the Wee Ones}

or a precious keepsake set of personalized giraffe dishes.

The giggle baby gift finder and top birthday gift lists will definitely come in handy, too!
Plus, giggle offers complimentary adorably striped gift wrap! How awesome is that?
And for the undecided or indecisive among us, how about a giggle gift card?


Thanks to giggle for sponsoring this post!
As always, the collages (and love of sweet babies) are all ours.

Tangerine Tango {For the Wee Ones}


  1. Love that striped giraffe!! Also, love a good Pantone roundup!!

  2. Oh, my — I just love that striped giraffe and that striped onesie. So cute!! Thanks for sharing! :-)

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